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17-02-2009, 06:29
So I've been looking at the Casting heavy Vampire count lists and noticed that for a small amount of points more, one could be fielding Manfred, whose (usually) as good if not better than his Custom Lord equivalent.... So I threw this list together real quick.

Count Mannfred (1#, 560 Pts)
1 Count Mannfred @ 560 Pts
1 Lord of the Dead @ [0] Pts
1 Master of the Black Arts @ [0] Pts
1 Summon Creatures of the Night @ [0] Pts
1 Sword of Unholy Power @ [0] Pts
1 Nightmare @ [0] Pts
1 Skull Staff @ [65] Pts
Just gave him the Skull Staff, Its +1 to cast/dispel, making his Lord of the dead and Summon Creatures of the Night go off on 2+ And shoved him on a Nightmare should i decide to put him in the Blood Knight units for more fun.

Vampire (1#, 175 Pts)
1 Vampire @ 175 Pts
1 Sceptre de Noirot @ [25] Pts
1 Master of the Black Arts @ [50] Pts
Inspired from another list i looked at, this guys simply for zombie raising.

Vampire (1#, 290 Pts)
1 Vampire (Battle Standard Bearer) @ 290 Pts
1 Dread Knight @ [25] Pts
1 Nightmare @ [0] Pts
1 Lord of the Dead @ [15] Pts
1 The Drakenhof Banner @ [125] Pts
My BSB to ride with the Blood Knights, Regen etc, makes him scarier.

Vampire (1#, 185 Pts)
1 Vampire @ 185 Pts
1 Book of Arkhan @ [35] Pts
1 Avatar of Death (Great Weapon) @ [20] Pts
1 Flying Horror @ [30] Pts
This guy is for busting up chariots and Warmachines. He'll hide in a unit of skeletons or with the ghouls and run out when he gets close enough

Crypt Ghouls (10#, 80 Pts)
10 Crypt Ghouls @ 80 Pts
Causes Fear; Poisoned Attacks; Undead
Used as a feinting unit, or, if they are positioned well enough get a flank on exposed unit.

Skeleton Warriors (15#, 140 Pts)
14 Skeleton Warriors @ 140 Pts
Full Command
1 Skeleton Champion @ [16] Pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield

Skeleton Warriors (15#, 140 Pts)
14 Skeleton Warriors @ 140 Pts
Full command
Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield

I'm a big fan of skeletons, and with Manfredand my current vamp set up, they're the core of choice.

Blood Knights (5#, 315 Pts)
5 Blood Knights @ 315 Pts
Musc, Standard.
1 Banner of Hellfire @ [10] Pts
5 Nightmare @ [0] Pts
Pretty Straightforward, my hammer unit. With possibly Manfred and the BSB in this unit, it will melt most things it runs into.

Dire Wolves (6#, 58 Pts)
5 Dire Wolves @ 58 Pts
1 Doom Wolf @ [18] Pts

Dire Wolves (6#, 58 Pts)
5 Dire Wolves @ 58 Pts
1 Doom Wolf @ [18] Pts
Wolves to run around and cause a ruckus! Also not bad for screening my otherwise frenzied blood Knights.
Total Roster Cost: 2001

I'm not a big fan of Named Characters, But i thought i would give this one a shot, as i do like the idea of Manfred knowing ALL the spells from Vampire and Death lores. He's also a beast for power dice in his own right. And being abl to build skellies and wolves back up on a 2+ is pretty dirty.

17-02-2009, 07:34
I just love Manfred. the mounted model version of him is so darn cool. Any army that takes him will tear things apart=) Good choice! I have a killer list I worked on with Manny on this same forum you should check it out an tell me whatcha think.

However that said I personally am on the fence when it comes to skeletons unless we are talking about Graveguard. they just can't dish it out enough and their toughness 3 +armor save evens things out in my opinion with the ghouls higher toughness. Coupled with poisoned attacks I prefer ghouls myself but take at least 1 unit of skeletons along in my armies just because it feels wrong not to=)

Let me know how the skele's hold up and how the army holds up also. I am a hardcore VC fan and a beginner to the game of WFB.

Also I believe you can pick any lore but the lore of life with Manny if you wanted to be nasty( pit of shades etc)!

17-02-2009, 12:57
Hmmmm not sure about manfred on a nightmare, him with the knights might not be the best idea!! 2 casuties and there will be no look out sir for one!

Oh and also remember a spell always fails on a roll of a 1 OR a 2 so it's 3+ minimum to cast spells.... but still nice.