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22-02-2009, 13:31
Trying to get familiarized with the warriors of chaos with a series of 1500 pts games.

Here is my 1500 pts list (on the nose!)

Exalted Champion 185
w/ Daemonic Mount, Shield, Mace of might (aka sword of might)

Chaos Sorcerer 155
w/ Mark of Nurgle, Book of Secrets, Dispell scroll

12 Chaos Warriors 234
w/ Full command, Halberds, and Shields

25 Marauders 170
w/ Full Command, Light armour, and Shields

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

5 Marauder Horsemen 91
w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Musician, Spears, and Shields

5 Chaos Knights 315
w/ Mark of Nurgle, Full Command, Banner of Rage

4 Chaos Ogres 180
w/ Greatweapons

2 Chaos Spawns 110

Total: 1500

22-02-2009, 13:35
I don't really see what help you need other than swapping the Spear and Shield on the Horsemen for Flails, it's a lot better.

Chaos Armour on the Chaos Ogres is to be reckommended.

You can free up some points by putting your Exalted model on a normal Cavalry Base, the steed will fit onto it with little effort.

Your Sorceror should actually be fine, Buboes on 2 Dice and a Fireball on 2 dice should suffice when it comes to magic power at this level.

22-02-2009, 13:51
Sorry I was looking for input. Thanks for the advice! I was tempted to place the Exalted Model on a normal Calvary base, but a little voice in my head created some doubts. I like the fact that he causes fear and adds 2 more attacks (instead of 1) at str 5 :D.

I will leave the arms of the Marauder Horsemen. I will try the Flails, I personally didn't like the way they looked in the army book. After a few games using the flails I might be persuaded :D.

I would have liked Chaos Armour for the ogres, I just don't think I can model it well on the Ironguts I bought to represent "Chaos ogres"

22-02-2009, 14:27
FYI my first few games will probably be against Empire. I'm a little concerned with how many war machines he might have.

The tactic I have for them now is get to the charge quick with Knights, Marauders, and Warriors, with Warhounds for screening and redirecting. Flanking with Horsemen, Ogres, Possibly Knights, and Spawn.

22-02-2009, 17:00
I would say actually do send the Warhounds for the Warmachines, it will help to terrorise the psyche of your opponent into shooting them instead.

One relatively easy way of modelling Chaos Armour onto Ogres would be to use as many of the armoured parts as possible for the Ogres themselves, the box comes with a few different options IIRC. then, on top of that, you could give them various forms of armour based on what you think you can and cannot model.

Remember, Chaos Armour is not necessarily all spikes, you could use some plasticard strapped over greenstuff chainmail for instance.

23-02-2009, 03:00
The exalted doesn't need the daemonic steed, especially against empire. What he does like is an enchanted shield.

Drop the sorcerer, you will get more millage out of another unit then his piddly power dice and dispel scroll. Cut the champ from the knights, and you should have enough for another unit of ogres.