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21-02-2009, 16:43
So this is my first attempt at a Dark Elves army list, and i would appreciate it if you could give me some tips.


Dread Lord, Cold One Chariot, Heavy Armour, Shield, Caledor'Bane-274


Master, Lance Heavy Armour, Shield, Cold One, Battle Standard Bearer, Hydra Banner, -206

Sorceress, Staff of Sorcery-135 (NOT SURE WHICH LORE TO TAKE)

Sorceress, Seal of Ghruond-130 (NOT SURE WHICH LORE TO TAKE)


24 Dark Elf Warriors, Muscian, Standard Bearer, Shields-177

24 Dark Elf Warriors, Muscian, Standard Bearer, Shields-177

15 Black Ark Corsairs, Handbows, Reaver with pair of handbows-163

15 Black Ark Corsairs, Handbows-150

5 Dark Riders, Repeatar Crossbows-110

5 Dark Riders, Repeatar Crossbows-110

5 Harpies-55


5 Cold One Knights (BSB Goes with this unit), Muscian, Dreadknight-159

6 Cold One Knights, Muscian, Standard bearer, Dreadknight-202

1 Cold One Chariot-100

1 Cold One Chariot-100

Any tips or suggestions would be very much obliged.

21-02-2009, 17:19
I'll start by saying that I love the mass amounts of Cold Ones you have. But there are a few questions of focus I have with this list?
First, why have 2 level 1 mages and no dispel scrolls? Your points investment would be better served if you could find the 70 points to bump them both up to lvl 2. With the staff and seal, you seem concerned about magic defense, but you would be better served with 2 dispel scrolls then the staff. Being able to stop two critical spells will be much more useful then the +1 to dispel.
Also, you have a small amount of very limited shooting. The DRs will usually be moving (thus hampering your shooting) and the Corsairs have such a limited range as to be negligible. That level of shooting is just not sufficient to hurt what you fire at. I would either drop it completely of add more of a static shooting element to bolster your fire. An RBT or two would help in that regard.
Also Dark Riders NEED a musician.
To find points for all this, you might consider dropping the BSB altogether. 2 units of knights and 3 chariots is plenty of hurt on its own. That BSB feels more like a luxury.