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18-02-2009, 12:12
I use to play dwarfs, but I stop because it got boring just playing a shoot and wait to be charged army. I kind of miss the dwarfs because I love the models and the fluff of them so I was wondering if there is any other ways to play dwarfs.

18-02-2009, 12:13
erm...close combat
they're not as good but more fun than shooty

18-02-2009, 12:17
wow, didn't expect a reply that soon. I am not looking for win at all costs. I just play with my friends so fun is more important then winning. hell I havn't won a game of warhammer yet, but still find it a fun game.

18-02-2009, 12:20
If you are playing with a strollaz rune and an anvil, then the game actually goes into cc pretty fast.

18-02-2009, 12:51
Go here:


That will help. ;)


19-02-2009, 05:58
ok. sorry about putting this in the wrong forum. thanks for all the input

19-02-2009, 09:40
Well it is certainly not the wrong forum. Just that there is a more specialised forum for Dwarves.

Good luck with them!


19-02-2009, 10:15
A mate of mine played a very mobile (for dwarfs!) army:

Basically he'd take an anvil (NOT THOREK!!!!! Grrrrr....), miners, rangers, 2 Gyrocopters as his mobile force. Then he'd have 2 canons or stone throwers, and 2/3 units of dwarfs with those shooty rifle thingies (can't remember....) and a few units of basic dwarfs. If he could he'd also fit in a dragon slayer.

The army would move a lot, and with the miners and rangers could actually force preasure.
The Gyrocopters would go hunt skirmishers and fast cav, basically stuff that could force HIM to react. Then he'd just use the superior dwarfs (dwarfs are scary good in CC for their points!) to win CC.

Dead Man Walking
19-02-2009, 11:06
I play an all marching dwarf army and I dont take the anvil. I dont like anything that costs 600 points and blows itself up. 600 points is two units of 20 hammerers and a runesmith.

My suggestions are;

1. Master rune of challenge = win!
2. Get dwarves across the table, this means keeping them alive and that requires magic resistance in as many units as possible (on banners and characters).
3. Strollaz rune.
4. Miners in the backfield are the hammer to the anvil.
5. Immune to fear and terror rune banner is your friend, espeacially on hammerers.
6. Heroes are all you need, a shield bearer lord is nice but not if he costs more than 20 hammerers.
7. More units=win, you have quality now you need quantity.
8. If your worried about the enemy getting behind you and charging then string a long one rank line of slayers behind your army.
9. A BsB is a must have.
10. You win through rear and flank charges, thats why more units make it easier to win.

I have a good win loss ratio, and its the only army I have that can beat an all warplightning skaven army that one of my regular opponent uses. You should be in combat by turn 3 (turn 1 with enemy calvary and master rune of challenge.) and every battle will be a bloody hackfest, there will be dwarves lieing everywhere, but thats okay because you can easily get 140 dwarves in this type of army.

19-02-2009, 13:00
Take Thorek. Then D3 of your units have a effective M6. Thats nearly cavalry kinda movement.

19-02-2009, 14:27
Thorek + Ogres/other DoW + miners + gyros is the fastest dwarf force I can think of... and it's pretty darn fast, with infantry blocks moving 6, ogres M6 or DoW cav moving 7-8, Miners popping out from anywhere and gyros going basically anywhere.

Faster than most other armies, now that I think about it.

Dead Man Walking
19-02-2009, 15:34
Why even play dwarves if your not going to field dwarves? Your basically saying, "If you want dwarves that are fast you should take lots of ogres and dogs of war calvary."


19-02-2009, 16:05
I wouldn't really call two rares not fielding dwarves. At any rate it's just a suggestion, and not an ideal one.

19-02-2009, 16:36
I really do think they should give Dwarves a Rare infantry option. Just like I think LM should have Rare Saurus :-\

19-02-2009, 18:47
Even just "may take special units as rare"...in some armies this would cause possible balance issues but with Dwarves I don't think there would be any problem at all.

I've got some dwarves already and I'm thinking about making it into an army, I was very aware that I would find a gunline very VERY boring but I also disagree completly with using anvils, it's an anvil it shouldn't be on a battlefield it should be in a Hold making more lovely Runic Items. :D

Dead Man Walking's points are really helpful, it takes the vague ideas I'd had and hardens them a bit, being a bit more savvy with the points and getting a lot of dwarves in many units. :)

20-02-2009, 19:26
you can always march with dwarfs for double there movement. dwarfs are quite good at close combat

20-02-2009, 22:17
rangers with strollaz close by and an anvil means a turn 1 charge, if you deploy a hill on the far left or right side, in the centre of the field.

lots of static CR is necessary for dwarves. something like 24 warriors with FC, then a BSB thane with rune of strollaz, MR grungi and rune of battle is nice. thats a static CR of 7 (if outnumber is included).

20-02-2009, 22:33
If you go the strollaz route it's usually best to fill the table up with as many big blocks of hardy dwarves as possible. I wouldn't even bring an anvil, just bulk out on infantry blocks and go the distance.

Even with an anvil you're not going to be a devious master of manouvring, with strollaz what you want to do is simple build a massive wall of dwarfs that plugs up the gaps between the terrain and moves forward. Bring more tough furry little buggers than your opponent knows what to do with and make sure they're resistant to psychology. Anchor your flanks with blocks that won't crumble if they're flanked, most notably hammerers.

If you keep your characters on the conservative side you can easily get in 5 solid combat blocks of elite dwarfs plus three characters. For instance...

A runed up lord on shieldbearers + 21 dwarf warriors
strollaz bsb + 19 longbeards
runepriest + 19 longbeards
20 hammerers
20 hammerers

comes in at under 2000 points, that gives you a solid wall of dwarfs, anchored on both ends by stubborn units and I calculated in points to give each unit either immunity to fear and terror or double unit strength to keep them relatively safe from psychology.

That leaves some points for one or two organguns to guard your rear.

It's not a perfect army but it's an interesting change from the usual with dwarfs. Against some armies it can do quite well by simply forming a wall so wide it doesn't leave the opponent much manouvring room and slowly grinding forward. Ofcourse it's pretty min maxed. Dropping a few blocks in exchange for some gyrocopters and miners does spice things up a little.

Certainly challenging to play but it can be worth it against certain opponents just to see the look on their face when you play a dwarf army with no anvil and shooters that comes marching down the table at him, with every unit looking hard as a brick wall.