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05-12-2005, 19:37
Now we all enjoy Warhammer and Warhammer 40K rpgs across this board and I have noticed a few other RPGs attempting to breed, but sometimes reaching a grizzly end or not having committed players.

Now this could be for a few reasons: Not understand the background of the RPG itself, the GM, themsevles, having a limited scope in the background or not doing their role of generating the background clearly and precisely, among other reasons.

Well I would like to try something different. Now its a little odd as its going to be like Dungeons and Dragons. Where we enter a dungeon and well wonder around, hacking and slashing. Now of course that doesn't leave room for alot of character development, but there were I want it to begin.

I want it to expand from a Dungeon based game to a small village where we visit, then to other places, then slowly work in an overall storyline as well, with minor sub-events happening.

Now the only thing is this will require dedicated players around 3 or 4 at minimium and 6 maximium as anymore could be hard to work with. Now I say dedicated as you would need to post at least once every two days and if you do, expect to read posts. Thats another thing, post count. More than likely this will have plenty of posts in this RPG, so be ready to read ok? And read everyone's post as I may PM a player or request a player to do something that causes something etc.

Okay so lets get the actual background out:

Its a medieval style world with all sorts of mythical creatures everywhere and magical weapons, armour and accessories are available regularly. Bands of adventurors plunder nearby dungoens in search of treasure and other plunder. Rumours have it that the Dungeon of the Unknown Golem King contains treasure beyond comprehension and a band of adventurers have banded together in search of this lengendary dungeon.

In all essentials you are these adventurors ok?

Now these are the classes (all have 0-1 as I don't want doubles):
0-1 Sorcerer/Sorceress (Strong in Dark Magic and with blunt weapons eg Staff)
0-1 Paladin (Limited Light Magic usage, strong with long swords and dexterous)
0-1 Barbarbian (Best with Axes, Long swords and Flails. Really strong. Low intelligence)
0-1 Necromancer (Strong with Dark and Death Magic, weak in close combat. Limited use of blunt weapons. Frail)
0-1 Thief (Strong in Stealth magic and secuirty, as well as stealth moves. Good with smaller swords and knives)
0-1 Dwarf Ranger (Strong with axe. Good with black powder weapons and explosives. No magical capabilities)
0-1 Rogue (Best with Bows and Crossbows. Great accuracy and agility. Skilled with small swords and knives. Scouts)
0-1 Wizzard (May choose Magic class of study, skilled with staff and high intelligence)
0-1 Monk (Extremely skilled in hand to hand. Does not use weapons or armour, expect gloves. May choose Light or Earth magic)
0-1 Swordsmen/Hired Sword (Skilled with long OR short swords. Can parry with sword and may use 2 swords at one time. No magical powers and may not carry bound items.)
0-1 Questing Knight (Skilled in Heavy armour and Long swords. No magical, but may use a horse)

Right those are the ten characters I require. Now for the races:
Elves: Agile, tall and arrogant
Dwarves: short, stumpy, beards, and tend to be grumpy
Humans: Too complicated to sum up

As for your background, feel free to event this world with me, so when you create where you were born etc, feel free to name the town or village or farm, but NOT its county, country, state, etc as I don't want those created yet.

Now for Magic:

Death: This magic class can give life to the dead making them subserviant to the caster's will as well simply ending life with potent magics.
Dark: Contains spells to conjour up daemons, ghosts and other evil creatures. Excels at dark-fire based spells and can also be used to create dark tempests and other more destructive spells.
Light: This magic is related to healing, improving morale, blinding attacks and other indirect attacks like slow or haste. Can aslo use beserk.
Stealth: This magic is related to making the caster sneakier and harder to discover when stealing or sneaking past gaurds. Also can manipulate small objects from afar as well unlock doors and safes with these spells.
Earth: This magic is related to nature and the caster uses vines, tree branches and even animals to attack the enemy. The caster can also calm angry beasts.
Fire: This magic is related to the element of fire and all of its uses. The caster can set things alight as well as use the fire in constructive methods as well as destructive. Also gives the caster control of the element.
Wind: This magic is related to the element of wind and all of its uses. Skilled wizzards can create windstorms all the way to multiple tornados. Also gives the caster control of the element.
Water: This magic is related to the element of water and all of its uses. Skilled wizzards can create flash floods, pelting rain as well as water strikes. The caster can also use ice based attacks once a suitable skilled has been obtained. Also gives the caster control of the element.
Lightening: This magic is related to lightening bolts and its destructive uses. Skilled casters can create lightening bolts to be thrown at the enemy to a continous lightening bolt zapping multiple enemies. Also gives the caster control of the element.

