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19-02-2009, 03:34
A burst of power heralded the new spawnings of the servants of the Old Ones. However the powers release has drawn the attention of many enemies and raiders. The first to reach the southern jungles was an invasion force of Dark Elves. The Lizardmen had fought them off many times in the past, but these Lizardmen were fresh and unblooded. It would be a battle to set the stage of the future.

2000 points:

The Dark ELves consisted of:

Lord on Cold one, Pendant that let him save vs. attacks str, hvy armor of regenerate, sea cloak, sword of might and shiels.

20 Blackguard as his unit (bg)

level 2 sorceress with "kill you to feed my need" dagger, chill wind and soul steal, she was in sp2 unit.
25 spearmen(sp1)

25 spearmen (sp2)

10 Xbowmen (xb)

5 Dark Riders(dr1)

5 Dark Riders (dr2)

2 Repeater Bolt throwers (bt)


8 shades (maybe 10, dont remember)

THe defending lizardmen were:

Yertle'Turtle, Priest of Heaven
Mage Priest
Cupped Chalice, Blood Talisman
Focused Rumination (free pd per spell), blessd cognitation (enemy ignores 6's on casts), Focus of Mystery (All Heavens spells)


Lvl 1 Priest on Engine

25 Saurus, spears and command (sa)

10 skinks (sk)

10 skinks w javs (skj)

21 Temple Guard (tg)
fc, champion with sword of hornet

1 Razordon +1 skink(raz)

SO here were my thoughts:
I needed to try some new stuff and not just try my same old army with the new book. I went with the Mage Priest because the Old Bloods didnt really change. I really like Tetto'ekko and possibly his powers would be deadly. H brings something different to the field and doesnt overwhelm. We typically do not use special characters, but I wanted to give it a shot and he's one I want to work into my regular army. I went with all heavens thinking I could overwhelm him with Comet and Uranons. However I did not read or understand the "remains in play" rules well enough. I thought I could cast comet and just let it go, and continue casting. So once it was pointed out that didn't work I had to make some changes.

I have never taken 1 of any creature, like I did with the razordon. I usually go with at least 3. But at 2k just could not afford it. Plus I wanted to try it out.


.................................................. ................
.................................................. .................
..Hill............................................ .......Hill...
........................................forest.... .........................
...............Tree............................... ..................
.................................................. .....................
.....Skj...........Raz.Trees...Sau...TG..EoG..Sk.. ......
.................................................. Hill..........shades
.................................................. Tetto................

Originally I had the saurus, tg and skinks all on the left. I got to redeploy 3 units with Tettos power and mvoed them all to the right. Plan was to draw the darkelves across the board and across a few comets. I was at this point still thinking i would have at leats 1 running from round to round. The deployment of the shades messed me up. I didn't even know they were possible. So I moved the skinks over there, blocking a charge on the EoG and trying to get some shots off on them.

Dark Elves won first turn.

DE turn 1
Everything moves up and angles a bit to face me. Shooting is about nonexistent. Boltthrowers miss the EoG or I make my save. XB miss skinks with javs entirely. Darkriders miss skinks with javs. They all moved, double shot and were shooting at skirmishers. It was bad. Shades hit the EoG but againa mror or toughness avoided any wounds. Dark riders actually hit the priest with double shots. It was then that he learned about my 2+ as on the priest on the engine (woohoo!). He didn't like it, but it was one of the few armor saves I was to make today.

Lizards turn 2

Skinks with javs move up and obliterate the DR1. I kill 4 out of 5 with poison on 10 throws. Skinks on right side open up on the shades and kill 6 or 8. I cant remember how many he started with, but 2 were left. Most everyting else had stayed put. The razordnon had mcved up and was maybe a 1/4" out of range of the sp1. I should have moved to go after the xbowmen, btu oh well, not sure if that would have been in either. I don't like the 12" range thing. 15" for salamanders was perfect, for lizards at least. Either way I was out of range but had declared my shots, so I rolled and misfired. He ate 2 skinks. IN magic I opened up and got 1 comet off from the mage priest, the other was dispelled with a scroll, coming from tettoekko. I got a good uranons thinderbolt from the slann and wiped out all the dr2 unit. Saurus and TG pretty much stayed put. I had used the Engine to grant the ward save against shooting.

