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maze ironheart
15-02-2009, 11:05
Hi well it's the lizardmen's time to shine and it is great to have them back I plan to take them to 2000pt's.I plan to use the things I enjoyed playing with before it required you to field ranks 5 across.I just need a second oppinuion on the list to see it it's a good list or if it needs any changes I had a read of the tactica and was given a few ideas so here they are.

(Lord Choice)

1+Slann magepriest with Focus mastery and Forced rumination and the battle standard and Cupped hands of the old ones.395pt's

(Hero Choice)

1+Skink priest with Lv2 upgrade and EOTG and the plaque of tepok and a power stone.425pt's

1+Saurus Scar-veteran with light armour and shield and a great weapon and the charm of the jaguar warrior.124pt's

(Core Choice)

18-Saurus warriors with spears and standard bearer and musician.234pt's

18-Saurus warriors with spears and standard bearer and musician.234pt's

10-Skink Skirmishers.70pt's

10-Skink Skirmishers.70pt's

(Special Choice)

20-Temple Guard with fullcommand.355pt's



So how is this any good I know the first 2 charecters are very exspencive but I really wanted to have an engin and a slann mage in the army and surported by the saurus the should not have much trouble with the combat side.The scar vet's job is to propel over enemys lines and tear missle troops and warmachines along with the terradons so is their anything I should change.

15-02-2009, 16:38
Looks good against eleat armies, but you will have problems with armies like Green-skins and Empire, due to your small number of combat units.

Also, why do you need 20 Temple Guard? Full rank bonus is nice, but its not really neccesary with stubborn troops. Id say 14 would be enough, giving you enough points for a sally, which could panic weak units creeping around your flank.

Time of Madness
15-02-2009, 16:50
I'd drop the temple guard down to 16 (20 with the slann added). This will give you some extra points for more support units. Either a small unit of chamelon skinks or some more terradons.
Time of Madness

maze ironheart
15-02-2009, 17:48
Hmmm I do aggree I will reduce their numbers down to 14 that should make them good enough costing only 259pts making the totol 1901.I'll then add a unit of 6 Chameleon skinks costing 72pt's making the combined total 1973pt's leaving only 27 pt's now what to do with those points give a warbanner to my temple guard or a despell scroll to the slann mage.

maze ironheart
16-02-2009, 10:29
would you say the changes are better.