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15-02-2009, 18:56
When standing and shooting a razordon rolls 2 artillery dice. Supposing one of them misfires, does the razordon still fire the other shots?

Ancient stegadons have two giant blowpipes. What penalties do these suffer when shooting? And in what direction can they be fired? (The pictures always show the blowpipes pointing towards the corners and I just want to clarify that they cannot shoot to the sides.)

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15-02-2009, 19:08
1) The rules for Razordons states "on a misfire the razordon does not fire this turn" (roughly), as it does not state "this dice does nto fire" it means a misfire on either dice would stop all shots.

2) Howdah weapons no longer have the "360" LOS therefore would use the Monster LOS rules, so only the front arc for firing I would say.

15-02-2009, 19:21
Indeed it is clear that if one dice misfires then the other does not count.

And nosferatu has it right on question 2 as well. Unless there is a specific rule stating they get 360 LoS they may only fire at units that are within the Stegadons Frontal arc.

Leth Shyish'phak
15-02-2009, 19:36
Giant Blowpipes suffer all the penalties that a normal bow would suffer (so, everything except multiple shots as it doesn't have that rule).

16-02-2009, 14:25
Darn, was hoping one artillery dice would get through. Never mind.

Just to clarify, the stegadon still suffers move and shoot penalty, right?

Thanks for your replies!

Leth Shyish'phak
16-02-2009, 14:57
everything except multiple shots

That. :eyebrows:

16-02-2009, 16:28
What about long range???????????

16-02-2009, 18:02

18-02-2009, 21:37
i hope they suffer form long range and move and shooting, would help greatly

18-02-2009, 23:17
Shoot your blowpipe / giant bow like a bow.

if that doesnt make sense go read the rule book some more....

Leth Shyish'phak
19-02-2009, 15:32
everything except multiple shots

That. :eyebrows:

Seriously, I'm not lying.

19-02-2009, 15:46
Does the enemy get soft cover for being behind a hedge even though the shooting is from a large target??

Leth Shyish'phak
19-02-2009, 15:56
I'm going to go away and cry now.

Curse you Warseer! And your overabundance of people unable to pick up a rulebook! :wtf: :mad: :( :cries:


20-02-2009, 17:57
Dear oh dear, I didn't think a little ignorance would cause such a fuss.

The stegadon does suffer a penalty for moving and shooting. Got it. ;)

Thanks all. :)