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05-12-2005, 00:24
I was just wondering, prehaps i am being thick but i can't be bothered to analyse myself at this point so will ask you lot instead. With the update of the rules book comming at some point in the near future why is that GW are releasing dwarfs before this is out. I mean surely unless they had already 100% finished when writing on the dwarf book began surely it would be better to wait and not have to then update it again? I guess there probably aren't going to be alot of big changes in the rules book update but for them to make an updated version that obviously means there are quite a number of changes atleast, we know that magic will change and that wont effect dwarfs much, but surely there are other changes that would and so it would be logical to leave it till after:confused:

05-12-2005, 00:28
The army books will still be perfectly compatable with the new edition, nothing to worry about.


Crazy Harborc
05-12-2005, 00:49
IMHO, the decision to bring out the redone/retooled Dwarves now is a hope to generate $$$$$. That's a good thing, a good idea actually.

At least there's little to know danger of Dwarves going the way of the 40K Squats(Dwarves). GW had a GREAT sale of all the 40K Squat goodies......Before the players found out with 40K's next edition .....NO more Squats. Anyway, that's history now............if you didn't play Squats.

05-12-2005, 12:26
As far as I'm aware the Ogre Kingdoms, Wood Elves & Dwarf Books were written with almost complete knowledge (in the case of the Dwarf book, entire knowledge) of what 7th edition will contain. Indeed, looking at some of the rumoured changes in 7th, these books make perfect sense.
For example...
The Lore of Athel Loren has only 1 dedicated offensive spell.
Gut Magic is, in effect, a unique magic system of it's own.
Dwarfs have no magic, but have had their dispelling ability improved.
So this adds weight to the argument that a magic shake-up is imminent. (Indeed Calaingor's Stave, the WE magic item, is horribly under priced at the moment. If the rumour of "personal magic dice" is true, then it suddenly becomes cost effective.)

The only reason GW release anything is to make money.
Let's not kid ourselves.
But they have no intention of screwing people for their cash, either.
The WE had to be done, OK were a list they wanted to add.
Dwarfs? They make perfect sense. They don't have a magic phase, they have no skirmishers, they already had access to all the basic weapon types, they have no cavalry/fast cavalry at all (all coincidentally areas rumoured to be getting "tweaked" in 7th).
From a unit point of view, they are the most basic Fantasy army - blocks of troops backed up with artillery - so they were by far and away the most sensible list to revamp pre-7th edition without unbalancing things too much in the mean time.
Also, purely from a product-portfolio point of view, Dwarfs are currently the range most lacking in plastics.

For example, if they'd re-done the VC list with the intention of 7th edition compatibility, underlined with the army's reliance on magic... They would absolutely cane all comers until 7th edition appeared to level the playing field.

05-12-2005, 19:44
yeah i see i am not really up to scratch on my knowledge of seventh edition as thus i didn't know how long they were along the developement process.