View Full Version : Noob 1st attempt Lizzards 1000pts

20-02-2009, 19:04
Hero -- 420 .................................................. ............ 943 Pts
Skink Priest 65
LvL 2 Caster 35
Engine of the Gods 290
Amulet of Itzl 30

Core--- 288pts

12x Saurus Warrior 132------144 pts
Spears -- 12

12x Saurus Warrior 132------144 pts
Spears -- 12

Special-- 235
Stegadon - 235 Pts

Spending to much on two models ? Or will they be effective enough to make up for it ?

Still have a few points to spend.

20-02-2009, 21:38
Depends on who you're fighting. At 1000 points that priest CAN be mean, or worthless. If he doesn't pull his weight you'll be hard pressed to make up for it. I'd drop the second stegadon, up the saurus to fifteen, and take as big a unit of skink skirmishers as possible.

20-02-2009, 22:04
take 2 salamanders instead of the steg and change one unit of saurus into 2 units of 10 skink skirmishers(not one big unit!) and take a scar-vet(with jaguar charm) or some terradons.

20-02-2009, 23:17
Engine of Gods is much better in larger games. Id replace ur priest with a chief with a stegg spear. Then you would have about 90 points left, with witch you could but a sally (enemies in 1k point games probly don't have really good generals) and an extra sarrus encase u take casualties.