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long bow
12-02-2009, 05:10
ok here is my kislev and white wolf army list it is meant to be semi fluff going
the bulls are meant to represent bear riders and the wizard if my opponent is nice enough will let me use law of ice from the kislev rulebook.
this list is not for tourniments at all.

boyar horse light armour shield lance 108

grand master lance the white cloak armour of meteoric iron 205

wizard leval 2 grey wand wizards staff orb of thunder 180

10 kossars full command 115

10 kossars full command 115

5 winged lancers full command 160

10 knights full command 270

10 knights full command 270

10 great swords full command 130

10 great swords full command 130

6 iron guts with champ and standard 328

Time of Madness
12-02-2009, 14:44
Your unit sizes are all weird.

I'd combine the the kossars and the greatswords making them 20 strong each.

The 2 units of 10 knights are too big. You'd be better off spliting them all into units of 5.

I'd also split the iron guts into 2 units of 3.
Time of Madness

Angry Lawyer
12-02-2009, 15:10
Real men play solo-Kislev!

-Angry Lawyer

long bow
13-02-2009, 08:10
i thought you coulkdent do that and you had to ally with somone?

14-02-2009, 16:45
people like a unit strength of five knights..... i understand msu and stuff, but if you end up making a mistake, or they have a flying unit or wizard, those five knights aren't doing anything.... so there's nothing wrong with one big 10 block unit of knights.... it adds some durability when you take a hit or two.... so instead of having 2 knights when you get to his line you'd have 7. that's my thought on the msu for knights... i don't like them never have.... plus empire knights are cheap.... so whynot?