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Bel Anathar
21-02-2009, 12:46
Well I just got the new High elf army book and one thing I'm disapointed about is how they just seem to drop some of the awsome characters in previous versions, Prince Imrik dosnt get a mention, neither does the Everqueen or her maiden guard. Is it right to asume the rules stipulated in older editions are still legal?

Imriks model is still sold on the GW website so that makes me think he's still legal but what about Allarielle/handmaidens, they've been out of production for some time now and the only way to get them is on ebay where they go for rediculous prices because theyre so rare now. GW are shooting themselves in the foot by not producing these old (but awsome) models that are obviously high in demand.

Would I be allowed to feild these units in my army? Can't find the link to Imriks rules but heres the Everqueen rules: http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer/highelves/gaming/specialcharacters/everqueen.htm

21-02-2009, 18:24
I miss the Maiden Guard and the Everqueen too from the 5th ed army book. Worryingly, she gets stabbed in the end of the novel 'Defender of the Ulthuan' by a cursed druchii blade, although you don't find out whether she survives or not.

I don't know of anything invalidating the optional rules they made for her in 6th edition, although I wouldn't count on them for a tournament, they should be fine for friendly play IMO. At 20 pts each IIRC, the Maiden Guard are not very cost effective; you may as well field them as a unit of Lothern Seaguard under the current rules. WS5, and BS5 will be missed, but aren't worth 6 pts each. The magic horn and banner were cool, and not so easily compensated, but the former still just gave them more S3 attacks. The Everqueens abilities are more potent, however.

Desert Rain
21-02-2009, 22:34
I really miss the Everqueen, she was one of the very few special characters I even considered using, plus she's got a lovely model! I really think the queen and her guard should be in the (not so) new book. Well I can still hope that they will be there in the 8th edition book.

Regarding Imrik, his gone but all of his equipment is available in the magic items list, so ou can take those items on a prince and mount him on a star dragon and you will have Imrik. Without his "can't be attacked by dragons" special rule.

22-02-2009, 08:32
I miss the Maiden Guard and the Everqueen too from the 5th ed army book. Worryingly, she gets stabbed in the end of the novel 'Defender of the Ulthuan' by a cursed druchii blade, although you don't find out whether she survives or not.

isnt there a second one coming out

Bel Anathar
22-02-2009, 11:29
Well if anyones more likely to survive a Druchi blade attack it has to be Allarielle, shes protected by Ishia; the mother goddess. Fair enough about Imrik, but puting all his gear on a prince and then calling him "imrik" dosnt seem the same as actualy using his character. I think GW should state a rule whereby if a character isnt included in a new army book, his/her rules still still stand from previous books?

I know they don't like an army to ahve two many character choices but 7 dosnt seem like too much to me. I am glad they brought back the old Eltharion though, he was so much cooler on the griffin, I rekon that must have been due to all outcrys by players when they made him blind and on foot. Gives me hope that they might re-release the everqueen :)

I don't like the idea of using maiden guard as LSG though, it demotes them to just a core unit, these are supposed to be some of the most elite warriors of Ulthuan. If 20s too costly what do you think would be a fair points cost?
I might ask an opponent for a compromise. But saying that atleast with them costing 20 each your not likley to get any quarrels about using an old unit type.

22-02-2009, 12:09
They did the same to the new Warriors of Chaos book (and to the Daemons of Chaos book as well sort of), we have none of the older special characters, except for Scylla (4th and 5th edition) and Archaon (5th-7th edition) and Galrauch (6th edition). I really like the new special characters and understand why GW might like to bring in some new faces since the Chaos Wastes are big. I'd just wish you could still have balanced rules with the older ones such as Dechala, Aekold Helbrass, Egrimm van Horstmann, Arbaal the Undefeated, Count Mordrek etc.

My former High Elf friend (quit the army when the new book came out because he didn't like the changes) really missed Imrik. I find it funny they don't have him in the book or at least mentions him at all. Same with the Everqueen, never really read much about her rules but I bet that is one of the more interesting characters. But I guess GW won't bring them back. Shame.

22-02-2009, 17:35
No, you cannot use special character rules from previous edition army books, or on GW's website (since those were written for 6th ed). You should be glad, because there are sure as hell far too many special characters in the current books as it is.


Bel Anathar
22-02-2009, 18:03
hmm how is having more special character choices, provided theyre balanced of course, a bad thing?

22-02-2009, 18:11
Because special characters ruin the game. They tend to be either terribly overpowered or ridiculously underpowered. (See DoC and LM respectively.) I have never enjoyed a game against a SC and frankly can't imagine why I would. Any SC that can't be reasonably represented by a normal character with a shiny name would be too powerful in a normal game anyway. Lord Kroak shouldn't be fieldable at 2250, or even 5000. Neither should Archaon. These characters can't be represented in warhammer without being way more powerful than is reasonable in a balanced game or without seeming way too weak for their fluff.

That's why SCs should never be part of the game, except as experimental rules that are clearly NOT LEGAL in any sense, but just for "fun."

22-02-2009, 18:13
also the more powerful SC get the less powerfull our normal characters get...as the sc do whatever we would have liked normal characters to have done