View Full Version : dark elf witch elves... new models or old?

17-02-2009, 21:50
Which elves are the best Witch Elves?? :)

i was just wondering what people thought of the old dark elf witch elves models. i own around 20 4th edition witch elves, and 20 5th edition elves, along with an OOP cauldron of blood. also i own 20ish old Black Guard, but ive already decided to get the new BG models.

at any rate, i was wondering if i should ebay the 40 OOP witch elves i have, and buy the new models. or do people like the look of the old school witch elves? im kind of torn, because the old witch elves look really easy to paint, and the new ones look kinda cool but hard to paint. and since they would be for a witch elf army i will be making in the future, im wondering what you guys though.

another poll for fun!

17-02-2009, 21:53
I have a few of every witch elf made in my possession right now ... gotta say i really like the new ones the best. Hair could use some work but the daggers, pose and lithe (ahem) figures are great!

Also i am kind of a fan of the old Black Guard, a little bulkier but i like 'em!

17-02-2009, 21:54
you dont like the 4th edition witch elves with the huge hair? the swords they have look like garbage, but i love the big hair!

17-02-2009, 21:55
Watch out it's Cindy Loper!

Ya, no thanks.

17-02-2009, 23:03
I like the current models best, but also the 5th edition ones. If you do a Witch Elf army, you should go for variety and field both. Also the mobile cauldron of blood is a nice model closer to current rules than the static new one.

17-02-2009, 23:07
Isn't it a bit improper to call the current models 7th edition ones?

17-02-2009, 23:11
well i meant the newest version. technically the 4th edition models i have are from 1989 marauder minis, so i was trying to not confuse anyone. :)