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12-02-2009, 01:57
Just a concept I came up with for Legendary Battles.


Prince - armor of caledor, vambraces of defence, star dragon, halberd, talisman of loec

Archmage - lv 4, 3 dispel scrolls, loremaster's cloak

Mage - lv 2, dispel scroll, jewel of the dusk

Noble - BSB, Battle Banner, dragon armor, lance, shield, barded elven steed

Mage - lv 2, dispel scroll, seerstaff

x4 spearmen - 10 (cheap core)

White Lions - 30, full command, standard of balance
swordmasters - 20, full command, war banner, gem of courage
Dragon Princes - 5, full command, banner of ellyrion
Lion chariot
Phoenix Guard - 15, full command, banner of sorcery

Bolt Throwers - 6
Great Eagle

Well I just want to see what people think of it. So CC and pros/cons are welcome.

And this is ALL painted.

12-02-2009, 02:45
unsure what legendary battles and I do not have any exp. at this point level but it looks cool.

D.E.E. Tom
12-02-2009, 09:01
I don't like it as is, but I understand you like to use up almost all models you have painted. The comments below are only suggestions of things that you could do.

Also legendary battles starts from 5000pts each side and up I thought
If you want to go cheesy minimum core than at least take 4x10 Archers they may actually take down a few skirmishers/fast cav/flyers/warmachines. Second lose all the lvl 2 mages and make a unit of 3-5 dragon mages that only counts as 2 hero slots in total it is your best bet to make use of that special rule and I don't think it is allowed for lord level characters. It will also help you get to higher points values and just think about all the terror tests your opponent will be taking and the carnage their breath will do :evilgrin:.

The special infantry blocks make them more equal they are all evenly priced and having them all at 20-25 will be fantastic and they might make it to the other side this way. Up the unit of dragon princes to 9-11 and they will have a real impact with the BSB in there. Take a few more eagles, they are just fantastic about 4 of them would be great with 6 bolt throwers at 5000+ pts. The eagles can march block and attack war machines and lone characters.

Hope this helps a bit.

12-02-2009, 14:31
I was thinking of the dragon mages, but I just don't have the models for them. I forgot it was for 5k+ so, wow lol.