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20-02-2009, 01:15
im playing dwarfs for an RTT this weekend, ive never played dwarfs before, but i was warned that this is gonna be a pretty competative event and i dont think my ogres can hack it, im lending my lizzies to my friend, or i would run them myself.

anywho, one unit that always attracted me to dwarfs were the hammerers, and im gonna use a friend's dwarf army and the central unit is a hammerer block. this is what im looking at right now:

22 hammerers w/ shields
- musician
- standard bearers
- standard has rune of +1 combat res and doubles unit strength

thane BSB

- rune of +1 combat res, +1 combat res for everyone within 12 inches, magic resistance (1).

Dwarf Lord
-great weapon
- armor with rune of str 6 or higher attacks become str 5, and reroll armor saves, rune of +1 armor save
- talisman of 4+ ward save

so the way i se it i have a very solid lord, and im sitting on 9 static combat resolution (3 ranks, outnumber, 2 standards, 3 combat res buffs)

im pretty confident with this block, but im always open to opinions.

20-02-2009, 01:56
Well it would be a mighty fine block if it ever saw combat...I think this unit is way too deathstarish to be effective. Your BSB is easy pickings without any runic armour and it's unlikely anyone will ever charge it unless you give your Lord the MRChallenge (and even that's not a real guarantee).

How's the rest of your list? Because this unit + the character additions are approximately...700+ pts?

20-02-2009, 02:10
Your thane will die; he will be a high priority and, for a dwarf, he doesnt have much protection. If you are going to take a BsB give him as much protection as he can i.e. Mro gromril and rune of resistance. T5 and a rerollable 1+ save means its going to take a killing blow to get rid of him. You do lose your runic standard but its better than paying over 200 points for something that any decent character will kill with little difficulty.

The main weakness with that block is that it can be avoided, Mro of challenge wil help with this but it doesnt work against everyone and its pretty situational.

Your lord doesnt need the Mro spite, nothing in the game short of a lucky gateway is likely to kill him (he is immune to killing blow and the lowest his AS can be reduced to is 3+ re-rollable).

The other weakness of your hammerers is fear. The immune to fear rune is a must, you are likely to face VCs and even though you have a starting unit strength of 52 that will quickly start to drop and you never know how many zombies will be bulking out the undead ranks.

I use a 'deathstar' warrior unit in my Dwarf list, its about 600 points all told and it sees combat every game, and it generally comes out in top. Yes it gets flanked a fair bit but dwarves are tough enough to survive such minor incoveniences.

20-02-2009, 07:22
Your better taking the BSB with an ASF axe (dont play dwarves, but i think 7 yrs playing them gives me an idea of what I DONT like :P)

Dwarves rely upon forcing the oppoenent upon you- thunders w/shields, war machines, and a few harder units to countercharge or take the enemys cavalry.

Take a cheap dwarf lord with a little survivability and rune of might. Trust me, no oppoenet engages an unknown dwarven lord (theirs always a little phobia in the back of your mind, remembering the time that little dwarf killed your tooled out lord).

Dead Man Walking
20-02-2009, 11:30
I think you misunderstand the purpose of a hammerer unit. They are not there to win combats, they are there to take a high end charge and hold the line no matter what. They are more of an 'Anvilerers' unit. As long as you have the units standard alive in the end the unit should hold. Then another dwarf unit swings into the flank of the enemy unit.

Always take shields, use hws combo to ensure you have dwarves left.

Take the imune to fear and terror banner rune and the one that lets you take a ldrship test on a single d6. This ensures that no matter what the hammerers will hold so long as you have that standard in the unit.

Put your BSB elsewhere, not in an anvil unit.

put a hero in the unit with master rune of challenge to make sure most units have to charge the hammerers.

Lords may be a good tarpit but they cost as much as another hammerer unit, and I would rather have another hammerer unit than a lord in my single hammerer unit. Its already rock hard.

20-02-2009, 16:52
Wouldn't a large block of ironbreakers also form a nice anvil unit with perhaps a magical standard and a character inside it ?

