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22-02-2009, 13:19
Dark clouds drifted across the plains, soaring high above the slaughter to be. A fell gust of wind grabbed a hold of the trees scattered across the field and tugged at the robes of the wizard Siberius as he gazed at the shadows looming by the horizon. The distant thunder of ironclad boots rolled over the plains like thunder rolls across the sea on days as dark as this.

The rustling sound of chainmail and metal plates clattered behind him as Erich Lorril, the Warrior Priest and leader of the small force of which Siberius was a part of rode up to where he stood. “How many?” asked Erich, “I don’t know,” replied Siberius, “but they bring amber sorcerers with them, I can smell the sulfur on the winds of magic from here.” The two men looked at each other as the clanking of warmachines rolling into positions and men hefting shields and swords and spears could be heard around them. “Then stop them dead in their tracks Siberius” Erich told the Golden Wizard, he feared the hellish fire of the dark sorcerers of the north, but it was nothing he wanted to openly show the men around him.

Loudly singing the praises of Sigmar with a stern and deep voice he rode over to the knights of the Blazing Sun that had joined them, passing by the regiments of Halberdiers and Spearmen and their detatchments of Swordsmen and handgunners. The mortar was setting up on a hill nearby and on the other end of the field, he could see the engineers wheeling up their Hellblaster volleygun next to a ruin. On the other end of the ruin, he briefly saw the pistoliers skirting the ancient stone building.

Erich joined up with the knights, correcting his shield and drawing his hammer before he pointed it forward, past the forest they were waiting behind and exclaimed, with a voice booming of holy conviction and devotion, “For the lands we protect and for the people upon them, men of the Empire, we cannot allow a single one of these hellish beasts to survive. Their tyranny ends here. FOR SIGMAR!” and with that, the entire army heaved their chests and exclaimed, raising their voices to the darkened heavens above them “FOR SIGMAR!” And as they did, a solemn ray of light broke through the clouds. Siberius looked up from the oncoming host and onto the heavens, maybe there was hope still.

This was interesting, me and a pair of friends had decided to do battle after the noon of this past Saturday, and do battle we did. However, it was not what was fully expected. Having my army still stand in splinters and unpainted, off of bases and with broken models (escalating decay and destruction from a large part of varying sources for the past year and a half), I lent an army from Matthias, my opponent in this battle report. He is also known as Mårten (marten for ye English speakers), as such, don’t be confused if I write either Matthias, Marten or Mårten.

Now, what army did he have access to and what would I be fielding as the result? Empire. I was delighted, Empire is one of the more fun armies to write lists for and play, at least that is what I have figured so far, not having actually played them properly, ever. I’ve had one game with a pieplate army over on Lorenzo back when it was still free, and due to this, I’ve hardly got any experience with the Empire, apart from knowing that I would actually endeavor not to make the list neither cookie cutter, nor non-fluffy, or at least attempt to make it as fluffy as possible with my limited knowledge.

The list I brought was what I saw and acted on as “fun” when I saw the list and what models I had access to. There should’ve been a battle standard bearer in there as well, however, I simply did not have the points for him, so he was left out.

Battle Wizard
- Level 2, Luckstone, Ring of Volans… 150 points

Warrior Priest - General
- Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Aldred’s Casket of Sorcery… 145 points

25 Halberdiers
- Full Command… 145 points
- 5 Man Handgunner Detatchment… 40 points
- 10 Man Swordsmen Detatchment… 60 points

30 Spearmen
- Full Command
- 5 Man Handgunner Detatchment… 40 points
- 10 Man Swordsmen Detatchment… 60 points

6 Inner Circle Knights
- Lance and Shield… 156 points

5 Pistolers
- Musician… 97 points

- 75 points

Hellblaster Volleygun
- 110 points

I figured that the Halberdiers and Spearmen should be the main units, and they were merely limited by the amount of models available to me at the time, I would’ve gladly fielded a second unit of Halberdiers to make up the Core of the army. Same goes for the Warmachines, I could’ve fielded normal knights and a cannon, but I decided against it.

My opponent also decided to bring a rather troop heavy list, and I knew Marten was good from previous games we’ve had, this was going to be a tough fight, and it did indeed become one of the most joyful games we’ve both had in a long time.

