View Full Version : 2250 point dwarf

15-02-2009, 23:12
Ok so this is a roster I've been using a lot in the last couple months. So far I had no losses, only victories and a tie.

Runelord - 468 Pts
Gromril Armour, Shield
Anvil of Doom
Runic Armour (Master rune of steel, Rune of Resistence, Rune of stone)
Runic Talisman (Master Rune of Spite)
Runic Weapon (Rune of Might)

Thane BSB - 170 Pts
Gromril Armour
Runic Banner (Strollaz's Rune, Rune of Battle)

Thane - 144 Pts
Gromril Armour
Runic Weapon (Master Rune of Kragg the Grimm, Rune of Fury, Rune of Striking)
Runic Talisman (Rune of Brotherhood)

11 Quarrellers - 121 Pts

24 Warriors - 241 Pts
Full Command

24 Longbeard Rangers - 386 Pts
Great Weapon
Full Command
Runic Banner (Rune of battle)

8 Bolt Throwers - 480 Pts

2 Organ Guns - 240 Pts

Total: 2250 Pts

Tactics are prety simple. Ranger deploy up front and are ready to charge on the first turn, with the character inside, it's a unit capable of dealling with almost anything.
The Anvil can either boost up the speed of the rangers (at first turn it's a must do so) or stop both flying units or fast units from getting up close quickly.
There rest is the simple fortress tactic. Hill in the middle, of the deploy were you put 4 bolt throwers, on front of the hill you put the quarrellers, on either side of the quarrellers goes 2 bolt throwers. Then the warriors protect a flank and of course, use the banner for the rangers, the other flank is protected by the organ guns. So far this worked flawlessly safe from the tie... Most times I win by massacre.