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13-02-2009, 09:13
Hey all, looking for some fine words on this list. 2250 dark elves, small army to be honest.

Dreadlord - 569
Lance, Shield, Pendant, Lifetaker, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Black Dragon mount.

Sorceress - 235
Pegasus, Focus Familiar, Ring of Hotek, Level 2 upgrade.

Master - 149
extra hand weapon, Cold One, Blood armour, Potion of Strength.
Can't remember if you can do double hand weapons while mounted as dont have book nearby.
20 Spearmen - 155
Full Command

5 Dark Riders - 92

5 Dark Riders - 92

Assassin - 161
Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine, Dark Venom, extra hand weapon.

5 Knights - 175
Full Command

14 Black Guard - 238
Standard Bearer, musician, Standard of Hag Graef

Cold One Chariot - 100

Hydra - 175

Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100

It's late so I may have made item combo mistakes/points etc, but there it all is. Idea is the master goes with the Cold One knights for extra punch, activates the potion during the important charge or challenge for extra death.

The Sorc flies around and tries to use the ring of hotek and her familiar to maximum affect - trying to hurt powerful magic phases, while (hopefully!) spamming bladewind on the units containing their mages to chip away at them.

The master on the dragon eats small units/terror bombs/goes for war machines/shoots the Lifetaker - he has alot of survivability. While the black guard, hydra, spearmen and chariot march up, dark riders draw out fanatics/march block evil units or kills other fast cav (I have noticed that hatred and their huge charge range makes them very good at this!) for kicks. Unfortunately the assassin can only go in 1 of 2 possible units, which I may have to change - three would be far more hepful to keep people second guessing. I'm tempted to put him in the spearmen and attempt to get a charge off - The champion can challenge. Either a champion or character accepting is fine - with that many killing blow attacks, coupled with the venom means I can score massive overkill either way!

The dragon will either charge at the same time (hopefully) as other buff units, or position itself behind them to take advantage of possible fleeing troops. Two terror causers, a decent chance to avoid punishing magic phases and alot of hard hitting troops makes the army powerful.

13-02-2009, 10:44
You were right to question, you cannot use two hand weapons when mounted

Giving your sorceress Ring of Hotek is a REALLY bad idea. It causes her to miscast on any double too, not just enemies!