View Full Version : The Twin Slann Plan

11-02-2009, 17:43
I was just reading through the book and was wondering if this would be a good idea.

Keep in mind this would be for a 3K game.

Have two slanns, one being Kroak and the other a cheap BSB slann getting the extra dice and knowing an extra spell.

Now Kroak's PD go to the pool, so in the first couple of turns you give them all to the other slann who can basically cast every fire spell and draw out those scrolls (along with a couple of skink priests and bound items). The once you are in combat that dice switch back other to Kroak who spams the 5+ version of his spell (three casts per turn) which should hit all units in the main center combat. Keep in mind that at the same time the other slann should be able to be casting 2-3 spells as well plus what ever else you have in the army.

So what do you think? Good plan?

Disciple of Caliban
11-02-2009, 17:52
Its not a bad plan, but you'd probably do better with 2 regular slann with the extra dice discipline. You lose Kroaks awesome spell, but get more dice overall.