Now here comes the fun part, what needs to be altered? From the background/plot, the characters and their skills etc, to the races and to the magic? I need your help as this is going to be your RPG as well as mine.

As usual this will be text based, but well, I shall try to introduce an experience points system this time round ok?

So lets hear some constructive advice :), even from people not interested would be useful as well. No characters yet please, nor 'dibs' or 'I call Rogue' etc etc.

05-12-2005, 19:42
Sure I'm interested. This sounds fun.

Although a query; I see no Clerics, just the Monk. Is this wise, or are there no Clerics in this world?

05-12-2005, 20:48
Just one question

When we fight are you going to decide what happens in the fight? Or do we get to just tell you what our character is doing?

Ohh yeah and I have dibs on the hi...only joking.

Sounds Good I'm in when it starts.


05-12-2005, 20:54
Ah sorry, I forgot the Church aspect! oops.

Clerics and Warrior Priests will be available. Darmort, if you prefer, you could create the random blurp like I did.......

When fighting I am thinking we shall work as usual, but to add a new element, I will be using stats to wager how easy or hard it is to attack and I would prefer you think of this as Final Fantasy style turn based attack BUT with a difference, when you fight the enemy, you are fighting it and its fighting you.

So its one on one matches unless you do a double attack with some one etc. Also by using the stats you should be able to figure out if you are able to wound the creature or not. I will do stats for Strength and Toughness etc. Mostly warhammer statlines, minus movement though.

Thane McHammer
05-12-2005, 21:07
Sounds complex, but if you're up for it, I'm game.

Let us know how it goes.

06-12-2005, 16:04
ill give it ago, reserve me a paladin.

Commander X
06-12-2005, 16:25
No characters yet please, nor 'dibs' or 'I call Rogue' etc etc.
I think you missed something here Grubnatz...


Now, lets start with complaining commenting and aiding Slazton ;)

1)"0-1 Dwarf Ranger (Strong with axe. Good with black powder weapons and explosives. No magical capabilities)"
My advise would be to get rid of the axe part, and change the name to something un-raced. Otherwise this would be the only class requiring a specific race to be used.

2)Contrary to popular belief, Necromancers aren't that frail, their big weakness is the inability to use any kind of weapon at all. Also, the Death magic isn't just for reviving/killing, it usually contains several spells that only affect the caster(as most Necromancers tend to be arrogant and selfish.)

3)Wouldn't it be better not to start inside a dungeon? Sure it will be the easiest to think of, but it'll only give us two types of enemies, those that live on the ground, and those that live in it. We'll miss all aspects of things that either fly or live in/near water.

4)There was something else but I forgot that, I'll get back on that later...

06-12-2005, 17:01
oh yeah sorry bout that, but I am still up for it ;)

06-12-2005, 22:03
Sounds fun, i wouldnt mind trying it

Hate Train
06-12-2005, 23:17
I'm in. Count me in. I think. Yes. YES. Count me in. Unless you'd rather I not be. Which is okay to, as I'm new to the forum and I can understand if you're uncomfortable due to my unknowness.

So, I'd like to request a place in your RP (particularly the Necromancer slot). I await your response with baited breath.

W. Slocumb

Post Scriptum: Are we allowed to generate our own races? Provided that we give a description and you approve it?

07-12-2005, 10:06
If there is a spot still I would LOVE a peace of this action! :)