Sorceror of Chaos - General
- Level 2
Sorceror of Chaos
- Level 2, Barded Chaos Steed

2 units of 25 Marauders (or was it 20? Can’t really remember)
- Lightarmour, Shield, Mark of Slaanesh, Musician, Banner
One unit of 12 Warriors
- Shields, Banner, Musician and the Mark of Slaanesh
2 unit of 5 Warhounds
5 Knights of Chaos
- Warbanner, Standard, Musician
2 Spawns of Chaos without any mark

Like me, Marten had realized that if you don’t go character heavy in 1250 points, you can get a LOT of troops in there, even with Chaos, this was gonna be a good fight, and indeed it was.

22-02-2009, 13:20
Staring down the field, chills ran down the backs of Erich and Siberius, the opposing force was large, and it was heavely armoured. However, it was for this very type of force that Siberius himself had trained to battle, the winds of magic stood him by as the dice were rolled and wound up as a five and a six from the Lore of Metal, and the five was swapped for a one, the Rule of Burning Iron and Spirit of the Forge were now each lined up to blast appart the foul fiends of Chaos.

On the other end of the field, the heavely armoured and hunched figures that were the grim sorcerers of Chaos, their twisting dark auras reaching into the winds and pulling fire from the crackling air. The one leading the army, the one on foot, hefted a burning sword in his hand for a few seconds and toyed with some fireballs before gleefully gazing across the field. Around the sorceror on the fierce steed roiled and coiled a burning head, screaming and laughing as it sweeped through the air around him, and not to overload himself, the sorcerer forcefully shrunk the size of the fire emerging from around him from a huge blast into mere fireballs. The battle was on, and before the day was over, the clingy scents of blood and bitter gunpowder would intermingle with a vile stench of burnt flesh and trampled guts, the slopes would be slippery and runny from inneards and the fields would be scattered with arms and legs and shattered hopes.

The thoughts running through the minds of the men opposing the dark tide of armourclad nightmares come true were merely those of despair, a makeshift army of the empire facing an almost equally large mass of northern raiders and heavely armoured warriors of chaos. The knights of the blazing sun stared down the field as well, having noticed the presence of the knights of chaos, foul fiends best left for the spells of Siberius so that the artillery and the knights could focus on the maraudertribes that had joined up with the sorcerors, that had formed this warband around the powerful few. If only the marauders could be diminished in size, and the warriors dealt with, the centre of the field could be handled, at least, that is what the men that stood there on that blackened day did hope.

Marauders flanked the mighty warriors on each side, and a spawn guarding their sides as well, whilst foul and heinous hounds were barking and drooling in front of the host, the knights were nowhere to be seen, but beyond a hill and a forest on the rightmost flank from the Empire view, the horrid screams of tortured souls could be heard.

Upon a hill of their own, mortars and a unit of handgunners set up, supported from below by the knights, preparing to raise up the side of the midfield hill and flank the oncoming foes, whilst spearmen and halberdiers took up the center deployments, next to the hill and aided by their swordsmen and the remaining group of handgunners. The hellblaster prepared with a good view of the field from where it stood, next to a large ruin to the left, and beyond the ruin stood the pistoliers, brave and foolhardy, but prepared to do what they had to do.

And the battle was on, especially the early turns.

Both forces advanced cautiously, or rather, barely at all, Zoat went first, the warhounds and spawns rushing forward, prepared to handle flanks and to draw fire from the rest of the army. The warriors and the marauder units also moved up, prepared to deal with what threat they might face in oncoming rounds, and then, another group of hounds, closely followed by the knights went down the right side of the hill, things were looking bleak as not much movement could be done on my behalf without risks of being charged the next turn. But some movement did take place, and the knights and pistoliers both strode forward from where they were, the knights setting up the charge from behind their forest and the pistoliers preparing to threaten other flanks once past the ruins.

