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21-02-2009, 16:48
ok so my question for challenging is when say for example there are 2 units in a combat, each has their army general in it and they challenge and fight, does being in a challeng negate other units from using the Generals "12 LD" rule until he is out of the challege or doesnt it matter?

2nd question stand and shoot at regeneration unit/character
if say a varghulf dies from stand and shoot on his charge, but then regenerated 2 wounds or whatever to keep him alive, would he then fail the charge and move half distance, or make the charge, or not move at all?
so another example just incase, so a unit of 3 trolls charged gunmen and they kill one troll (3wounds) so then do the trolls immediately take regeneration, or do they wait until they are done with combat, thus they would only get 2 trolls to attack in combat?

and lastly another leadership question, so if a unit is stubborn and has to take a test to see if they break from combat and they are within range of the general, may they use his leadership and still count that as being stubborn so if they have LD 8 and general has 10 they would have 10 without minusing anything from CR or would they get an option to use their LD 8 with stubborn or the generals leadership but then would suffer penalties from losing CR, i would think they can use the generals LD value and have stubborn with it, but my opponent says otherwise
anyways i always appreciate your responses and help!

21-02-2009, 16:55
1) There's nothing that says the generals LD can not be used if he's involved in a challenge. So far as I am aware, the only time his LD isn't passed on to units within 12" is when he's dead or fleeing.
2) Regeneration is taken like a second saving throw, or a ward save. It doesn't happen after the miniature has "died". So if you make your regeneration roll the model never took the wounds, so there should be no dieing and then coming back. The model is either killed, or it makes its regeneration. So long as the Varghulf has survived, he will complete his charge.
3) Your opponent is right. You may use the general's LD but it can be reduced to a minimum of the LD that your model is stubborn on. In your example (LD 10 general, unit is stubborn at LD 8)), if you lost the combat by one you would be testing on a 9, and if you lost it by 4 you'd still be testing on an 8.

21-02-2009, 17:11
ok thanks so much, ya the regeneration thing was just a little confusing but we agreed on 1 and 3 that you can still use his LD and that if you do with stubborn unit you would lose their stubborn, but i just thought to make sure i would ask and see, ok and one more question and im pretty sure its easy to answer because i think i know it, so when shooting at a varghulf for ex. in the shooting phase and say gets wounded 2 times by a gunner unit, he takes his regeneration immediately after they get done shooting or is it cumulative with other units that shoot at him? i have played that he saves immediately after each unit shoots at him (kinda stupid question, because you save all your other units that get shot at once you're done shooting at them with each unit..so should be same with varghulf if regeneration is considered just like another saving throw)

lord of blood2000
21-02-2009, 18:01
the regen 1 is easy regen is like a ward save you will still charg and sos about the spelling plz do not complane

Necromancy Black
21-02-2009, 22:27
Basically it goes armour save -> ward save -> regeneration -> wounded.

So you don't wound anything until all three saves have been taken. Obviosuly if they don't have one of these saves, or a speacil rule kicks in, they automatically fail that save.

So in the same way you wouldn't shoot again until armour saves have been taken, you won't shoot with the next unit until regeneration has been taken.