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07-12-2005, 08:45
She opened her eyes, and she knew that it was bad.

Lieutenant Kara De Santos of the Chelonian 42nd Rifles looked around her newfound surroundings in horror. Utterly foreign, utterly alien, utterly wrong. There was nothing comforting or even reassuringly familiar anywhere to be seen. She groaned as she looked around, the dim lighting making her feel uneasy. She was in a room, probably Xenos in design. There was no touch of humanity in the delicately bladed arches, the ribbed and veined walls, the whole look appeared to be that the room had been grown. Every surface was glistening and black, as if carved from the purest obsidian. She could not tell where the lighting came from, and that for some reason troubled her.

"Ah, our....pet....is awake we see."

She craned her neck, as she had immediately discovered she was restrained spread-eagled on a glossy black slab in the center of the room. The apparition that spoke evoked utter horror inside Kara. Glistening wetly, the creature turned to look at her. It was an unnaturally tall, spidery being wearing what looked like a full length coat of shiny black synthetic material, wet with blood that beaded upon it and ran off like water. It had an exposed torso, with grossly healed stitches holding in whatever made this beast tick. Kara uttered a small gasp as she noticed that its eyes and mouth were stitched shut in much the same manner. But then......
A small, spidery mechanism unfolded itself from one of the creatures work benches, and wrapped itself around it's head. The mechanoid had the remains of a face stretched across it, and once settled in place it gave the humanoid a nightmarish mask of dead flesh. It spoke again, this time the mechanical creation moved the skin-mask to appear to speak in a bizarre parody of life.

"We have awaited your awakening, sweet plaything. We desire much, and you will reveal it. By our Thirst, it shall be done."

The creature then gasped out a dry rasp that Kara took to mean it was laughing at her.

"I will tell you nothing, foul Xenos! The Light of the Emperor protects!" she screamed defiantly, with far more anger than she thought she could muster.

"Oh, we know you will. We merely wonder how long it will be before you realize it." The creature said, what passed for a grin slowly creasing its dead face. Kara noticed with a feeling of cold horror that the creature wore gloves with delicate, yet deadly looking surgical implements mounted on each fingertip. It glided across the floor to the slab she lay on, and sighed.
"Such beautiful works we may make out of you. Such beautiful things we may show you. Your mind knows not the limits it may traverse." With that, the creature knelt stiffly, and began whisking his bladed hands up and down Kara's body. She shrieked at the first touch, this vile Xenos polluting her Purity with it's foul caress. But the Haemonculus was a master. Expertly, effortlessly, he sliced her clothing off fragment by fragment, until she lay exposed before him upon the slab. Thousands of tiny cuts, each no deeper than her dermal layer, burned with the fires of a thousand suns. The Haemonculi were Masters of Pain, and could make but the smallest cut an excruciating agony.
Ak'araeth, Blademaster of the Kabal of a Thousand Miseries grinned behind his flesh mask. The naked, quivering Mon'Keigh before him would become one of his masterpieces. He looked upon the flesh as an artist looks upon raw clay, seeing in his mind where he would begin. She would talk, he could see.

"We know you are crucial to the Mon'Keigh operations in this Sector. Betray them, and you shall be rewarded with your freedom."