The spells from either side were not all too impressive, but the very first spell of the game, a fireball at that, did draw first blood in a powerful way, the spell getting through my defenses and ending up incinerating four of the five handgunners in the leftmost detatchment, sending them running off the field. Not to be outdone, the second sorceror unleashed a fireball, and managed a kill or two upon the halberdiers, but nothing much too horrid, and Siberius himself could not deal enough offensive force to manage any sort of dent on the opposing forces. But shooting would prove that even the men of the empire could cause damage upon the foe, for from the hill the crew of the mortar sighted the marauders to the right of the warriors, between the forest in the field and the forest in his deployment zone. A guess for the range and a scatterdice hit, and suddenly, the unit was covered by the template. The dice were rolled and wound up with a total of twelve hits, and once those hits had been resolved, nine foul men of the north lay screaming or dead on the battlefield, a large crater appearing where they had been, and shattered metal shrapnel digging into bare flesh and breaking bones. The grass was stained and spattered with blood and gore, and the first true damage of the battle had been done. A fireball from the vile sorcerers proved nothing against the might of the imperial artillery, and the Hellblaster was soon to follow.

Lining up their barrels against the vicious warriors, the Hellblaster crew shouted out the warning and command that they were firing, and the first barrel went off, not everything within it fired, but fired it did, and before the smoke cleared, the second barrel had been turned into place, the wheels and cogs clattering and rattling as it swirled into place. "FIRE!" the men of the empire screamed again, and again the machine let lose, a hail of hot led and a mist of thick, white smoke, and with well drilled speed and precision, they had quickly swirled the third and final set of barrels into place. The locks were set, the firing mechanism ready, and the lever was pulled again, "FIRE!" shouted the engineers, and another thunderous booming of rattling and clattering sounds was unleashed. As the smoke cleared, three Warriors lay dead, and the engineers emptied the barrels, counting the shots that were left, twenty six had been fired in total, seven had hit their targets, and three had pierced that hellish armour. It was a good day for the empire.

However, all was not good as the enemy moved ever closer, and through the edge of the forest, the brave knights of the Blazing Sun heard the hellish cackle and laughter of a skull of fire as it danced around the mounted sorceror, whom with his armour drenched in blood and spattered with blown off skin had left the unit hit by the mortar, and now pointed his finger at the knights, but something went amiss, and the skull was never released. Instead, a backlash of energies from the realm of chaos caused him to tumble off his horse, the dark aura leaving him for but a second, and that second, it enraveled the figure of Siberius. With a howl of victory and power, Siberius unleashed the energies given to him by the recklessness and the miscasting of the enemy. Screaming his revenge, he reached out toward the dark warriors opposing him on the other end of the field, and with a gesture of his hand, their armoured started to twist and contort, black and stinking smoke rising from the armour as it screamed with hellish voices when the metal in it crumpled inward, heating, deforming, pressing against itself and its wearer as the spirit of the forge retook its claim to the armour it had long ago given life. Mere seconds later, all that was left of the nine warriors that had survived the hellblaster was noth but distorted mounds of flesh and metal, lying smouldering and smoking on the grass.

It was however now, that once the forces of chaos had drawn closer, the warrior priest, Erich Lorril raised his sword. Roaring contempt for chaos and praises to Sigmar, the stout priest Erich led his knights in a powerful charge that barrelled into the flank of the warhound pack, skewering tehm on lances and trampling them beneath the hoves, the knights and Erich carried on, chasing off the warhounds and thundering into the the foul mass of flesh that was the Chaos Spawn. The mortars blew wild off their target though, the wind not helping them with their humble aims, and it was then that the engineers of the hellblaster sighted the foul chaos general, the half-beast sorcerer leading the tribe of marauding beastmen (he used a beastherd for marauder models, looked really good with a bray shaman as the sorcerer), and hoping to scatter them for the five winds with their powerful machine. However, as they rolled the first of the barrel-sets into place, something was not right, the senior in the crew noticed a stack of gunpowder missing, and he also did not see any remedy to the bullets that had been too large, who were nowhere to be found. Too late did he warn his friends as the lever was pulled. A hail of bullets in every direction, and splinters and broken metal flying through the air left nothing but corpses and rubble strewn where the hellblaster had stood, the white smoke silently wafted away across the ruins, over to where the pistoliers stood. And allong with the handgunners, the pistoliers failed to hit with their shots, nothing fell from fire this time around, no marauders and not the spawn bearing down on the pistoliers. Things were looking grim as Siberius had merely managed a preacious few kills on the marauders with his own, unaided casting of the Spirit of the Forge upon them.

