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20-02-2009, 01:10
This is my first battle report. I've been planning on writing up a report for some time, but I don't have many opportunities to play any games and haven't had any 'close ones' lately. I played two games today, one w/my beasts and one w/my warriors (both vs. woodies) but for now I'll start w/the warriors. Go easy on me everyone, this is my first time.

My list:

General: Sorceror lvl 2, daemonic steed, MoS, rod of torment, stream of corruption
Sorceror lvl2 steed, power familiar, scroll
Exalted Champ w/MoS, steed of slaanesh, book of secrets, shield, flail

6x warhounds
6x warhounds
6x marauder horsemen w/flails and musician
6x marauder horsemen w/flails and musician
6x marauder horsemen w/flails and musician

5x knights w/FC banner of rage
5x knights w/FC banner of wrath
3x drogres w/GWs
3x chaos ogres w/GWs

ogre maneater w/HA, cathayan longsword

His list (to the best of my ability)

lvl4 wizard w/2x scrolls (maybe more?)
lvl2 wizard w/scroll and Treesinging-spamming-item
noble w/hail of doom arrow (maybe more?)
noble BSB

10x dryads
10x dryads
10x glade guard
10x glade guard

10x wardancers

2x treemen

20-02-2009, 01:38
The woodie and I are both infrequent players, so I'm sure there were some botched rules and other mishaps, so bear w/me. \

The table had 4 pieces of terrain; one impassable piece to the far left of my deployment zone, hugging the edge of the table; 3 woods were scattered across the middle of the board (w/the free woodie wood smack in the centre).

His deployment from my left to right: Glade Guard and Dryads hugging the board edge. Wardancers sticking behind an area of woods, w/both Treemen holding up the centre of his line (w/the BSB hiding behind them!). On his left flank (my right) was another unit of Dryads and Glade Guard w/the lvl4 wizard.

My deployment from left to right: Marauder Horsemen, Hounds screening Knights w/non-gen. sorceror, and Exalted Champ. This would make up my left flank; it seemed like more than enough to tackle the dryads and GG, at least.

Hounds screening Marauder Horsemen, Knights w/gen. sorceror, Drogres, and Maneater were in the centre, parallel to the Treemen (and hopefully looking scary enough to drag the Wardancers from the flank).

On my right flank were more Marauder Horsemen, and Chaos Ogres. I realized afterwards that Ogres on the flank was a stupid, stupid idea; M6 just doesn't cut it!

My general plan was basically a giant pincer movement, crushing his flanks w/some of my elite units and devoting the rest to the centre to keep the Treemen away from the flanks. If turn 2 charges were successful and the gods were on my side, I would be assaulting those Treemen from all sides w/Knights, Ogres, and Drogres w/out having to worry about his other combat units jumping in to quickly turn the tide against me. The Treemen + BSB would be nigh on unstoppable if they ran wild on me, so I just hoped to be able to save them for last by tackling the softer woodie flanks; besides my Horsemen all my units were pretty elite, so I had the manpower to spare a unit on each flank to provide some extra hitting power while keeping my centre strong. Maybe this sounds crazy...I haven't had many games in w/my WoC, and I'm much more comfortable w/my Dwarfs and a 'Dwarfish' playing style (I'm just a boring player).

I got lucky and won the first turn.

WoC Turn One:

Everything advances as close to the Woodie line as possible w/out getting within 10". My exalted knew Fireball, my generic Sorceror knew Dark Hand and Death Spell #6 (can't recall name, Uber-Steal Soul?). My general rolled for Hellshriek and Aura of Acquiescence, which nearly made me cry...my opponent had virtually an entire forest spirit/immune to psych army, rendering half my Slaanesh spells useless. I opted to switch Hellshriek for Lash, since a 5+ missile spell would do better than an 18" panic test that would only harm his GG on the far flanks.

My first magic phase was explosive. 8PD and 2 bound spells probably could have accomplished more if I had rolled some better spells, but after drawing out his dispel dice w/a successful Dark Hand, Fireball, and Lash (all directed at his fragile Wardancers), I was able to completely destroy his unit of GG (w/his lvl4) on my right using my bound spells from the Rod of Torment and Banner of Wrath. Excellent first turn!

Woodies Turn One: Well, needless to say, my opponent was in shock. Seeing his left flank half-decimated, he moved his dryads closer to the centre to gain the support of his Treemen and BSB. His Hail of Doom Arrow-toting noble moved out through a set of woods to stare down my centre units. His magic phase was relatively successful, considering that his lvl2 knew Treesinging and the Regen spell. However, 4PD and a magic item that let him spam Treesinging later (not to mention Treemen bound spells!), and a set of woods had closed up right in front of the Knights on my left flank!

