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Lotl Botl
11-02-2009, 05:20
*Slann: 3 Disciplines (Becalming Cogitation, Focus of Mystery, and Focused Rumination), BSB, Cupped hand of the Old Ones, 2x Power-Stones: 485 pts.
Priest: Extra level, Plaque of Tepok, EotG: 405 pts.
Chief: Stegadon War-Lance, Ancient Stegadon: 380 pts.

21 (7x3) Saurus: Standard Bearer, Musician, Spears: 264 pts.
10 Saurus Warriors: Muscian 116 pts.
11 Skinks Cohorts: 1 Kroxigor, musician, standard bearer: 124 pts.

*16 Temple Guard: Standard Bearer: 270 pts.
4 Terradons: Brave: 130 pts.
7 Chameleon Skinks: 84 pts.

2 Razordons: 150 pts.
1 Salamanders: Extra Handler: 80 pts.

Total Points: 2,498

Models: 83 and two monsters
Pd: 9 + 2x Power Stones + Focused Rumination + EotG Powers
Dd: 6 + Becalming Cogitation + Cupped Hands of the Old Ones

switched to a slann, So far i have been happy with list, but any suggestions to making it a little more killer, also what are its major weakness becuause i'll try to sure these areas up (always hard to critique your own army)
Just give a base over view, pretty simple army marches foward under protection of EotG. Entire time casting spells and using a ps when i need a particulary powerful magic phase. Harrase targets that pose a threat by disrupting (march-block, shooting) with chameleons and terradons. Sals and Razors defend flank (People can't get close without a world of hurt). Skink Chief on the flank acts as a hammer. Use the two large units as anvils with smaller support units for counter charges etc. Once units get tied up EotG switch roles to a hammer and starts using its nuke power
thanks in advance

11-02-2009, 05:24
Solid list, great anti magic.

But you have one huge weakness, horde armies.

At 2500pts you have 84 models!!! (even if two are monsters)
Your units are in danger of being bogged down and counter charged.

Personnaly I would drop the ancient and attendant Chief.
Add another unit of Spear Saurus and another unit of Terradons.

Lotl Botl
11-02-2009, 05:37
thanks i might need to go out and buy some more saurus :p

11-02-2009, 11:36
Actually this army is pretty good against a horde, you just have to switch up some tactics. A refused flank is the optimal solution and your army is good for turtling in a corner (relatively speaking) and exploiting a horde's weakness.

Gunlines might be a problem for you since the Steg's don't like artillery, but the terradons and chammiies help with that issue.

11-02-2009, 12:51
I think you will do fine on a horde. You have enouf little units (Terradons and sallies) to hold off weak units while ur sarri eat things.

Lotl Botl
13-02-2009, 09:58
yeah, i wasthibking with the auto panic checks from the sal, the poential 4+d6 str 4 hits, wall of fires, and flaming skulls from my slann, and the nuke from the eotg i could handle hordes

13-02-2009, 16:13
If you are playing very offensive magic, why would you want to take the diadem of power? If you ever use it you will hurt your magic phase more than you will help your dispell, in my opinion.

If only 2 mages are on the board, is important to be able to cast as many spells as possible i would say.

Lotl Botl
13-02-2009, 16:26
, yeah good point i'll just trade it for the tepok plaque, i was thinkking on maybe doing almost all the o magic with slann, and just using the priests pd for magi shutdown, but i like this more
edited top list, spent the extra points on an extra chameleon skink

RiTides Nids
13-02-2009, 17:14
The list looks good. If I were to point out anything I'd say the Slann is a bit expensive, but I think you need most of it. However i you did decide to go lighter on him you could get another skink priest, which could spread your magic around a little bit more.

Also if you're casting the flaming skull with your slann you'll be hitting your own TG, too- might want to think about a different discipline, and if you choose one that's easier to cast from, you could drop the powerstones, cupped hand, and say a terradon, and there's your skink priest.

Overall I like the list and would be interested in seeing the tactics you use with it :)