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20-02-2009, 20:56
So, I have a tourney tomorrow at my local hobby shop, and I've decided to field my warriors. I'd consider myself to be one of the better players in the club so I figured I'd welcome the challenge. I'm not looking to build a cheesy list, but it needs to be able to handle all comers. Its highly probable that I will come against a slew of vampires, a bloodthirster, and most definatley a star dragon prince. Heres my 2000pt list so far:

-Book of secrets
-collar of khorne
-conjoined Homculus

-Enchanted shield
-golden Eye



14 warriors with additional h/w
-Banner of Rage
(festus goes here)

14 warriors with great wep/shield
-Rapturous stand.
(Lv2 goes here)

5 hounds x 2

5 maurader horsemen w/MoS

5 knights

6 knights
-champ and standard

So thats my list so far. Any comments would be greatly appreatiated, and if there are any suggestions I am able to make pretty much any changes to the list with the exception of adding more knights.

20-02-2009, 22:07
surely someone can give some advice?

20-02-2009, 22:20
Drogres would help; as it stands you don't have much that can stand up to large monsters. Knights are great against rank and file and even other cavalry, but have a hard time killing big stuff imo.

bork da basher
21-02-2009, 06:37
ok starting with your charecters. your two tzeentch sorcerers both need discs. run them as a duo and you will have far more success. book of secrets and power familiar to max out on powerdice. collar of khorne and a talisman of protection will do for ward saves for them.

festus in a warriors unit, great tarpit

khorne exalted i'd turn into a BSB to help anchor your warriors unit, he'll replace the sorcerer to be mounted on a disc.

i'd drop both the magic banners from the warriors and give them halberds and shields over GW's anyday.

hounds are great but i'd more 2 more units myself.

horsemen with MoS are great but you NEED to give them flails or dont expect them to kill a thing.

knights drop em down to 5 and get rid of the champions, i run 5 strong with standard alone and they do just as well.

you've probably got a good few points spare, my advice is either another unit of horsemen or more doggies. other than that it looks like a fairly balanced list.

21-02-2009, 07:41
¤cracks fingers¤

Let's get to work shall we?

First of all, if you expect to be going up against Daemons of Chaos and Vampire Counts, I reckon your list might unfortunately suffer a bit in its current design.

A Sorceror Lord with the Spell Familliar and Lore of Shadow should be able to deal with the enemies, he might not have gateway, but either ignoring armour or casting Pit of Shades are both great ways of crippling a large portion of the enemy units you might be encountering.

I would drop your foot tzeentch sorceror for him as well as the Khornate Exalted.
Now swap the second Tzeentch sorceror for a second Nurgle Sorceror (festus being the first). Two buboes a turn can bring down even a Bloodthirster if you cast it on 3 dice each. You could put the Spell Familliar here instead of on your Sorceror Lord if you want to increase the chance of getting Curse of the Lepper though. But generally, two Nurgle Sorcerors are basically what you'll need in this list, especially seeing as many vampire heroes only bring armoursaves (same for wightkings, both of which are now fully sniperable).

You really want Mark of Slaanesh on that second unit of Warriors, against Daemons and Vampire Counts, you will be sure to be facing a lot of terror and fear, your first Warrior block is however, immune to this, so no worries there.

Your Marauder Horsemen will want something more, at the moment, they are a glorified core choice filler that doesn't serve any point. If you aren't going to gear them for suicide missions or for flank charging or even baiting and fleeing, the Mark of Slaanesh serves nu purpose at all, move it to the Warriors.

Your Knights are good and killy, but are they killy enough? That is a question only you can answer, would you dare bring frenzied knights? If you would, then it is almost a must, if you wouldn't, then don't mark them with Khorne and keep them as is.

Furthermore, Champions on knights are "get out of jail" free-cards when charging Bloodthirsters or Vampire Lords who will simply challenge and then continue to trounce your champion, winning combat, and, in the case of the bloodthirster, autobreaking you with terror. You would really NOT want them in there unless the unit is to bodyguard a character. And I agree with the sentiments above, Halberds and Shields beats out Greatweapons any day of the weak on warriors.

Do keep in mind that the Knights don't really need their banners, a musician is cheaper and about as good, your knights SHOULD kill enough to draw or win, especially now that you've got 30 points left over from each knight unit from the switching around of the command.

Do consider lances on one unit of Knights, Obsidian Armour negates Ensorcelled Weapons for instance, and you are bound to run into some high armoursave enemies which you will want to kill as many of as possible in the first round of combat.