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18-02-2009, 02:01
i had an idea about creating a "band" out of twins. (so 2 guys which are related duh)
anyway i had a few ideas about what i wanted to make of them and i'd like some input on their concepts.

basically have two "semi-solid" concepts, the main idea though is that they are on the run from the inquisition (or the law atleast)

1- they are simply guys with the unfortunate knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, yet always seem to get out unscathed.
after getting involved in yet another "incident" this time with a chaos cult a rather perceptive officer notes that the brothers seem to have been present at atleast a dozen major riots, robberies and raids.
now suspected of being actively trying to subvert the local government and raising suspicions of possible plots an inquisitor takes notice and tries to eradicate the "source' of the unrest.
now on the run from the law their only saving grace is being quite unremarkable thusly they manage to get on board of an rogue traders vessel working as ratings.
they manage to escape for the time being but trouble seems to have followed them and soon they are discovered again, further feeding the inquisitors paranoia "now the corruption is spreading" to other planets.
the brothers keep moving getting jobs on merchant vessels.

i'm thinking about giving them a special rule to simulate the insane the luck they have had so far.
probably a d6 "force field" to simulate the fact that things happen to get in the way or shots to just graze them.
or something similar to that, further equipment will be rather basic knives, lead pipes and a pistol or two. (they are scum afterall)

2- the brothers are rogue psykers who have had the good fortune to until recently get by unnoticed.
the brothers will have been involved in an underground network of witches and warlocks who have been helping psykers trying to escape imperial notice.
however the network was compromised when a rather psychotic psyker couldn't control his urges to kill any longer and went on a murderous spree.
the network was finally discovered when they decided they had to stop their own and in doing so revealed their powers to the law who had come to lay down the law.

now they are on the run from an inquisitor who is hell bent on taking them onboard his black ship and sending them off to terra.
(especially after the twins tainted his honour when they managed to escape.)

the twins will not be the most remarkable psykers but they seem to share their soul so when they are close to each other their resolve is strengthened.
(WP = 60 + (30 - distance in yards between twins))
they will have powers based on their personalities.
1st will be quite reckless and inquisitive (hammerhand & warp strength)
2nd will be rather reserved and cautious (psychic impel & psychic ward)
both will have telepathy but can only send messages to each other

they will also have rather spartan equipment (so none basically)

so those are the ideas i've had so far i rather like both of them so i turn to you the inquisitor community, what are your thoughts on this.
which concept would you like more to play with or against and if possible explain your reasoning.

eventually i might work out both ideas but for now i'd like to work on one to start with and maybe finally get some INQ models built and modelled.
(no i'm still not certain which models i will use but i'm leaning towards slick devlan or maybe josef or malicant)

18-02-2009, 06:52
i'm thinking about giving them a special rule to simulate the insane the luck they have had so far.Why not give them the 'Plain Dumb Luck' ability that was in the Kal Jerico* article?

*Google should find you a copy of the rules, if not, someone may be good enough to send you a pdf copy of the article? I've only got it as hardcopy...

18-02-2009, 09:02
I've reproduced the rules often enough on forums that a search for the term "Plain Dumb Luck Jerico" should track it down.

Sounds like a decent-enough concept, although you may get bored with characters whose objective in every scenario is "escape with skins intact".


18-02-2009, 10:17
well they want to get even with whoever it is that has been making their live miserable.
even if that is a task which should be way out of their league.

theys should want to try to accomplish that feat.

Askil the Undecided
19-02-2009, 15:06
Why not make one one of the twins a dangerous and seditious traffiker in underground psykers and the other his utterly innocent identical twin who is on the run because nobody can tell the difference between them?

Why not make it so the inquisition found the innocent brother first and he is so terrified he thinks the inqusition is hunting him for some petty and inconsequential sin (like skiving off work or stealing pay per view holo-casts of the local scrumball) and so has gone to his brother for help escaping?

If you did this there would be the added character depth of the "Dirty" brother trying to make sure the "Clean" brother doesn't find out why they are being hunted and kill/abandon/betray/denounce him. Also the "Clean" brother being astounded by the "Dirty" brothers underhand skills and contacts.

Like a mix of one of the chuckle brothers and the bloke from the transporter in the grimdark of the 41st millenium.