My initial concern that the woods would be the only thing to give him the edge in terms of speed and maneuverability turned out to be true. My Exalted on SoS who had previously been hidden by a piece of woods was now in full view of the unit of GG, which promptly opened fire on him. 10 S4 Glade Guard shots later, the Exalted remained unscathed. These filthy woodies were going to be in for a world of hurt...like the marauder horsemen in the centre of my line, who were swatted down by 9 Hail of Doom Arrow shots while the Drogres beside them looked on in amusement, or perhaps mild concern? One can never tell what lies behind those stony grimaces...

20-02-2009, 03:19
WoC Turn Two: On my left flank, my Warhounds and Exalted declare a charge against the GG, hoping to be able to wipe them out in a round and overrun, leaving the Dryads to my Horsemen and Knights. On this side of the board the Horsemen maneuver to prepare to charge the Dryads, and I make a foolish mistake by bringing my Hounds around a set of trees to join in the attack next turn. If I had a brain, I would have turned them around immediately and planted them in a table quarter, leaving more room for my knights. Instead, the left flank knights romped closer to the woods.

Along the centre, my sorcerors detach themselves from their respective units and my second unit of Knights and Drogres prepare to charge the Treemen next turn. The Horsemen and Chaos Ogres on the right flank advance forward, trying to come to grips w/the lil' treefolk.

This magic phase was the first of many abysmal phases, which is only fair considering my luck in the first turn, I suppose. My Exalted was in combat, so no Fireball. I failed to cast Dark Hand of Death w/two dice, failed to cast Lash w/two dice, and failed to cast Aura. Then my bound spells were promptly, and easily, dispatched.

The Glade Guard charged by the hounds and Exalted elected to stand & shoot, strangely enough against the hounds; they scattered, unsurprisingly. The Exalted, however, crunked three pansies and then sent them on their way, pursuing off the board. Thus ended WoC Turn 2.

Woodies 2: Unperturbed by the loss of 2/3 of the actual elves in the battle, my opponent sends his dryads to my right against the horsemen (supported by the ogres several inches behind). Slyly, I elect to flee right through the unit of ogres, thankfully not panicking them (Will of Chaos is the best thing GW did for Warriors). The Wardancers move into the woods ahead of them, presumably to threaten my centre knights, maybe? The second unit of dryads move closer to the centre of the woodie deployment zone, keen on dodging my knights.

WoC 3: OK, this is where things get ugly for me. My Horsemen on the right flank, the sly ones who fled as a response to the Dryad charge, fail their rally test and flee off the table. The Ogres get nervous and just charge. The Drogres and Knights in the centre charge one of the Treemen, fear tests passed. Others were not so lucky to keep themselves from wetting their pants...a joint charge by my warhounds and 2nd horsemen unit on the left flank against the dryads fails completely. Now, failing my Hounds' fear test was no surprise, but failing the horsemen test as well was just painful...I learned a valuable lessons this turn, and it's called Mark of Slaanesh.

Elsewhere, the Maneater moves behind the dryads engaged with his ogre kin, my general on daemonic steed moves up to the woods containing the wardancers and the lvl2 tree-spamming bastard, and my second sorceror moves into a set of woods (stupid mistake).

Magic phase saw a few wardancers dropped but otherwise proved useless yet again. My Exalted even failed to cast Fireball on the exposed BSB, the biggest obstacle in the way of turning those treemen into Tuskgor Chariots. However, my general had the distinct pleasure of vomitting up last night's fiesta all over the wardancers and the lvl2 spam-monster, killing 4 tiny dancers and knocking a wound off the dirty mage.

In close combat, the Ogres on the right flank completely fluff their rolls against the Dryads, only killing one. In return, the Dryads take the legs out from under one of the big fellers and send the other two packing, easily catching them and embarassing me.

The Drogres and Knights together knock two wounds off the evil Treeman, and in return the Treeman comes a wound away from squashing a Drogre. As anyone could guess, Big Wood holds and calls his friend over...

20-02-2009, 15:21
Woodies 3: The Dryads on my left flank declare a charge against the Exalted Champ, who had hoped earlier to get off a Fireball in the BSB's face. The second Treeman strolls into the flanks of the Drogres, who thankfully pass their fear test. On my right flank the other Dryads head back towards the centre from the funfest they had w/my pathetic Chaos Ogres. In the centre of the table the Wardancers step over the corpses of their vomit-soaked brethren towards the edge of the woods, ready (again) to move against my general. Note: Previously the Wardancers were at the edge of the woods, which enabled me to yakk all over them, but the casualties they suffered from the front of the unit lost them line of sight out of the woods.

In close combat the Dryads bounce off my Exalted's armour, who proceeds to smash one of them to bits, drawing combat. The Treemen together trounce the Drogre w/1 wound left and one of his pals, and between my Knights and the remaining Drogre I scratch another two wounds off the Treeman, bringing him to two wounds. Thankfully, my boys stick around, nearly outnumbered by the combined unit strength of the Treemen.

