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Dooks Dizzo
21-02-2009, 20:23
Trying to come up with a solid Twin Engine list. I see the Carnasaur and the Saurus in the center flanked by the Engines with Razors and skinks as flank support.

Not sure how it will play, but not much is going to be tough enough to meet me in the middle.

Old Blood (455)
Blade of Realities
Enchanted Shield


Skink Priest (440)
Diadem of Power
Dispel Scroll

Engine of the Gods

Skink Priest (440)
Bound 6 Uranons Thunderbolt
Dispel Scroll

Engine of the Gods

Saurus Warriors x 20 (216)

Skink Skirmishers x 12 (84)
Skink Skirmishers x 12 (84)

Terradons x 3 (90)
Terradons x 3 (90)

Razordon Hunting pack x 2 (160)
extra skink x 2

Razordon Hunting pack x 2 (160)
extra skink x 2


How effective overall do we think this would be? Dividing up the phases I have:
Movement:Not much here. Terradons help with some baiting and harrasment, but that's about it.
Magic: Good anti magic at 2250 with up to 8 dispel dice and 2 scrolls. For offense I don't have much. Hopefully the bound 6 will suck out 2 dispel dice a turn leaving me free to give my combat units rerolls.
Shooting:Meh. The Razors will make great flank support, but they are not really shooters to my way of thinking.
Combat:I like the list in the combat phase. The OB + Carni are great at crushing stuff. Once I get close enough I have no problem charging him out on his own. The Engines can dive right in and provide some serious impact hits to guarantee combats don't last too long.

The Saurus warriors can hold tight in the middle, protected by the engines.

If I can get people to mass forces against me in the center, I can start pumping out flares from the engines and really start stacking up casualties in the enemy side.

I have no concerns about gunlines. I have yet to see one at my local and they have fallen out of favor in toruny play.

21-02-2009, 21:11
Pretty nasty list, I like it alot. Just something to be aware of though, those saurus, though brutal in the new book, are still M4 and will have a hard time playing much of a role in a M6+ army that you have. 2 groups of Krox/skinks may serve you better since you have such high maneuverability there's really no need to anchor a line.

21-02-2009, 23:45
Magic: Hopefully the bound 6 will suck out 2 dispel dice a turn leaving me free to give my combat units rerolls.

its one use only so on 1 turn it will

21-02-2009, 23:53
If you're going to engine spam why not run four like i do:evilgrin:

Lord Dan
21-02-2009, 23:55
If you're going to engine spam why not run four like i do:evilgrin:

I think if he were actually spamming he would have taken 4...

22-02-2009, 00:56
I would bring the skink units down to 11 strong so ur lord can take light armor...

I would also drop the diadem on one priest for war drums.

RiTides Nids
22-02-2009, 01:52
Yes, the Rod of the Storm is one use only so you might want to go for a little more offensive magic. I'd second dropping the diadem, you're going to need all your PD for offense if you want to get anything off. If you drop that and the bound spell you've got some points to play with to buff up what you need.

Lotl Botl
22-02-2009, 02:29
why drop the diadem? its a great control item
drop the rod it sucks its shity even for a one use only item, trade for drums
if u can get the points for one extra skink per unit the non-panicikng ability goes up :p
maybe chnage one of the razor units to single sal with extra handler to free up some points and add a little variety to handle different targets (hit a skaven or gobbo unit and watch what happends hehe)
and add LA to Ob as someone said, maybe add a brave to a terradon unit to be able to challenge squishy wizards hiding in a unit, otherwise really solid list i like it mucho

Dooks Dizzo
22-02-2009, 14:28
Old Blood actually has Light Armor included in his cost, forgot to type it out!

Diadem stays! There will be times when I am far less interested in casting spells than I am stopping them. As it stands I really just want my Skinks casting Portent of Far on the OB and or the Saurus.

One engine will reduce casting value on Heavens by one and the other engine will give a 5+ ward to everyone for the first turn or two. After that, if I can get in close I'll be dropping flares all over.

Bumping up the skinks to 13 is a good plan!

FOUR engines! Maddness!