Dark elf 2

He now knew what I had and what tetto ekko could do. He was going to try to take him out. Solitary dr moved to shoot at razordon. Between him and the xbowmen they eliminated the razordon. The Bolt throwers open up on Tetto and kill him outright dead. His body is probably still flying through the jungle. There was like 6 hits and a lot of wounds.

Shades charged the engine. I challenged with my priest, which meant he had 2 attacks. he had gw, but i was figuring on 1 hit, then chance of rolling 1 to wound. he did hit once, and wounded however. Luckily, again the howdah saved me and I made my armor save. the other shade didn't touch the ancient stegadon. The stegadon killed the shade, while my skink hit, wounded and killed the shade champion! NOw thinking about it I don't think the other shade was a viable target or could attack as in the challenge both my priest and his mount would have been involved. oh well, worked either way. magic again did nothing, that blessed cogitation ***** down magic, especially with only 1. he ate a couple warriors to get soem extra dice, but it didn't help. the comet hadn't come down and so nothing there. I was hoping on my turn I'd get something.

Lizardmen turn 2

Comet again does nothing. I am begging to doubt my strategy, as especially now Tetto is gone ( i could have hidden him better, or at all i guess... lol) and i am losing my built up comet. Again I pretty much stay put. Skinks with jav's go after last dr but miss completely. Lucky elven sonuva... other skinks move up and get a wound on the hydra. In magic the Eog had moved up and released the 2d6" area of effect attack... to kill 1 black guard. wooppie... i should have gone with the ward again, or reduced casting. oh well. Magic settle sinto a rhythm, Portent of far from Priest on EoG on the slann unit. Slann casts second sign, then uranons, lighntning bolt and comet to finish it. In all that I only killed 2 handlers on the hydra. Failing to cast uranons he may have dispelled, but i think I failed it. I did get my comet placed. I also had used my blood stauette on the sorceress, who passed her toughness test and i wasted 35 points.

Dark Elf 3
The comet went off and killed a couple spearmen from sp2 who were coming up the middle with the sorceress at my saurus, and maybe a bg. It wasn't any big deal. NOt for a power level 12 spell. :(

They were getting close and i was nervous. They advanced some more, putting me in charge range. I wasn't sure why he was giving me the charge, but I'd take it. THe hydra declared a charge on the engine, which had move dup to get the last AoE spell off. I turned tail and ran though, and his hydra limped on. This meant 1 more turn of shooting it with skinks. :) At least before it side charged my TG. lol

in magic chill wind went off, i failed the dispel and he killed those skinks aiming for the hydra. He froze 4 of the little buggers to death and the rest ran off with three 5's on my ld roll. That sucked. HIs XBowmen kill 3 of the other skinks, who stood firm. Bolt throwers killed a couple saurus, but not enough to even take out a rank.

Lizardmen 3

EoG rallies. Skinnks with jav move up to finish off Dr1 but they have the xb and sp1 right in fornt of them. it was a heroic effort. Saurus charge sp2 who flee and get away and the TG charge the BG.

Magic again goes about the same. I kill all the hydra handlers, and 4 or 5 xbowmen. I try to start laying the comet at the RBT's but just can't get it off, even with little magic resistance, a reroll and a free di. I was putting I think 3 or 4 into it.

In shooting the skinks made it count and killed the last DR. This of course panicked SP1, who ran away from the fearsome 6 skinks snipers and directly into the saurus, who thanks to the failed charge were about a 1/4" in the way. It was enough though. lol Clogging up the middle and absorbing RBT shots, what more could I ask of my poor saurus? Not like they were going to catch anybody this game.