The battles for mid field

The foul marauders of chaos saw their opportunity as the knights came to a halt upon the spawn, charging, howling and screaming into the rear of the brave, strong knights of shining Sigmar and the Blazing Sun, and seing brave Erich, the dark sorceror on his horrid steed charged in with all of his might and screamed a challenge to the faithful priest. And the forces of Chaos were vile indeed, the spawn came thundering into the pistoliers, who desperately hefted their guns to fend it off, but not even a wound was caused by them. Also, further down the field, near the hill with mortar and handgunners, a group of swordsmen had ran up to aid against the foul beasts that were the warhounds and the knights, for now, the hounds goaded by the dark riders of chaos had come, slavering and howling, hungry for flesh, and the men of the empire raised their shields, praying for salvation and strength.

Against the overwhelming might, the knights of the Blazing sun did what they could, slamming their lances into the spawn and drawing their swords and bucking their horses against the foul marauders, and they did bring some with them, but far from enough, and the spawn was merely wounded, and over the course of an extended battle, the knights found themselves losing. In the challenge the foul sorceror battled well, too well for the brave priest Erich, whom suffered a wound at the hands of that monsterous man. In the end, when all was said and done time and time again, the knights stood no chance, and in a valiant attempt to lead them to safety, Erich grabbed the horn from his musician and blasted it high and strong, but to no avail, the knights of the Blazing Sun, their shining armour now dark with blood, were run down and cut down to a man by the marauders as the spawn and sorceror turned their attention elsewhere.

The battles that then ensued were close and hard fought, but bashing with their shields and madly hacking with their swords, the ten swordsmen of the right flank pounded the hounds into submission and fright, and the cowardly dogs they ran away, but this left a bigger and darker shadow upon the field, looming and gazing upon them, the knights of Chaos, most foul in their intentions, and with the silence of Morr himself, the knights bore down upon the swordsmen, drawing their hellish weapons and raising their banner high, it was noth but a slaughter, and one man was left standing. He fled, or at least tried to, but the knights cut him down and continued into the crew of the powerful mortar.

And lastly, in the battles for mid-field, the brave young nobles held for a turn, losing but one of their numbers to the foul spawn, but then, after that, the spawn gathered new strength, and with a guttural gurgling and hissing it lashed out, taking another two of the brave sons of the Empire, whom did not do much in return and realised the battle was lost, throwing their reigns around, they spurred their horses and fled the battle, bringing news of their fallen friends to the noble parents of those young men.

For now, the battle came to an interesting point, the knights, in due order, ravaged the poor mortar crew, reducing them to but a fine mist as the handgunners took the following blow and were also slaughtered to a man. The spearmen on the other hand, rushed forward a bit, but did not get the chance to charge, for the sorceror and spawn charged them first. However, despite losing men to the horrible creature, the spearmen dug the shafts of their weapons into the ground and the foul fiend was driven off and stabbed to death by the most brave and noble of the sons of the Empire, the spearmen then pressed on, but the foul sorceror would not budge. Next to them, there was a standoff between the halberdiers and the marauders as the last swordsmen detatchment was almost oblitterated by hellish fire from the hands of the foul general of these twisted souls.

Gathering all of his might, Siberius screamed words of power and aimed his hands at the sorceror opposing his battle as he unleashed the Spirit of the Forge on the dark creature that called himself human, and the sorceror fell screaming from his saddle, rolling on the ground and flailing with his arms before he finally stopped moving, the armour bent and burnt into an irrecognisable, twisted shape. This was however, a mistake, Siberius realised in horror as the knights had gotten enough time now, to swing up and charge the rear of his unit!

The stalwart men of the empire fought on hard, but were slaughtered and they fled, the battle would have been over if Siberius had failed to rally his men...

