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13-02-2009, 21:16
Χαιρετω τα πληθη του Warhammer.
I have a simple question: is regeneration an extra armour save and if not does
regenerated wounds counts towards combat resolution ? :skull: :skull: :skull:

Nurgling Chieftain
13-02-2009, 21:40
Regeneration is for all intents and purposes an extra save, but it is not an armour save (so it's not reduced by the strength of the attack, for example, nor ignored by attacks which do not allow armour saves - instead, you don't get regeneration against flaming attacks). A single model could potentially have an armour save, a ward save, and regeneration, not actually lose a wound unless he failed all three in succession. Any wounds saved do not count towards combat resolution!

Necromancy Black
13-02-2009, 22:31
Regeneration is described in the BRB as as being similiar to an extra ward save tken after armour adn ward saves. It is a save for all purposes so it will affect CR the same way other saves do.

Of course Regeneration can be negated by some things, the msot common being Flaming Attacks and Killing Blow.

Shield of Freedom
14-02-2009, 03:27
I have a question regarding this. There is a banner that gives the unit a regeneration save. The rule about undead losing combat states that the extra loss of wounds from losing combat cannot be stopped with "armor" saves. It specifies this. My friend and I are at a dispute as to whether or not the banner will allow you to make this regeneration save to stop the loss of wounds from losing a combat. Example follows:

A unit of skeletons contains a character holding this banner as the BSB for the army.

This units suffers three wounds from enemy attacks in close combat. The armor save is failed on all three attempts, and the regeneration save is also failed on all three attempts.
Asumming the unit in combat with the skeletons now equals in number (no outnumber bonus), both had four ranks at the start of the combat (+3 resolution), both have a Standard Bearer, both have a BSB.

Skeleton's combat resolution equals 5 (3 ranks, Banner, BSB)
Enemy's resolution equals 8 (3 ranks, Banner, BSB, 3 wounds)

This unit loses a combat by three and therefore must lose three more wounds as the combat result. Can the unit then make Regeneration saves AGAIN to stop these wounds from happening due to the rule specifically stating that you can't stop them with ARMOR saves?

That doesn't seem fair despite the high cost of this BSB only banner, especially since the BSB alone negates one of the wound losses.

Necromancy Black
14-02-2009, 03:36
They get regeneration saves. The rules for crumbling says they can not take armours saves, but says nothing about ward saves or regeneration.

Remember, Regeneration works like a second word save but is neither an armour or ward save, but a seperate third kind. Unless a rule says "no saves" or "no regeneration" you get to make the regeneration saves.

14-02-2009, 03:44
yep regeneration is pretty good. basically it is what makes varghulfs even halfway decent. the wording on undead crumbling is extremely important. it only references armor saves.

Shield of Freedom
14-02-2009, 03:54
Bleh, that sucks. I don't mind regeneration. My favorite unit in my Orc army are my Trolls.

Allowing a unit to attempt armor saves, then regeneration saves to find out combat resolution is one thing... but then allowing them to AGAIN attempt some regeneration saves after they find out they lost?! Ouch.

14-02-2009, 04:30
well undead dont usually have regeneration, except for the varghulf and that banner, which a BSB has to take.

14-02-2009, 04:44
Dont forget our glorious Corpse Cart!

14-02-2009, 05:05
oh yeah. i take two of those when i play too. :)

too many armies. :p

14-02-2009, 11:34
Thaks guys you helped me a lot