View Full Version : Some rules questions that came up!

16-02-2009, 01:29
First if a dark elf character with the pendant of khaeleth kills caradryan does he get any save? Caradryans wrath of asuryan causes D6 wounds w/ no armor saves so it has no listed strength value does the dark elf just die?

Second on ethereals can they move through friendly or enemy units?

Also are ethereals able to be march blocked?

Also if a level one vampire with the book of arkhan loses his wizard level due to a miscast can he still use the book of arkhans bound spell?

16-02-2009, 02:01
1. Pretty obvious when you read the rules for the pendant. Ward based on the strength of the attack. What's the strength? Doesnt have one? There's your answer.

2. No they cannot do either.

3. Yes.

4. Only mages can use arcane items, a level 1 mage losing a level stops being a mage.

16-02-2009, 02:05
4. The Book of Arkhan is a bound spell item - but it is Arcane. If he had any other Bound spell Item that were Enchanted Items for exemple, he could still use them, but the Book is Arcane, so the Wizard who no longer is a Wizard, cannot use Arcane Items.

Be careful of the Greedy Fist in Ogre Kingdom List, for each hit, you lose a level, permanently ;)