Next to them however, the halberdiers had charged into the front of the enemy marauders, now whittled from insignificant mortar hits and an early spell, the halberdiers felt they had a chance, however, they were not in a fair fight. In their one flank, the foul spawn that had slain the pistoliers of our brave lands had joined the combat, and the depleted group of men, some still limping from the early mortar shot, had assaulted them. Assaield on all sides, the halberdiers STILL hefted their weapons high, and as one, cut down foul men to their fore and right, and to the left, they even wounded the hellish spawn. But the numbers were too many, and it looked as if they would lose all hope. But a young boy, Michael was his name, stepped forward and picked up their fallen banner, starting to sing in the voice of innosence and youth, clear, brittle and high pitched... but it rang through the battle, and around him, the halberdiers started to pick up the song as well, it was an old tale of how a man and a woman striking hay on the fields during spring. The boy cannot have had anything but insane courage within his heart as he allone caused the stalwart hallberdiers, who were now losing faith, to stay and fight for another while.

But the battle there was not for long, for Michael was clubbed down, but saved by one of the veterans, Hans... they were however, the only two survivors, managing to hide as the rest of the unit ran and were cut down, Michael was later hailed as a hero back home for his efforts.

But that was not the only battle, for Siberius and his men had merely just fled, and it was in the momentum of their enemies opportunity that they had done so, right after Michael had started to sing, Siberius roared an order to his men, "If a boy dares stand and fight, then so do you!". The spearmen turned around, their faces bitter and the look on Siberius face was stern, it was now or never. Mustering the forces of the Golden Order, Siberius began to spoke the words of power, and the armour of the knights began to glow... but somewhere allong the way, he lost the words, and the power ebbed from him, the winds blew weak now, and he had not managed to muster enough force. Siberius gazed in horror as the knights bore down upon his unit.

But all was not lost, although the halberdiers were beaten, and the support was gone, the Marauders were also heavely damaged from the battles that had taken place, and Siberius had most of his spearmen left, now behind them... if he could manage to flee from the knights for another rally and another attempt at the Spirit of the Forge to visit it upon the knights... victory could still be had. Felling his staff and shouting the command, "RETREAT AGAIN! JUST MANAGE TO OUTRUN THEM!" he realised... to his horror... that it was too late.

The knights of Chaos fell upon the brave spearmen of the Empire, a few tried to turn around and stab at the dark riders, but to no avail, and all around Tiberius, men were cut down. Tiberius himself ran and tripped on something, the body of a horse... and he realised where he had taken his men, looking up from the ground, he saw the iron face of Erich, even in death a mask of nothing but the strongest of beliefs, then, everything went black.

In a last defiant act, the six swordsmen still allive charged screaming into the Marauders bearing the last surviving leader on the field, but to no avail, they were also, beaten, but as they fled off of the field, one man sighted Hans cradling Michael, and grabbed him in his sleve.

Three men and a boy returned home to the Empire, to tell of what had transpired, the Nobles were lost in the wilderness and none other than two of the swordsmen, Hans and Michael returned.

22-02-2009, 13:21

it all hinged on making that "flee" roll on the spearmen so that I could've had another shot at casting Spirit of the Forge on the Knights, the battle went very back and forth, gaining and losing the upper hand and being immensely fun. Some things were not played properly, when Spirit went off on the marauders, it was cast with four dice for instance, and zapping that sorceror in combat might not have been neither the smartest, nor the most legal course of action.

But the battle was awesome none the less, two half-sized units of marauders were left on the field, allong with a spawn on one wound and then the knights, if only I'd've gotten those knights in that casting, I missed it with but a few points.

I'll see if I write some more, but really, the battle was indeed awesome

23-02-2009, 19:58
Get on with it already! :)

Yep, I agree, despite being a game of only 1250 pts this game was one of the better in a good while. I especially enjoyed the way fate (read dice) twisted the battle and kept the outcome uncertain until last dying minutes. Brilliant!

As for names Zoat will do just fine on this site. Other names will only add confusion!

Roast Ice
25-02-2009, 17:57
can't wait till the report
i like the fluff but GO CHAOS because it is the only army i collect

04-03-2009, 13:42
Come on man, youve had ages to write this now! :p

04-03-2009, 13:48
Yes, yes, I know and I appologise, psychology's been ridin my **** the past week, been studying like mad when not attempting to fit some Warseer time into it, I've got the notes and the writeup is basically done by hand, now just to start transfering it.

I'm off to some well deserved geek-time this evening, but expect the battle report up thursday or, at absolute latest, friday.

