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13-02-2009, 15:28
What are the classic and most powerful builds in each army that you have knowledge of according to your experiences?

i.e. the Orks power builds would include Ork Nob Biker spam, or the all battle wagon and truck set up

i.e. the Chaos Space Marines two lashes of submission characters with plague marines a plenty

13-02-2009, 15:47
There's a 4 page post concerning this already, and it's even on the first page of the Tactics board.


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13-02-2009, 17:40
Chaos - double lash, oblits
Daemons - bcrushers and soulgrinders
Marines - LRC's loaded with TH/SS termies, or vulkan and many meltas/flamers
Orks - nob bikers
Necrons - many destroyers
Eldar - mech serpents
Nids - nidzilla (still good but with some cheap spinegaunts for obj work)