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06-12-2005, 14:58
I have started my Lizardmen army & have already painted 12 saurus with spears & 10 skinks with javelins, here is my planned army list.

Saurus Oldblood, light armor, BS of Tepok, Piranha Blade, The Maiming Shield & Glyph Necklace 263pts

Skink Chief, light armor, shield, Scout special rule & BS of Tepok 89pts

Skink Priest, Level two, BS of Tepok, Cloak of Feathers & Curse-Charm of Tepok 170pts

Core Units
12 Saurus Warriors, Spears, Full Command & BS of Tepok 228pts

12 Saurus Warriors, Hand Weapons, Full Command & BS of Tepok 204pts

10 Skinks, Javelins & Shields, Brave & BS of Tepok 85pts

10 Skinks, Blowpipes, Brave & BS of Tepok 85pts

Special Units
6 Saurus Cavalry & Full Command 260pts

6 Kroxigors & Kroxigor Ancient 368pts

Rare Unit
Al Muktar's Desert Dogs 245pts

Total = 1997

Any advice would be great.

06-12-2005, 22:09
I could be wrong but A) this should go in army lists, and B) saurus units with a blessed spawning become special, rare if they have 2! Otherwise I'll leave this to more experienced players

06-12-2005, 23:02
Man, everyone is starting Lizardmen today! :)

Amsoly is right on one count - this should have gone in the Army Lists section. :cool:

...However, I'm assuming that's a Sacred Host of Tepok army, which is why you can take the extra marks and the marks on the Skinks. Otherwise it's double-plus illegal.

I take it you bought the Battalion? Units of twelve Saurus are generally not very good . 15 (5x3) is the dead minimum size, and either 16 or 20 is recommended - one extra Saurus box should give you the models to bump both units up to twenty.

Braves are unnecessary on Skink units... But more to the point, champions are downright bad on Kroxigors and Saurus Cavalry! And...

...Holy crap! Six Kroxigors?! Seriously, dude, two units of three would work much better. :)

I'm not sold on the DoW - but it's true they're a unit type that isn't available to the Lizardmen list normally, so it's up to you. It seems to deterr from the otherwise strong theme of the army, though...

Gyulkus Chaos Saurus
06-12-2005, 23:17
i reccomend getting terradons or getting a scar vet with the charm of the jaguar warrior. and lose the DOW, get a stegadon or salamanders. and definetly bump uop the the saurus to 20. and cheifs arent worht it, replace him with the aforementioned scar vet. get rid of the krox champion, and make 2 units of 3 or 1 unot of 3-4. and also visit the spawning pool(see my sig)

Ivan the Terrible
07-12-2005, 02:55
Also if you really want the skink chief, give him the cloak of feathers, not the priest. The priest should stay back and hide as much as possible. Giving the chief the cloak actualy makes him useful. (And kinda fun!) I used one once with scouting and nailed a weapons crew on turn two. The desert dogs could be fun, but Gyulkus is right about Salamanders. Since they are skirmishers, they are pretty fast, and much more powerful than the dogs. -Have Fun