WoC 4: Things are starting to turn on me; the Treemen are looking as if they are certainly going to crush a unit of Knights and my last Drogre. I move my second unit of Knights through the woods to threaten the dryads and attempt to have my left flank Horsemen charge the Dryads harassing my Exalted; Horsemen fail their fear test. My generic Death sorceror moves out of the woods in a position between the two ongoing combats and the Wardancers lost in the trees. In the magic phase, he thankfully casts Death Spell #6 w/IF, bringing one of the Treemen to one wound, killing the Woodie noble, some more Wardancers, the BSB, and a few Dryads. My general doesn't think twice about manners and vomits again all over the Wardancers, leaving them w/only the Bladesinger and taking the second and final wound off the tree-spamming mage.

In combat my Exalted is wounded, fails to break through the Forest Spirit ward save, and flees off the table; the Dryads restrain themselves. My Knights manage to kill one of the Treemen, while the second Treeman stomps on the last Drogre.

Woodies 4: The Dryads, seeing an easy target, charge my Death sorceror, who flees far, far away, never to rally again. Unfortunately for the Dryads, they find themselves only inches away from a fresh unit of Knights w/the Banner of Rage. The second Treeman waltzes into the Knights who had previously hacked down his friend, intent on delivering some hard, wooden justice.

The lone Wardancer charges out of the woods against my general...I'm terrified of losing my 240pt sorceror to a bladesinger who would more than likely select the Killing Blow dance, so I flee far, far away...that's right, never to rally again. :(

In close combat the Treeman swings with his big, oaken fists, only to meet my Knights' 1+ save! Though my Knights fluff their rolls, they beat the Treeman w/Outnumber + Banner and, praise Tzeentch, the woodie rolls an 11 for his break test! The Knights happily pursue the Treeman and spend the rest of the battle trying to assemble a bolt thrower for my Dwarfs out of him.

WoC 5: Mop up; my frenzied Knights finally see action after having spent the whole game manuevering around my own frightend troops and moving trees, and hack to pieces all 10 dryads.

Woodie 5: The last spiteful act of vengeance from my opponent is to charge his dryads into my Maneater, who is turned into jelly. The dryads overrun off the board, and so we don't bother to go into Turn 6.

Final Result: Solid Victory (almost bordering on marginal) for the pansy Warriors!

20-02-2009, 15:29
Lessons Learned:

Well, I much prefer a movement rate of 3" to be honest. My opponent and I both made some amateurish mistakes throughout the game, but it was a very fun, very close game. Magic was only interesting for each of our first turns (I destroyed a unit of GG containing a lvl4 wizard, and he cast Treesinging so many times a group of trees stopped my Knights from getting off a Turn 2 charge!) and maybe during the final phase of the game when Death Spell #6 managed to whittle down the lameduck Wardancers and kill the pesky BSB.

I partially have his fear of committing his Wardancers to thank for succeeding where I did; on the other hand, my troops were not well-schooled in the art of passing leadership tests. I think I'm going to drop my 90pt Maneater (don't ask!) to find points to spend on Marks of Slaanesh for all my Marauder Horsemen and maybe to add some extras to the Chaos Ogres; be it another Ogre, a Mark of Khorne, or something to give them more kick.

Fear proved to be my main weakness this match, and if it was this bad for a quasi-forest spirit army I can only imagine what a nightmare it would be against VC or DoC.

Ultimately we both had a great time playing against each other, but I think I prefer my good ol' fashioned stunties.

Andrew Luke
20-02-2009, 15:30
It looks like you had a fun game. I was a little surprised your opponent didn't use all those scrolls effectively, as he was in a tough spot after that first magic phase tore him up. One thing to remember is to roll spells before deployment, as you aren't intended to know where things will be when deciding on spells/lores. Also, when removing shooting casualties from skirmishers, you can take them as you see fit as long as they maintain coherency, so your opponent could have kept line of sight out of the woods.

I really like you warriors list. Not to heavy on characters and magic very mobile. I'm glad to see it prevail over the predictable double treemen BSB list!

20-02-2009, 15:42
Any win against the dual treeman/BSB wood elves is a major victory to be sure :)

Very clear write up. Nice report.

20-02-2009, 21:22
Yes, he was very lax when it came to dispelling my stuff, he probably forgot about the scrolls his lvl4 was carrying, since later in the game I'm sure he used his remaining scroll; I didn't bother to mention the magic phases that were shut down or that saw me rolling a 3 and 1 whenever I tried to cast Fireball, Dark Hand, or Lash after the first turn.

A previous game against him involved only one Treeman, no BSB, and Waywatchers...unfortunately he's been taking the advice of some veterans at an independent store he plays at, who've convinced him two Treemen + BSB is the only way to play Woodies. Glad you guys enjoyed the report.