Kara felt a tear slip past her self imposed blank face. It told the Xenos everything he needed to know. He knelt, and slowly, excruciatingly slowly, drew one bladed finger down her sternum to her belly. A spidery mechanism descended from a hole in the ceiling. Vile perversions of life support forced themselves upon her, tubes ramming brutally into veins in her arms, pumping dark concoct ions that would keep Kara alive long after she should be dead. Half of the limbs began to worry the incision the Haemonculus made upon her chest, slowly teasing the skin away. Kara opened her mouth to scream, but the Haemonculus swiftly injected her, rendering her paralyzed and helpless to react. She could feel the liquid corruption spreading through her veins, a hot infectious feel. She would never be able to forget that crawling sensation.
"Fine! I'll tell you everything! What do you want to know? Just stop!" she gasped desperately through the pain. Ak'araeth looked on as the spidery mechanized limbs finished peeling the skin from her torso. "And what would you have that we would want?" he purred.
"Troop deployment information! Supply line routes! Codes, cyphers, vox Channels, Oh Emperor it hurts!" she spat out through pain and shame caused tears. This made the Haemonculus pause momentarily.
"And how do we know you are telling the truth? Hmm? Perhaps a small portion of you, something you will never miss." Her eyes blossoming wide with terrified understanding, Kara struggled to protest, to make the Xenos stop. By the Emperor, the Pain! She opened her mouth just in time for the Xenos to dart in with his bladed fingers and pluck out her eye.
Agony roared through her head. Kara suddenly went blind on her left side. Screaming like a wild beast, she thrashed wildly against the pain. The Xenos chuckled, and delicately sliced at the skin on her face.

Hours later, he finished his work. Lieutenant Kara De Santos lay in a bloody ruin upon the slab, held together by little more than sinews and the vile Xenos life support. Most of her major organs had been removed, vivisect ed alive. Kara was babbling incoherently, the pain and suffering shattering her mind utterly. The damn Xenos hadn't listened to a word she had said. He merely used the ruse of information gathering to heighten the sweet suffering her soul put out, that agonizingly delicious moment when she learned she truly was damned, and that she had attempted to barter her own life for that of her comrades. They had already been dealt with, she was one of the last slaves taken in the Wych raids upon the Chelonian lines to be used.

"Here now, we wouldn't want you to miss the finale," he muttered as he leaned in close. Deftly, the blades whisked from his fingertips. He spared Kara no savory agonies as he delicately flensed away the layers of flesh and tissue of her neck. She felt her world rock as he began working the bone, small finger saws biting away at her vertebra. He began hooking yet more cables to her, recirculating her precious lifeblood, injecting more life sustaining drugs, lengthening critical components. Ak'araeth cackled with glee as her head separated completely from her body. The spidery limbs furled back into the ceiling, cradling their delicate prize.
Kara De Santos refused to believe her eyes. She was looking down at her own headless body, layed out upon the slab like a side of Grox. This wasn't possible. This was a Xenos trick of some sort. That wasn't her body. Her minds critical eye, though, said otherwise. It clinically pointed out to her the bayonet scar from the charge on the Chaos held Citadel of Graun. Her unit tattoo on her right arm. The birthmark high upon her thigh shaped like a small flower. The gruesome defilement the Xenos device had done to her torso. This was her. Her mind couldn't take it. The last sight Lieutenant Kara De Santos saw was the filthy Xenos pulling her beating heart out of her own rib cage, and crushing it in his clenched, bladed fist.

07-12-2005, 15:27
Amazing story Nid. Thats exactly as i imagine the Dark Eldar Haemonculi, evil and sadistic. :D You show that really well... maybe too well. how much first hand experiance do you have? :evilgrin:

07-12-2005, 16:54
Y'know, nid, sometimes, you scare me. The rest of the time, such as now, you scare me A LOT. :eek:

Very well written, and unpleasantly graphic... :p

07-12-2005, 17:06
EHehehhehehe me like a lot...check your PM!!!:D

07-12-2005, 22:07
as I said over msn..

Sťamus - [[18 Days]] - www.adopt-a-pet.org - *does the "I got the job" dance* says:
I like the idea of the naked woman, just not the rest :P

08-12-2005, 00:07
Damn dude. What the hells wrong with you? I like it, but what the hells wrong with you?

09-12-2005, 20:55
The fact that you came up with that really disturbs me... Great all the same though! Really shows the pointless destruction of the Dark Eldar, but in a sadistic way the art behind it. I could almost feel the pain... *shudder*

12-12-2005, 20:10
Yes thats grusome.

A good story thats well written but totally sickening.

18-12-2005, 18:25
you are ill!

19-12-2005, 18:00
I bet his/her/its health is better than that Lieutenant's!

20-12-2005, 16:59
That was ..... Perfect nice to see another dark mind in the world.