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18-02-2009, 05:17

I am just getting started on my marine army and I wanted some direction. I am probably (guestimating) 30-40% to having a fieldable army.

Right now I have
2 units of 10 marines
5 scouts
5 assault marines
1 Rhino
1 Dreadnought
1 El Capitan
2 Veteran assault sergeants
1 Veteran tactical sergeant

Help me prioritize my marine shopping list/tell me what's missing/if I shouldn't bother with some of this:

2x Assault Squad
1x combat squad
1x Dreadnought
1x Rhino
1x Librarian
1x Tactical squad
1x Terminator Squad

I've never played any 40k so let me know how this is looking. I've also heard good things about playing pods, but that might be a while down the road.

Also, (ignorant n00b question, bear with me) I want some of my tactical units to have heavy bolters. Those come in the combat squad boxes right?

long bow
18-02-2009, 07:42
they dont come in the comabt squad boxes they come in the devestater box.
and just some help i wouldent take 3 assault squads its a bit of over kill

18-02-2009, 07:50
You already are already able to field an army. You simply need one HQ choice (That's your Captain or an Independent Character) and two troops (Scouts, Tactical Squad, etc.)

It really depends what you're going for. I prefer an assault-based army, so that's my bias. However, I think you should go for terminators to deploy via deep strike. Try playing with what you have at your LGS. After a few games you'll find what you want in your army. Also, remember this is your army, so build it accordingly.

Hope this helps.

18-02-2009, 08:08
Welcome to 40k and Warseer, Enki.

I agree with Serebrate. Put together a list of what you have and head down to the local shop (or to your kitchen table) and play some games. When you start thinking "I wish I had something like this, or that" etc you'll know what to buy!

Don't worry, Space Marines is a very forgiving army and there's nothing that will be a complete waste of money. :)

Sir Biscuit
18-02-2009, 09:45
Well, first off, you might reconsider putting heavy bolters in your tac squads. While they do look cool, your almost certainly better off paying the extra 5 points per squad and upgrading that heavy weapon into a plasma cannon. It really helps deal with any low-save enemies, and in my experience, is even better against hordes than a heavy bolter. Even if you don't want to go that route, a missile launcher is still probably a better choice than a heavy bolter, as it allows you to shoot tanks as well as infantry.

To get at the heavy weapons, you'll need to buy a devastator squad, or order the individual heavy weapons sprues from a site that sells them. I've had good dealing with bitkingdom.com, and they have the added benefit of selling everything 30% off.

It's hard to recommend which units you pick up next, as marines more than any other army tend to be determined by play style. Your best bet is to play with the models you have now, (yes, it looks like you have about 700+ points, depending on upgrades, enough for a small game) and see how it turns out.

Remember, 40k is a very tactical game. As much as people harp on army list composition, how you manage your units is much more important. There are a few things you can look out for early on when playing:

1.) Does your HQ choice (commander) ever survive past a few turns? Does he ever inflict significant damage, or grant a large tactical advantage? Do you wish you could have 100 points to spend on units instead? If so, ditch him and try out some other choices. I see too many new players pumping up overcosted HQ's that don't fit their play style, it's a huge point sink and brings down the whole army. I recommend you field Lysander for your first few games, as he is VERY forgiving, and also very hard-hitting and flexible.

2.) Which units tend to survive the game, while still inflicting damage? These are the units you want more of, since they tend to be the ones that fit your style the best. For instance, I can't seem to keep assault squads alive, but my tacticals are VERY hard to wipe out. It's not because Assault Marines are bad and Tactical Marines are good, it's because I "get" tacticals, and I don't know how to manage their assault counterparts. A lot of this is very intuitive, so take a look after every game, and see which units perform well for you. These are the type of units you need more of. (Assaulty, shooty, tanks, etc.)

3.) Coequally, ditch units that have no purpose! If a certain unit never seems to make it to the enemy, or do enough damage to justify their cost, DITCH IT. I see this a lot with Sternguard Veterans. People field them, they get wiped before inflicting any kind of serious damage, and their player says to themselves, "Oh, just bad luck/poor management/they got focused on/etc. Maybe next time they'll justify their points cost." This is bad thinking. If a unit has a trend of not working, get rid of it and focus on the parts of your army that DO work. I've seen Sternguard do some amazing things, but in many lists they're just out of place and get gunned down far too early and often. A patterned history of failure is a pretty good indicator you should ditch them. (On a side note, I also see this happen a lot with dreadnoughts, which I think are one of the most misunderstood and poorly managed units in 40k... perhaps more on that another time.)

4.) Play allied games with other marine players. See what they do, what works, and ESPECIALLY what doesn't. If you see them use a unit ineffectively, if you start saying "I could do a better job with that dreadnought/assault marines/scouts..." pick up that unit! One of my good friends played an allied game with a Mechanized guard commander, and was so frustrated by his allies poor tank management that he started his own guard tank army. He is now one of the best tank commanders I've ever seen, rightly feared by the members of our gaming group, so canny is he with his tanks. If you know the tactics for something, use it, and you will be rewarded.

5.) Don't pay much attention to what people say on forums about various units/tactics, until you've played some games yourself. After that, it becomes a bit (actually, quite) obvious who actually games and who's just an armchair general here. Get out there and do your own thing.

My other hobby is airsoft, a sort of paintball-esque military simulation sport. I got into it when an older gentleman introduced me to the guns, and taught me how to use and take care of them over many afternoons. When I asked him why he did all this, he simply shrugged and said, "It's part of the hobby."

40k is the same way. Find people not just to play with, but to teach you. Find players who will be forgiving to new players, and who aren't just in it for the winners high. Find players that will let you proxy and figure out how models work before investing in them, (I've fond memories of a LEGO land raider...) and who won't rules-lawyer you to death. My first five or six games of 40k were the worst I've ever had, because they were against people who knew the rules, sneered at proxies, and refused to help me come to grips with the complicated nuances of this vast hobby. I almost put me off entirely, until I met a group that was willing to teach me. I've had nothing short of an excellent time since then.

Of course, this forum is one such community. If you have any questions about specific units, load outs, tactics, etc. either post them here or elsewhere, and we'll be happy to help. Remember, the more questions the better, as it is all "part of the hobby". :)