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14-02-2009, 11:11
This is for a 1750 Tournement in April
Tourney info:
if you are under 1750 your opponent gets the difference in VP, e.g 1690 = 10VP
You gain 200 VP for having the most banners at the end of each combatcontrolled (own and opponents)
+200 VP for most table quarters.
There will also be special scenarios with special win conditions (I gues some form of take/hold, assassination, defender/attacker stuff the ususal I guess)
No composition points/deductions
Points for nice paint jobs naturally
5 battles in total

Now Iím not a very good WHFB general, and even with a well-laid plan I often forget it, so I need to at least have a strong list, so I wonít loose to badly ;)

My first thoughts were something along these lines: (Idea freely stolen from Draconian77 in some other thread)

Master, hvy armor, shield, cloak, deathpiercer, pegasus 165

Master, hvy armor, shield, cloak, lance, lifetaker, pegasus 174

Assassin rune of khaine, hand of death, ehw (considering rending stars/manbane instead) 151

2x10 RXB 200
3x5 Dark riders, mus and rxb 351
3x5 harpies 165

8 shades GW 144
CoK Ring of hotek, Standard of slaughter 211

Hydra 175

Total 1736

I feel like it currently is very fast but sort of lacking..... would 2 reapers be better than the hydra for instance? CoK worth it, or more shades instead (but then who will have the ring)?

I intend to go for no-magic (which may well be my doom ;) ) but other than that nothing set in stone....

14-02-2009, 15:49
I prefer 2 RBTs to the hydra, but I guess that's more of a personal preference. Either will do. While I know you want to go no magic, I would still consider dropping the assassin in favor of a scroll caddy. That's more or less still magic-less but better prepared. If that is not an option, then I would say the list looks more or less fine. I would just fiddle with points to use up the remaining 14. Good luck

15-02-2009, 08:32
As its a no-comp tourney I'm a bit afraid I'll get eaten alive, especially VC will be a tough matchup methinks (at least 2 high elves and demons attending too), advice?