20-02-2009, 17:50
I think you misunderstand the purpose of a hammerer unit. They are not there to win combats, they are there to take a high end charge and hold the line no matter what. They are more of an 'Anvilerers' unit. As long as you have the units standard alive in the end the unit should hold. Then another dwarf unit swings into the flank of the enemy unit.

while i arees with you the main problem is that dwarves hve no hmammers (wel they do but you know what i mean). so the anvil is going to have to win the combat

20-02-2009, 19:22
thane BSB

what does this mean?

20-02-2009, 22:22
It means a Thane who is the Battle Standard Bearer, or Army Standard Bearer.

20-02-2009, 22:40
You don't need that many hammerers or a bsb like that. The strength of dwarfs is that they act like a brick wall. Your enemy can throw the hardest unit he has against your dwarfs and barely leave a dent, your dwarfs will lose slightly, pass their leadership test and set their shoulders.

And that was your enemy's charge, next turn your dwarfs will be even more resilient now that your enemy doesn't have his charge advantage anymore, they might do a few casualties and every turn your dwarfs will draw or win by a small margin until the enemy had enough and runs.

My point is, don't gear your dwarfs towards doing a ton of damage in combat or winning by a lot of points. Play their strengths and minimize your losses. Make sure they won't run from fear or terrorcausing enemies, make sure they use their best armoursave rather than trying to hit hard with great weapons. Make sure they don't die and your enemy will bash himself to pieces against against you.

Don't worry about doing damage, just make sure you don't die and your dwarfs will take care of the rest.

20-02-2009, 23:30
Sorry if I'm mistaken but don't Hammerers become immune to fear and terror when a Lord joins them?

21-02-2009, 06:38
Sorry if I'm mistaken but don't Hammerers become immune to fear and terror when a Lord joins them?

I was thinking the same.

21-02-2009, 06:52
They do, but that still never convinced me they're the best spot for your lord.

Hammerers are stubborn which makes them perfect for anchoring flanks, your general however is best placed in the centre of your army.

Hammerers don't need the combat support either and for a few relatively cheap runes they become immune to fear and terror without the lord.

Your almost mandatory block of warriors on the other hand can't take a magic standard and could use a bit of combat help, so I always put my best character in there.

21-02-2009, 11:55
thanks for all the help. like i said ive never played dwarfs so i selected units that looked cool to me, plus i had to use what my firend had. i just gonna run what i have listed and learn from my mistakes:

dwarf lord:
great weapon
master rune of steel (<5 attacks become str 5)
rune of iron (6+ ward save)
rune of resistance (reroll armor saves)
master rune of challenge (thanks for the advice on this one)

great weapon
rune of spellbreaking
spelleater rune

great weapon
rune of spellbreaking x3

Thane BSB
master rune of gromril (1+ save)
rune of resistnce (reroll saves)
rune of cleaving (+ 1 str)
reune of burning (flaming attacks)

23 hammerers, full command, runic standard
rune of stoicism (doubles US of unit)
rune of battles (+1 combat res)

10 quarrelers, muso
10 quarrelers, muso

19 warriors, full command, shields longbeards rune standard
master rune of grungi (5+ ward against shooting attacks to all units within 6)

cannon, engineer, rune of burning

bolt thrower, engineer rune of burning, rune of penetrating

bolt thrower, engineer, rune of burning, rune of penetrating, rune of reload (for breakinging uniquness)

organ gun


this is my 2250. i have a good idea on how to use the units. i KNOW there will be a load of regen at this event so o took some burning runes on the warmachines to try to alleviate that. the BSB will be with the longbeards as advised, and i added the challenege rune to the lord who will be sitting in the hammerer block. the runesmiths will be with the quarrlers (which i dont like actually, but i dont have anywhere else to put them)

21-02-2009, 15:30
One minor point on your characters, always take the rune of stone on all of your characters. 5 points for +1 armoursave is far too good to pass up. (and defenitly better than a 6+ ward that you won't pass most of the time)