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20-02-2009, 02:26
Hay guize. i was just kind of stuck with what to buy next for my eldar. here is my army so far.

2 squads guardians
3 squads dire avengers
1 squad fire dragons
1 squad dark reapers
1 squad harlequins
1 farseer
1 avatar

so i was mainly wondering- should i invest in vehicles? considering the fact most of my friends have vehicle based armies, and they are so easy to beat. i wasnt sure if the holo-field will be that useful and if i should bother or just go with a pure infantry force. thanks warseer.

20-02-2009, 03:30
Wraithlords are always good

20-02-2009, 03:40
Holofields are great, but the Falcons they were usually equipped on took a hit with the change in defensive weapon rules.

I still like a cheap Waveserpent (with TL Shuri-cannon and Spirit Stones) or two to get units where they need to be.

It's really just a matter of taste, when you come right down to it.

Avatar of the Eldar
20-02-2009, 05:19
Low cost, I'd say 10 Banshees or 10 Scorpions for more/different CC and 2 Wraithlords if you're sticking with a "foot slogger" list/play style.

A bigger investment would be going mech - 4 Wave Serpents - 1 for your FD's and 2 for your DA's (assuming you're not running 3 squads or leaving the 3rd to cover your backfield objective), maybe a 4th if you invest in either the Banshees or the Scorpions. Harlies can't take their own but can hitch a ride in another unit's sled.

But the conventional wisdom is that if you're going mech, everything needs to be able to move. which means some other purchases such as a big squad of Jetbikes to cover "Troops" and grab objectives late game, some Warp Spiders, or even War Walkers to come in Flanking.

I'd say the path of least resistance, lowest total cost, and fewest models to paint would be the Wraithlords. Maybe another Autarch if you want an all reserve army. But that's usually a mech list. How do you feel about splashing for 4 tanks and having to paint them?

Lord Wasa
20-02-2009, 07:45
warp spiders are a pain in the groin to try to beat, so I recommend a squad of those, also as far as vehicles go, I'm not too sure. My gaming buddie has a falcon, but I've never been up against it. He does use warwalkers and wraithlords and the wraithlord is much worse and doesn't give up as many kp.

20-02-2009, 10:00
Wave Serpents to get your Guardians/Dire Avengers/Fire Dragons/Farseer to where they are needed most.

20-02-2009, 10:12
I'll agree with the Wave Serpent.

It needs to deliver the Fire Dragons to their intended target - simple as that.

I like Banshees and they usually come up with the goods, although Str3 is pretty rubbish against T4 upwards.

My favourite guys are however Pathfinders. Yes they cost, but in a building with Fortune they are just about immovable unless assaulted, in which case some Banshees nearby would probably disuade that particular event.
Love that AP1 on 5/6

20-02-2009, 10:29
Another vote for Wave Serpents followed by Striking Scorpions or Howling Banshees.

20-02-2009, 10:36
I'd have to go with Scorpions or Banshees as well.

They will give you some more combat ability beyond the Harlequins and Avatar.

With Banshees, you get a fast combat unit that deals with heavy infantry very well (Doom recommended).

With Scorpions, you can take down light infantry en masse. The benefit of the Scorpions is that they are also good against heavy infantry.

20-02-2009, 10:50
I vote for wave serpents as they can move your squads around and still make very good tanks when they're not (and they look almost as cool as falcon).

20-02-2009, 17:17
so i was mainly wondering- should i invest in vehicles? considering the fact most of my friends have vehicle based armies, and they are so easy to beat. i wasnt sure if the holo-field will be that useful and if i should bother or just go with a pure infantry force. thanks warseer.

Eldar infantry-based armies get outgunned by just about every other army, especially IG and SMs. Eldar don't get enough bodies on the board to survive multi-turn shooting matches. At least half the Warhost should always be mobile-- this means investing in at least two skimmer transports. Your army doesn't have to be all-mech or all-infantry; you can go for the hammer and anvil approach (the fast elements are the hammer, while the slower elements are the anvil).

Fire Dragons are good, but they usually die after getting their shots off (unless you have other units nearby backing them up.) Fire Dragons seem to work best in Falcons, with the spirit stone + holofield combo keeping the vehicle alive and mobile. You could also try Fire Prisms for anti-tank; take two and you get lots of options in the shooting phase (separate shots, or combined shots for greater accuracy and power.)

20-02-2009, 17:27
Wave serpents do work wonders for sorting out fire dragons short range, and tehy can always hide behind it for a bit of mobile cover.

You've got a pretty solid base of troops, depends how big you want to make this army! I've been e-baying to fill up most slots, depends on whether you want a couple of units to compliment this army, or if you're willing to make a bigger investment.

Wave serpents are excellent for fire dragons, but will get expensive if you're going to try and go properly mechanised.

Striking Scorpions are a tough and flexible unit.

Wraithlords add to any list, BL/EML will give you some long range AT that lacks in a shooty eldar army. Or swordlords can run alongside your avatar to scare the bejesus out of anyone!

Warwalkers (especially if you don't fix the weapons in place) are wonderfully flexible with SL or EML (not both!)

If you want to add a unit or two, look at WW, Wraithlord or SS.

If you want to change the way you play, get 4-5 Waveserpents.

If you want to continue this discussion, you'll probably have to wander to the tactics forum or someone will complain!