04-03-2009, 20:00
something to look forward to then.
With names like mårten I take it you are scandinavians of some sort? (using a complete alphabet is a giveaway ;) )

Ultimo ninja
05-03-2009, 02:52
goodluck nek..... considering how much you know about chaos, my money is on you!

05-03-2009, 06:29
since you guys are taking your time, i want to critique the armies:

aldreds casket? youre mean. :) in a low point game it is very good for defence. i dont like the inner circle on the knights. i would rather have full command. although you might be constricted by models, i think that all detachments should be freecompanies instead of halbardiers/swordsmen. if you think about it, you want something with the most punch to hit the flanks. and 5 handgunners isnt going to stop any charges and you shouldnt need to kill a tiny bit more chaos guys because you should already be outnumbering. everything else is gravy.

i think he really needs a BSB. if you want to go for the whole chaos magic thing, then take an exalted with the book of secrets and power familiar. those marauders will have a tough time beating anyone in close combat. and if you lose combat why 1 or 2, you dont want to lose 15% of your force in such a small game to a bad roll. its all about asset control.
the chaos hounds would be a great thing if they were to charge the flanks of your units, but me personally i dont like them. i think a bigger unit of knights would be better than the two spawn. slaaneshi spawn would have been really neat, though. facing empire doesnt mean you need much in the way of MoS, but maybe it was for fluffy reasons? or the models were painted slaaneshi? the banner of wrath would have been awesome on the chaos warriors.

06-03-2009, 20:26
Ah, but the battle has been fought allready, I merely have issues writing the report, furthermore, we both built armies that were fun rather than optimised, and it made for one of the better, if not one of the best, games each of us has ever had.

Now, onto the game itself, I did promise a friday writeup ;)

Watch the posts beneath the innitial one


There we go, second post it is, third post was supposed to be for post-game-thoughts, but really, no real thoughts appart from "awesome" was had, we talked a bit about tactics, and the only miss anyone of us really did was the burning of the sorceror, if I'd've let him be, I would've beaten, broken and chased him in combat, allowing me to actually avoid the knight charge and reform in my turn, even popping out of the unit in time to fix it all. Ah well, I MIGHT have gotten a second casting out of that, but nothing ensured.

07-03-2009, 10:59
Just finished reading the report and thought it was brilliantly done and sounded like a really enjoyable match. Loved the fluff narative that described the battle, especially the bit about the young Michael.
Shame the empire lost though.

07-03-2009, 12:14
Heya nice battle report :) The way of writing as all narrative is pretty enjoyable to read but it takes time in my experience. What was the margin of victory?

07-03-2009, 12:48
I would say a massacre for Chaos, since he had three banners and had only lost his warriors, a spawn (god bless those Spearmen!) and a Sorceror, none of the Marauder blocks were below half strength.

Had I nailed the knights with the spell, or if the hellblaster hadn't blown up, the final two turns would've likely been way closer.

07-03-2009, 15:41
Great report, really liked the fluff.

Shame about the loss but it seems that you had a fun game and thats the most important thing.

13-03-2009, 23:58
Nice story Neknoh!

For a small battle (1250pts) this was great fun. As always dice played an important part, but as fortune came and went the game remained interesting.

From my perspective (that being the opposite of Neknoh's) the big gamble was to send my knights the long way down my left flank around a forest. Would they get back in time to make a difference?

The first obstacle was a detachment sent down to divert. In a desperate charge my warhounds tried to pin them in combat while still well-aligned, but the warhounds were routed and the detachment lined up at an annoying angle. Knights charged in and were led on a merry dance through detachment, mortar, handgunners. Three pursuits later and to my amazement the knights were actually in a good spot for a rear charge.

Horrah! Battle won! :)

15-03-2009, 14:35
Neknoh you've done it again! A brilliant battle rep sorry bout the loss.

08-05-2009, 07:36
*Claps slowly*

that may have been the best Narrative I've read on this site yet. Brilliantly reported and well said.

Well done, Zoat, well done indeed, very good use of knights. I'm not a big of of the LoF but to each his own.

I cant wait to see a higher point match's tale being told.

That being said, good job by the forces of the Prince of Pleasure, as well as the other Chaos forces. Archaon will be pleased to hear of any victory of the humans of the South, especially one for the main threat against the coming of the End Times.