In combat I learned the hard way what BG can do. This and an ASF banner (35 pts???? 13 pts per model??? what the hell.. lol) the opened up a can on my TG. He wiped out almost my entire front rank. I think he killed 5, but my champion was still there. I just couldn't make an armor save. I had gone with HW in this combat, for a 2+ as. Meant I needed 3's against them. At one point on 5 wounds I rolled 4 ones. But, chanpion did a wound, and after rnaks, banners and number i had drawn combat! so I stayed to get my ass kicked next round lol

Dark Elf turn 4

Hydra charges the TG unit. Sp2 rally. XB shoots at skinks, killing 2 and knocking them to 4. They pass their panic. RBT shoot at EoG, hits once and doesn't wound, hits the priest once and I make my AS or ward save, i cant remember.

nothing again in magic. he had pretty much given up eating guys as it wasn;t doing good for that 1 extra di and the "free power dice spell" wasn't worth it with him ignoring 6's.

in combat the hydra killed abunch of tg, his general killed 1 or 2 and bg killed a couple. but i got a couple attacks back, and remembered saurus have 2 attacks this round. I got a couple bg down, but lost combat horribly. luckily stubborn + cold blooded + ITP it just plain nasty.

Lizardman 5.

EoG charged the hydra. Skinks moved back away from the xb's, but got shuffledin with some casualties I hadn't put away and pretty much forgotten from here on out. sarus charged sp2 again, who again ran and got away.

Magic I got second sign off, thunderbolt on the BG killed a bunch and took away another rank, lightning bolt knocked the xb down to 2. comet was miscast, (6,6,1,1) but the sorceress was not in LOS to use my cupped chalice. oh well, she cast a spell which I dispelled.

In combat my EoG rolled 1 impact hit, but second sign, i rerolled to get 5. With 6 hits I wounded 5 times and the hydra failed all regen saves! It died, trampled into hydra goo beneath FatBoy Stegadon. This turn I crushed the BG after resolution, despite another coupel casualties. My stegadon still did not outnumber, and they passed their stubborn break test.

Dark elf 6

At this point he had half of sp2, 2 xbmen, 2 rbt's doing nothing and a genral in a unit of black guard that was down to 10. Magic did nothing again. a saurus died from a xbowman lucky shot. the rbt's missed or didn't wound the EoG.

in combat his general challenged my champion, who accepted and got toasted. his bg only killed 1 or 2 TG and I got some attacks back, reducing the unit to the front rank + 1 and the general. They were stubborn again though.

He was at this point just playing to preserve points or get some miracle points.

Lizardmen 6

I charged the BG with my Engine. Got 4 imnpact hits, killed 3. Stomped another to death. General killed a TG, as did a BG. TG finished off the remaining BG champion, general autobreaks from fear of stegadon. And that's pretty much game.

We didn't do an exact tally, but I had captured 2 table quarters, both of my own and he had none. All he had were 2 xbowmen, 2 rbt's and half a unit of sp with the sorceress. I still had half my tg, my EoG, almost all my saurus and 4 skinks. I did lose Tetto'ekko which hurt. COme to think of it things must have happened a bit sooner because on turn 6 i had charge dhis general, who had broken on turn 5. I remember because he had challenged and killed the skink priest. but he still ran from the stegadon and couldn't rally.

So it was a solid victory for the lizardmen.

19-02-2009, 03:46
So my basic thoughts:

I do not like the new mage priests. They just feel kind of flavorless and less then overwhelming. And I think a custom made one is way better then either of the named... I didn't put a lot into magic items for him, that might make a difference. I also chose a poor lore to focus on, imo. that blessed cogitation is just flippin nasty though.
The EoG is nice, but not game breaking as I had heardit was supposed to be. I rolled kind of poorly with some of it, but still getting it into combat seems best.
Tetto'eko is cool, but may not make it more then another battle for me. so many points to just not do much. next time i know to bring a skink retinue to shield him.... lol
saurus just couldnt make it into combat.
Temple guard were great, and win wars of attrition with that high armor, str and toughness.
razrdon, well he didnt get much done, so we'll try mroe next time. I lvoe the extra handlers ability. on one note, i have only misfired maybe 2x with salamanders and never eaten all my handlers. 1 shot, 1 misfire with razordon... inauspicious start lol
skinks, again just so darn good. even for 7 points. that 6 ld now is awesome. my jav's would have broken at leats once without that.

overall just what i thought they'd be. very solid, dependable with a presence in evry phase. i can't say i can justify not taking an oldblood on carnosaur all the time in the future though.

