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Captain Galenus
20-02-2009, 19:56
This is a smaller version of the 2250 pt Army of Nagarythe.
Same theme, Malekith's army from before the Elven civil war.

Eltharion (counts as Malekith)

Noble: Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour/Shield, Lance, Barbed Steed
Battle Banner
Noble: Barbed Steed, Heavy Armour/Shield, Lance
Helm of Fortune, Guardian Pheonix
Mage: Level 2, 2 x Dispell Scroll

Archers x 10
Spearmen x 20: Full Command
Banner of Arcane Protection
Spearmen x 20: Full Command

Dragon Princes x 5: Full Command
Banner of Sorcery
Dragon Princes x 5: Full Command
Banner of Ellyrion, Skeinsliver

Repeater Bolt Thrower

21-02-2009, 17:47
why not use malekeith from the DE book, if you read the novel:malekeih youll get loads of ideas for your army.

Captain Galenus
22-02-2009, 10:30
Yeah thought of that, but DE rules don't fit with the background GavT gives about Nagarythe armies in the novel

22-02-2009, 17:42
that magic defence isnt gonna touch a magic heavyarmy.

Captain Galenus
22-02-2009, 20:35
Friendly list for playing in store, not many witches etc were I come from

22-02-2009, 20:52
Cool idea, having an army before Malekith went postal. I have a couple suggestions.

First of all, why the Banner of Arcane Protection on one of the Spearmen units? This is fairly nonsensical, since if they want to target Spearmen, they'll just shoot the other Spearmen unit with magic -- having that banner doesn't gain you anything unless you think they have so much magic that they want to annihilate BOTH spearmen units. I think this is unlikely. Swap it either for the War Banner or the Lion Standard, so you can pick your battles better.

Second, why bother with Archers when you're getting your 2 Core from spearmen? I find them to be quite useless unless you're using them as an extremely expensive missile screen, but the things they would be screening -- spearmen -- are less expensive than they are. Drop 'em. Honestly, for the points, you're MUCH better off getting another RBT, and if you were worried about protecting the RBT with the Archers, I honestly think that 2 RBT are better at protecting themselves than 1 RBT and 10 Archers.

If you save any points from doing my above suggestions, I *highly recommend* putting the Amulet of Light on one of the Dragon Prince units. Skeinsliver is useful but you have another Champion who has room for magic items, so pop that bad boy on there.

Otherwise, looks good :) Let us know how it goes!

22-02-2009, 20:58
... because he's making an army to a theme, not towards optimisation. don't see why so many gamers find this hard to grasp.

Captain Galenus
25-02-2009, 21:01
Lafkak and Shiodome thanks for your replies. Yes I do want a competitive list, so any advice is welcome (haven't played warhammer in this edition), and it's good so see that someone appreciates the idea behind the idea. 1st battle planned for mid March, will post result and pics.