View Full Version : Daemonhunters with Witch hunter allies?

Chaplain Dionitas
16-02-2009, 16:11
I was perusing through the witch hunters codex and I noticed there was a a DH unit (Complete with GK's) that had battle sisters in it.

Has anyone tried this combo? is it even legal? I know you can't have SM's and battle sisters in the same list.

I was basically thinking of picking up a seraphim squad or a retribution squad

16-02-2009, 17:28
Yea pretty sure it is legal, not tried it my self, it'd be interesting to here of the fluff concept you have in mind (if any)

16-02-2009, 17:33
You can't induct SM into your WH army but you can have Sisteres Allies in a SM army. Same with GK's.

Creeping Dementia
16-02-2009, 17:42
The whole allies thing is a little complicated. First off you have to declare what army you are playing, in your case you have a Deamonhunters army with Witchhunter allies (as opposed to Witchhunters with Deamonhunter allies). This is important because, IIRC a Sisters list cannot have SM allies, BUT a SM list can have Sister allies. Sort of goofy but oh well. Also, as far as adding sisters to your list, DH aren't really considered to be SM in this situation because they are one of the Ordos of the Inquisition and can freely ally with each other.

As far as it being a good idea, that has been up for debate a couple times in the Witchhunters Tactica threads. The advantage is Grey Knights give the Sisters a couple things that the sisters really lack, toughness and ranged shooting, but mixing the list sort of dilutes the sisters from one of their big strengths which is a good pile of faith points. Seraphim are a great unit... but their main job is tying up units in CC while using Spirit of the Martyr, then hopping out in a timely manner so you can shoot them again. Taking only one unit of sisters won't give you enough faith to do this to good effect. Retributors though could work better as just some long range heavy bolter support though.

I'd only take Seraphim if your going to have at least 3 sisters units, but other units might work better.

Chaplain Dionitas
16-02-2009, 18:25
Cool thanks. I was leaning heavily towards the Retributors.