19-02-2009, 05:07
Haha despite striking first, Blackguard are no match to templeguard!

I am not a lizardman expert but I am surprised that the DE army is sooo small(i counted the points and it did not add up to 2k...maybe you missed something?). It has over reliance on the "gimmick" units such as hydra and BG. Once you take these out he is a goner.

anyway do you think 25 saurus is too big a unit? I am thinking of a 15 "men" unit

19-02-2009, 08:38
a nic rep, and congrats on the win. I'd say ol' Tetto needs a skink retinue ;)
Try out the slann with beasts, then you get some surprise mobility aswell

Carnosaur old dude sure is tempting, the carnosaur isn't a large target anymore either so easily hidden from shooting

from your deployment sketch it seems like the shades are in the open, scouts need to be out of sight and in or behind terrain.

19-02-2009, 11:37
Congrats on the win, DE are tough, loved the hydra failing all its regen saves :D

19-02-2009, 12:48
Thanks guys!

Shades were in my deployment zone, and 10" away. Thats MY trick lol so I don't know how I fell for it. I didn't realize Shades were scouts actually, but good for him.

I usually run my saurus in 2 or 3 units of 18, going 6 x 3. I probably should have broken up to 2 x 12, but I expected a lot more shooting and those small units would have been decimated. The other thing is I usually play against orcs or ogres or bretts. So 6 across maximizes attacks. I figured with smaller bases I wouldnt get 6 in combat, so reduce to 5 wide. The big block meant he couldn't touch them really in shooting. If he throws the RBT against them then my Stegadon is running free and noting he has is strong enough to really hurt it.

I was going to go with beasts, but then thought, Heavens never seems to be used, and I wanted ot maximize tetto. Now I know Heavens has some real advantages (targeting, str 4 hits, rerolls), but it seems like such a general all comers lore. A specific lore against a specific army would be better, and here Beats or Fire would probably have been best. It was nice to be able to d6 str 4 this unit, then d6 str 4 that unit at will though. Against any realy magic defense that woudn't have happened though.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
19-02-2009, 15:22
Great report, Feefait! It's nice to see what the new Lizards can do, especially against those nasty Elveses.

I partially agree with you on the Slann being a little more generic now. I'm thinking you may be right on the need to give him some magic items-- I think the Diadem of Power might be an interesting choice for him. Of course, if Tetto'eko had lived, your magic phase would probably have been infinitely better.

19-02-2009, 16:47
I like the DE list. The LM list was a little odd, but I know you were wanting to try things out.

The slann probably had too many upgrades. The powers are cool, but those 50 point chunks add up really quick.

Good to see it worked out for you though :)

19-02-2009, 17:57
Ya, it was a fun game.(I was the DE player)

Couple things of note... don't underestimate an ancient steggy with EotG... they are hard as nails.

I should have just focused all bolt thrower attacks on it and chip away.

He was nasty with those skinks, lots of poison hits wiping my small fast units.

I felt I really had control until my spearmen unit failed the panic by 1 and ran centimeters into the saurus unit. Otherwise I had a flank charge nicely lined up.

Was a fun game tho, but damn it is hard to get rid of the TG unit with a slann in it....

19-02-2009, 19:43
Yeah I may not have amde it clear enough in the report. That faile dpanic by the spearmen (1) was huge. He failed by just 1 or 2 and only barely (but clearly!) hit the saurus. Perfect, if lucky postioning for me and infrotunate for him. Otherwise skinks were dead and saurus were side charged.
He's right on the engine. Though it may be better with just an Ancient, and not needing the engine, it is so hard to kill with 5 wound, 6 toughness and stubborn.