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15-02-2009, 20:39


V Lord -205 = 435 (Go in bunker)
-1 lvl magic -50
-Dark Acolyte -30
-Master of the Black Arts -50
-Summone G -15
-Staff of Damnation - 40
-Helm of Kommednment -30
-Black Periapet -15

Vamp – 100 = 185 (Go with Ghols in frontline)
-Forbidden Lore -35 > lore of the beast OR…. -(dark Acolyte/master/extra attacks/hate)
-The Flayed Hauberk -25
-The Gem of Blood -25 OR… (Dispell scroll /power stone?)

Vamp -100 = 185 – (Go in bunker)
-Dark Acolyte - 35
-Summone G – 15
-Book of Arkhan -35

Wight Lord – 150 – (Go in GG unit)
- Sword of Kings - 25
- The Accursed Armor -25
- BSB -25

2* Corpse Cart 75+25 = 200
2* Ghols 16 +Ghast -
1* Ghols 10 +Ghast - =286
1* Wolfs 6 + doom = 66
1* Wolfs 5 = 50
1* Grave Guard 24 FC/Great W Banner of Strigois -35 (OR.. barrows -45 OR Dead L - 25 OR +1 CR lol) = 377
1* Black Knights 5 FC =150
1* Wargulf = 175

Depoyment and tactics:

Two units of ghols and the GG in a midblock with the small unit of ghols keeping my casters safe in the back. Refused flank pretty often, with the wargulf giving BK and one unit of Wolfs march. One unit of Wolf + Raised Zombies trys to hold other flank for two turns or something. The Corpse Carts going on the sides of my bunker trying to pop the boundspell all the time…

What do you think of this list? To much points in char for a 2250 game? :)

16-02-2009, 01:35
no pros here to give me some advice? Anything would make me happy :D

16-02-2009, 02:27
I am not pro to be sure. But I know a little somethin.

The wight lord cannot bear additional magical weaponry and be your BSB.

I think you do not have your Vampire Lord protected enough. Im assuming your sticking him in with the GG? You'd be better of toning down some of your troops so you can afford either of the top two tier banners ( one is regeneration the other is ward save against ranged) Or if you dont wish to do that scale his equipment down so you can take crown of the damned. ladership of 10 near BSB will do just fine.

16-02-2009, 03:44
Where are the power hitting units? Just a Vhargulf? I also don't really see that much magic coming into play in your list. I really can't beggin to understand how it will be able to win.

You need blood knights, cairn wraits, heck, if you pump magic a bit, a blck couch might be a nightmare if it get ethereal at the second turn...

But really, you don't have big punchers, serious big punchers and when you get dragons up front, deamons on a general note or anything else that's strong, you will lose you bunker at worse in two rounds of fight (and your characters along with it).

I belive the best possible use for special are the giant bats, they are cheap, have 2 wounds, not a bad screen (should magic fail), fly over units and terrain, well you know, the ideal warmachine hunters, specially because they cause fear.

Also consider taking a dragon, the only reason why you wouldn't want a dragon is if you really wanted that bad more 2 or 3 magic dice.

17-02-2009, 03:49
The wight lord cannot bear additional magical weaponry and be your BSB.

It can as long as the BS isn't a magical one.

17-02-2009, 07:03
Just my 2 cents but I find blood knights to be more effective against most other armies than black knights