View Full Version : 169 pts spare what to use? Lizzies

11-02-2009, 22:47
hey all. though ti finall yhad a viable come all lizzie list but im still not happy so re writin it and endin up with 169points still to spend. th elist so far is

slann - Mage Preist - all spells from one lore, terror, MR3
extra power dice, BsB, Warbanner.
war drums, reirect miscast 555

Priest - lv 2, 2 x dispel scrolls, EOTG 440

10 Saurus warriors - spears 120
10 Saurus warriors - spears 120
10 Skink Skirmishers 70

16 Temple Guard - F.cmd 291
Stegadon 235

iv got plenty of magic so anothe rskink priest is no use, im tempted by 3 terradons as thevy provin useful in test games but i dunno if i should increase saurus ranks go for more skink pos even krox n skink any thought on the last few points?

his is for a tournment in april its 2k standard.

12-02-2009, 15:41
Ok so basically you have your slann/temple guard block protected by two small saurus units and one unit of skinks, with a steg running around. So all your eggs in one basket with not much to protect it.

For starters your slann doesn't need to be the expensive. 300 points gives you a bsb slann with an extra dice for each spell and it's almost half the cost of yours. Remember that those upgrades are nice but VERY pricey.

I think you could have a lot of trouble with this list.

12-02-2009, 20:05
discard terror on the slann and the stegadon and get 3 razordons and 3 salamanders. that gives you great shooting and flank defenders.

also, you really want something against warmachines, so -warbanner, -MR3, -wardrums --> get 3 Terradons.

then I also think that your core choices could be tweaked a little, and a fighty hero is always nice, but I'll leave that to you :D

12-02-2009, 21:38
This list is somewhat stuck in the middle ground between deathstars and a balanced army list- the TG+ slann block will be tough, but not tough enough to soak up all the damage that will be flung it's way because it on it's own is close to half your army. Either tone it down, or go full out deathstar.

Two casters is not enough to rely on, even when one is a slann. If you're going for a heavy magic approach, take another priest or two.

If this were me I'd remove most of the slann bonuses, put the skink preist on foot and get one or two more of them, and use any remaining points on more skirmishers and beefing up the saurus blocks for a magic heavy approach, or get more saurus and skinks with a scar vet or two for a fighty approach.