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21-02-2009, 15:39
Just finished playing 2500 new LM (me) vs 2500 Khorne Daemons (brother) and a few things raised questions:

1) How does insane courage (passing a break test on double 1 regardless of modifying score) influence daemonic instability?

In this case, bloodletters (ld7) had to test. I would say because insane courage is such a rare event, the bloodletters are lucky and pass the test without taking any additional wounds.

2a) What if a unit of bloodcrusher try to assault my salamanders but by doing so walk through a wood, in which my skink priest was hiding (which could not be seen)?
2b) Does the skink priest get to make a charge response?
2c) If yes and the priest flees, do the bloodcrusher continue charging my salamanders or what?

3) Is instant death by the blade of realities work + combat res work the same as killing blow?

Here is what we did now --> 5 hits, 5 tests, model failing 4, 1 of those 4 slays model, resulting in 2 combat res points (model had 2 wounds). Other 3 (of 4 failed) count towards overkill. The passed LD test hit wounds as normal and might also count towards CR overkill.

Is this correct?

This is all i can come up with now...might remember more things later...

21-02-2009, 15:45
1. Auto-pass, no damage taken. DoC errata/FAQ on the GW site for more info I belive.
2a. He can then declare an enemy in the way charge if he would come into contact with the skink priest through a normal charge.
2b. Yes, see the enemy in the way rules in the rulebook. page...somethingorother I'll say 15
2c. If they can reach the salamanders and charging the skink priest will allow them to reach the salamanders, yes, they can. It's all in the enemy in the way rules.
3. Yes. You only get overkill in a challenge though.

21-02-2009, 16:58
2b. you preist can flee, and they would still charge your other unit

21-02-2009, 19:11
I assume that your salamanders fled as a charge reaction from the Bloodcrushers right Steel?

Gazak Blacktoof
21-02-2009, 21:45
2b. you preist can flee, and they would still charge your other unit

If the charging unit declares "enemy in the way" they are no longer charging the salamanders. Only if continuing their charge against the fleeing priest would bring them into contact with the salamanders could they charge them again by declaring EITW and initiating a 3rd charge.

22-02-2009, 07:06
thank you guys! Golden as always! :D Didnt know that there was a rule "enemy in the way"! Will check it out!