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16-02-2009, 16:50
Hi folks

Ive been trying to get into fantasy and have bought the new lizardmen book - Ive tried to make a few lists and went to the GW site for help. Now as far as I understand it games under 2000 points cannot contain Lord choices. The GW site has 3 or 4 sample lizardmen armies all under 2000 points that contain a lord choice

Surely this is against the rules

Here's what I mean


16-02-2009, 17:10
They are legal 2K lists that are just under on actual points, very rare to get an army spot on 2K....

16-02-2009, 17:18
The 2000pt restriction is the cap not the required army value. So armies can be under 2000pts and still contain a lord if the cap is set at 2000+ points.

16-02-2009, 17:58
Also worth pointing out is that GW lists are rarely competitive, even for fairly casual play. They seem to reflect how someone feels the game should be played with not much regard for tactics or rules. If you want some good examples for what to field take a look at our army lists section.

16-02-2009, 18:25
Yep GW lists are all about selling the models, hence you will always see swarms in them for instance...

16-02-2009, 21:20
have you ever made an army list before?
the largest supriseis when you reach 2k exactly on the first sum of all the units