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21-02-2009, 14:36
Ive come back to gaming after a 2 year hiatus. I always liked Nurgle so Im continuing its use with the new books. I thought this might be a fun list to try out and keeps with a Nurgle theme. So, as best I can, everything is done with that in mind, multiples of 7, etc. Wanted to run it past here to check everything was legal, etc and any other advice people could share.

Army General
Chaos Sorcerer Lord 235
Mark of Nurgle 20, Enchanted Shield 15, Glaive of Putrefaction 25, Daemonic Mount 50, Power familiar 25, Favour of the gods 5
Points: 375

Sorcerer 85
lvl2 35, Mark of nurgle 20, Biting blade 5
Points: 145

Sorcerer 85
lvl2 35, Mark of nurgle 20, Sword of Might 20
Points: 160

21 Marauders 84
shields 21, light armour 21,Mark of nurgle 30, command 20
points: 176

21 Marauders 84
shields 21, light armour 21,Mark of nurgle 30, command 20
points: 176

14 Marauders 56
Mark of Nurgle 30, Shields 14, Light armour 14, Musician 4, Flails 14
Points: 132

14 War hounds 84
Points: 84

14 Chosen 252
Shields 14, Command 50, Mark of Nurgle 30
Points: 346

7 Knights 280
Mark of nurgle 30, Musician 10
Points: 320

Chaos Spawn 55
Mark of Nurgle 30
Points: 85

Total: 1999

lord of blood2000
21-02-2009, 15:38
drop the combat sosrer part and have an infernel pupit drop 1sosrer take an exsoltid hero -2knits -1of the 24mrods have 1 mroder unit with flays and -the sporn +a unit of worryers

21-02-2009, 22:51
I think I understand what you mean. How do you get around the challenge rules though. I gave the sorcerers weapons to give them a fighting chance of living through one round at least and dropping one of them leaves me under 7 levels of magic ;) Do you suggest just leaving them with a bare minumum and just hope they do some damage before the combat begins? Id give the Lord a more magicy feel but all the options seemed a bit too tzeentchian to me. Its a Nurgle force, magic heavy but Nurgle none the less.

No more knight models unfortunately. At best I have 13 ready for battle, not enough for two units of 7 :(. You suggested a unit of warriors I think? A small unit of 14 or a bigger one at 21. I was thinking of the marauders blocks as a kind of pivot and using the chosen/knights on one flank with the spawn and flail unit working with hounds on the other.