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19-02-2009, 17:24
Ok here's the deal. I'm thinking of taking a zombie dragon riding lord from my jump from 4k to 5k, but there's a problem... I run a Lahmian themed list.

For me this means no armor which can be a real problem when your flying around in from of some cannons.

At this point my general has the ring so the crown of the damned if free for this lord, but is it enough?

How would you design a Lahmian lord on a zombie dragon? Or does a Lahmian vampire have no right to be on a dragon and I should look at doing something else?

Edit: And can anyone confirm that the copyright thing is over and we can now use LotR models?

19-02-2009, 17:44
Female vampires on a dragon LOL, nay i wouldnt do it, look way out of charater for your themed army

There spose to be seductive and all that, most people wouldnt go near a ugly rotting zombie dragon, so defeats that purpose of having sexy females in the army hehe

19-02-2009, 19:21
Firstly, you will need protection. You are playing your army's general (the guy/gal who stops them crumbling) on a large target that really needs to be in the front lines to earn it's points, So you're gonna get targetted a bit.

Secondly, why no armour? Surely a Lahmian would wear armour?

Just because in the 6th edition you couldn't wear any doesn't mean you shouldn't now. Lahmians have the closest link to ancient Khemri so look to the TK for inspiration. Nightshroud is only light armour. You could use that. But personally, I'd be more tempted by one of the hauberks and the wristbands of black gold.

And besides, how can you claim an armoured lahmian would be unfluffy when you have a lahmian equipped with the Von Carstein ring?:D;):p

19-02-2009, 19:24
I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. My general, which is on foot, will have the ring. This lord that is flying on the dragon is just another lord.

And it's the Lahmian ring ;)

Light armor is cool I guess, but I wouldn't want any more than that...

19-02-2009, 20:27
There is no reason why a vampire on a warpath would not wear armour, Lahmian or not...

19-02-2009, 20:42
I'll post it in the background thread as far as the fluff goes, but the question still stands:

How would you equip a vampire lord on a zombie dragon if you couldn't give her armor?

19-02-2009, 20:51
No armour at all? ....

not even nightshroud? combined with wristbands, gives you good protection, then balefire spike, then with combat bloodlines; to your taste :)

but i think stupidity on a dragon is no less risky than on your general, so personally i'd say its worth the risk

20-02-2009, 00:14
Lahmians definatley should not wear armour............ go read (or watch) Bram Stoker's Dracula, all the 6th edition bloodlines are based on vampires from this book and Lahmians are hot, seductress minxes........ who kill stuff..... naked..

Time of Madness
20-02-2009, 00:18
Are the wristbands armour? I don't think they are......

20-02-2009, 00:25
no wristbands aren't armour, they'd be a good choice..

Lord Dan
20-02-2009, 00:42
Lahmians are hot, seductress minxes........ who kill stuff..... naked..

What army book are you using? (And where can you find it...)

20-02-2009, 07:31
Well, speaking of fluff, I'd give her Blood Drinker, Crown of The Damned and Helm of Commandment. Helm and Crown can be pictured as a single object, a spiked crown of a sort, that writhes around the bearers head. As for the vampiric powers I'd go for all the Courtly powers - Aura of Dark Majesty, Walking Death and Beguile. Zombie Dragon is fine, though I would use Abyssal Terror for the fluff, making some elegant but disturbing mount. And an extra level, of course.

She would be causing terror with a modifier for Ld, she'd would wound opponents more easily and would be durable due to Blood Drinker and Crown of The Damned combo, and while not in combat she would control undead better giving them her WS. All picturing a manipulative Lahmian Vampire.

And she wears no armour.

Actually, now I see this combo cannot be done (105 points in items), so switch Blood Drinker for the Sword of Striking. Not so good, but fluffy. And add a Black Periapt, also fluffy.

Caine Mangakahia
20-02-2009, 07:50
Do you really you want to play with what is possibly the worst dragon in the game?
I mean if you relly want to try the dragon thats fine, but remember Toughness 5, only 5+ scaly skin and a Str 2 Breath weapon.
An Abyssal Terror is almost as good and cheaper, or a Winged Nightmare, or just take the winged horror bloodline.

Gharof von Carstein
20-02-2009, 08:00
do what i do. convert a HE dragon to a zombie dragon :D than put a mounted lahmian on it (that would look AWESOME, a girl side-saddle riding a dragon :eek:) give her the wristbands of black gold with nightshroud to hold the theme (maybe paint the clothes of the lahmian blackish to signify this) the HE dragon looks a lot more mystacle than the zombie dragon from zacharius. so the picture fits better. for a skull you could use the dragon skull from the giant kit. for a weapon. dreadlance if you wanna go cheese together with the wristbands and red fury for a power. if not id say try to get some infinite hatred on there with walking death and aura of dark majesty or something. but personally id like my lord to live up to its points not just be pure fluff. hence id definetly tool her with the dreadlance and wristbands with red fury, walking death and beguile. should be great great fun indeed :D