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12-02-2009, 10:33
Please exuse my apporling spelling for this.

Many of people have asked me what are the greatest threats to Gondorians and i have to say things like Murmakil, Nazgul, Gothmog and two-handed weapons but how do you get over them well i will atempt top tell you.

1 - Murmakil

As we all know murmakil are imposible to kill and even more so now with them being able to have Rapperling Lines and though hides now but there are 2 ways to kill it all the time.
The first is Boromir and the King of the dead. If you get both of them in combat with it's dead in seconds. With the king hiding beinhd boromirs might and figth value he can easily over power the murmakil nd all you need is a 3 from the king to kill the whole thing and sendign the brille harad falling to there deaths, but you need to be careful as getting both of them close enought can be tricky. Giving Boromir a Horse means he can charge the murmk without getting trapled to death and callign a herioic move can save your king. But your all say "The kings got 3 fate and plently of defence + 2 wounds. Yes but unless you save them all with fate he's a goner (and with me i can never save more than 2 wounds with his fate).
The second is The Bolt thrower. Now why the bolthrower rather than the catapult? Scatter. As it means that aslong as you don't roll a 1 on scatter it will hit due to it's massive size where's a catapult could scatter to the raider to it's side. Also hiting it with upto 6 strength 7 hit is priceless as you only need a 4 to wound the beat and send it stampeding into there raiders. But the Bolt thrower has a short range(Comparted to other siege equipment) so you will get 3 shot's tops at it. And don't aim for the men as they can scatter them to the Howdah or other men in it protecting the chieftain.

2 - Nazgul

Nazgul all lack 1 major weakenss, 1 Wound. Now depending on what Nazgul you are fighting depends on how you fight it.
Ringwraiths, The Undying and The Shadow lord all have poor physical fighting powers having fight of 5 and 1 attack they can be defeted byoutnumbering them. the best way to stop these guys are with Cavalry or Two-haned weapons as they will mean a +1 to wound making there defence of 8 seem poor.
The Tainted should be given causion but he's the weakest. You should use magic against him as he will have to risist.Command is perfect here as it keeps him aways from your men and forces yout oppoents to roll to kill his own orcs.
The Dark Marshal is danourus as he's stong with elite troops like Black Numenors as his affect means they treat him as a banner and with a fight of 6 makes most heroes fight worthless. Your best best is Archers (To dismount him) and power houses like Boromir and Aragorn who can mtch his fight making it easy for them with more attacks.
Khamal can be deadly but is outnumbered quickly falls. You should dismount him ASAP and by him being mounted means that he can maintain his will of 12 even with magic and combat. If you have to fight him make sure that he is outnumbers and prefably surounded or fighting a powerhouse as his stats boost will be a of little use then.
The Witch King is the most dangourus as he can have 3 attacks making heroes a risky option. You should always strive to dismount him first and swamp him with attacks. Being a nazgul he will be unwilling to call heioic moves as ghe would rather save them to garantie the fate works. Draining his will won't work much eaither with his 20 will and never have i been in a battle where the Witch king is dismisted because of this. Shieldine is a good bet here until ther army is small and then finish him in 1 hit.

3 - Gothmog

Good hero's often have a few hero's but very good ones with lots of might. Tghis makes Gothmog even worse for them as it means you spent the last point of might only to lose the roll of with a free point of might. Fighting gothmog can be easy tho. Gothmog hates Archers so target him when ever possible. Also Aragorn is the Anit Gothmog weapon as he can afford the high cost of might as can boromir. Other wise stick to heavy hitters and other heroes to hit him with abanner near by so might need to be atted into things.

4 - Two-handed weapons

Orc have alot of these and they are a gondors main weakness as it makes that defence of 6 rather poor. Nromaly outnumbering them is the key here but with so many it will be difficult so here is where the shile dwall comes in as that -1 to win will not help when up against 2/3 men. Useing Men at arms can help too here as they give an extra row to the wall but watch out for flanks so plaing 1 or 2 Citatal Guard with Fountain gurd in support at the ends can tip the scales. they only have a avarage defence of 4 so most heroes can kill them with ease.

I hope that helps all Gondor players. I willbe back leter to see what Gondor to do agaisnt Isengard.