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20-02-2009, 17:03
This army is based on the models I actually have but proxy will be allowed for this game so go nuts. My opponent is our own purple40k with a skink heavy army.

Thane (General) - Pistol, Rune of Fury, MRune of Gromril, MRune of Challenges
Thane (BSB) - MRune of Grugni, Rune of Guarding
Master Engineer - GW, Rune of Stone
Runelord - GW, MRune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking

Dwarf Warriors x20 - Shields, Full Command (Runelord Here)
Dwarf Warriros x20 - GW, Full Command (BSB Here)
Longbeards x20 - Shields, Full Command (General Here)
Thunderers x10 - Shields, Musician, Veteran w/ Brace of Pistols
Quarrellers x10 - Shields, Musician

Special- (For dealing with blocks w/ Kroxes and Stegadons)
Canon - Rune of Forging
Bolt Thrower - Rune of Penetrating (Master Engineer Here)

Organ Gun
Organ Gun

I intend to try a refused flank, pounding them with artillery and fire while Challenging anything too close and utilizing my banner to prevent retreat.

Comments, questions, ideas?

20-02-2009, 17:20
Difficult to say how this will play out. Cannon and bolt thrower will be critical for the scary stuff, and the organ guns should take away some static cr that could hurt you. You may just need to play with a split deployment, with your shooters in a corner, and with your melee marching up the center in a tight block. Any kind of elevated terrain will help, and hopefully 6dd and a scroll will be good enough.

20-02-2009, 17:38
With MRune of Balance, I have seven dispel dice and he has one less power die. I hope that is enough, I'll just have to be selective about my dispel attempts.

20-02-2009, 17:45
With MRune of Balance, I have seven dispel dice and he has one less power die. I hope that is enough, I'll just have to be selective about my dispel attempts.

Ah ok, i misread and thought he was a runesmith. That should be enough for a Slaan and a priest, but more then that and you could have a problem.

20-02-2009, 19:48
i think you could use another unit of thunderers

Ultimo ninja
20-02-2009, 20:16
4 characters, 80 dwarves, and 4 warmachines....you got leadership, hero power, lots of troops, and good firepower for supprt....This is a solid list, and allot of low model armies are going to have major problems with your list (cough, woc, DE, etc.)

I personally wouldt want ym army against this, you outnumber, got tons of firepower, and I couldnt kill 4 chars unless i lucked out....

20-02-2009, 20:39
imo the warriors with GWs should be longbeards and the longbeards should be warriors.

on the general thane id just go rune of stone and a shield, its much cheaper than MR gromril and you only lose 1 to your save (but you wont if you dont use 2HW, not that im saying you should). then go rune of pres because i think lizardmen have lots of poison. also id ditch fury and take swiftness if youre getting charged from challenge.

personally i see no point in cannons. i say more bolt throwers with engineers! and i think master engineer is a hero waste, when he costs about 60 more then an engineer for +1BS and hard cover and +3S which wont count most of the time because hes hardly backed up.

i think rune of guarding is not that good. . . rune of battle for static res is much better imo. think about this. 3 ranks, standard, BSB, rune of battle, and outnumber = 7 static res! very few units in the game can achieve this. to protect your thane, either decline challenges or declare them against unit champions (most of which i think he can beat).

with the rune lord, firstly why no anvil. . .? secondly again i suggest rune of stone, pres and a shield for 2+ save.

20-02-2009, 21:30
No Anvil because I have no model for it. The same goes for the lord with a pistol. Surprisingly though, that pistol is awesome against lizards and skirmisher armies, giving me something to do when I positively can't catch them.

I am seriously tempted by the Rune of Battle instead of the Rune of Guarding for the BSB but I think my characters are at greater risk vs. assassination then they are against CR. My friend's lizard horde is more likely to deal with the problem by whittling with poison or charging with character and challenging (in which case I may need my character to be able to fight back.) I'm going to play test the R of Guarding for know but I haven't painted it yet so it may get the R of Battle.

The master engineer has save my but a few times, being a capable character that can fight off many of the warmachine hunters. He's protected his charge against terradons and spider riders before (I've only played a few times.)

I am debating running my quarellers as thunderers, though. The +1 to hit is nice against skirmishers.

20-02-2009, 21:39
i second the motion for more thunderers, because the lizzies are going to want to move forward, so range is hardly an issue, and +1S and +1BS is just awesome.