View Full Version : Lizardmen mixed unit (skink / krox)

13-02-2009, 07:59

I've got a question regarding the new skink / krox units.

Consider a unit of 24 skinks and 3 krox.
Can I make my ranks 5 wide and place the krox in the front rank (they're 6 wide).

Or do I have to make my ranks 6 wide?

Necromancy Black
13-02-2009, 08:08
The rules say they must always be in the second rank unless the front rank is too small, as the front rank can not be smaller then one behind it.

This has the problem for you that 3 kroxigors have, at the very minimun, a 120mm front, the same as 6 skinks. Therefor, it is impossible to have 3 kroxigors with a front smaller then 6 skinks because:

- as state, three kroigors have a minimun of 120mm front
- you need at least 24 skinks to have 3 kroxigors, meaning this:


Can't happen as their are enough models to do this:


doesn't quite fit but you get what I mean. Because you have enough skinks to fill the front ranks and then the ranks behind the Kroixogrs, the rules says the Kroxigors have to go into the second rank.