View Full Version : Mum tries a Nurgle list @ 2250pts

Your Mum Rang
14-02-2009, 12:03
Hi all. Here is is;

Lvl 4 Sorceror Lord: Book of Secrets - Spell Familiar - Bronze Armour of Zhrakk - Enchanted Shield - Sword of Might - Fire Magic@ 360pts
Lvl 2 Nurgle Sorceror: Power Familiar - Scroll @ 190pts
Lvl 2 Nurgle Sorceror: Infernal Puppet @ 175pts

16 Nurgle Warriors: Halberds - Shields - Full Command - Banner of Wrath @ 377pts
16 Nurgle Warriors: Halberds - Shields - Full Command - War Banner @ 357pts
5 Nurgle Horsemen: Flails + Musician @ 105pts
5 Nurgle Horsemen: Flails + Musician @ 105pts
6 Warhounds @ 36pts
6 Warhounds @ 36pts

4 Nurgle Ogres: Full Command - Chaos Armour - Great Weapons @ 280pts
5 Nurgle Knights @ 230pts


I HAVE to have Warriors. At least 2 units. I'm hoping my magical onslaught can make up for my lack of speed.

The Red Scourge
14-02-2009, 18:15
I'm disappointed in you mum. You're old enough not to wear two armors at once.

And I'd say that paying 30 pts for MoN on horsemen is a bit much. Remember that it won't help you offensively. If you dumped the mark, you could almost get an extra unit instead.

And I'd get steeds for the sorcerers. +2 AS and they'll displace an extra model to get a cheaper rank bonus (I'm guessing they'll go with the warriors).

I'm not sold on the ogres either. Where you get S6 and a 6" move, I'd prefer S7 and a 7" move with dragon ogres.

Your Mum Rang
14-02-2009, 18:18
Bah. Clearly 23 aint what it's cracked up to be.

I'll wait for a few more comments then make changes. The Nurgle Ogres are there so I can convert some Ironguts into giant Plaguebearers.

Perhaps a little more thought will be useful :P