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22-02-2009, 22:44
Bloodthirster 550
immortal fury, armor of Khorne, firestormblade, spellbreaker

herald of Tzeentch 185
master of Sorcery, flames

Herald of Tzeentch 285
Bsb, banner of despair,
disc of tzeentch, flames, master of sorcery

10 horrors 120

10 horrors 120

10 horrors 120

5 furies 60

5 furies 60

5 furies 60

5 furies 60

6 flesh hounds 210

6 flesh hounds 210

6 flamers 225

So, what do the community think? How can this build be a more nasty ****? The tournament is called "bad guy tournament" and the point is bringing as hard army as we can. This is what i came up with, i will not use any Nurgle or Slaanesh dudes, nor SC.

but opinions?

Dooks Dizzo
22-02-2009, 23:20
Wait...this is the 'hardest' DoC army you could come up with?

On first glance I think it looks friendly to be honest, which I am more than fine with. Here's something I love:

Me: "Blade of Realities will ruin a Blood Thirsters day".
Everyone: "BT's always have Obsidian armor, so the BoR is useless."

You sir have proven them wrong.

Another one:
Me: "Shadowblade will own the snot out of a unit of Flamers. Deploy in the unit, reveal (kill one flamer on reveal), challenge Pyro, average 4-6 combat res. Instability beats down the rest of the unit."
Everyone: "No one takes Pyrocasters!"

Once again, you've helped prove my tactics :)

I don't understand the Nurgle hate? Plague Bearers with Herald are one of the best VP denial units in the game. Lack of Banner of Sundering makes the list a little weaker as well.

Now, what I mean is: I like the army and I think that it's a rather good showing for Daemons. Certainly powerful enough to handle any middle of the road army, especially if played well, but not so over powered as to make it a 'point and click' army of lame.

I would trim the furies some and maybe get a block of Blood Letters in there.

23-02-2009, 02:13
well, in my defence ;p I am from Sweden where we most of the time play with WPS composition score. where 10-18 are a normal score. This one has -10.

Anyway, I know the obsidian thing but.. If a bloodthirster ever gets charged by anything dangerous the DoC player has failed. Period. =D

second: No Special characters are allowed. So no ninjaAssasins, just ordinary. And if flamers got charged by something able to kill them.. Then the DoC players has failed again. :)

But my hate for nurgle? Well, I don't like the fluff, nor the models or anything even remotely Nurgle (except the MoN in WoC and the spells) In addition i don't own any models :)

I don't think the lack of Sundering makes the list weaker since my plan is to use the bloodthirster to hopefully be able to flank charge first round because of my 2 flying heralds with MoS choosing shadow to get of an unseen lurker And then, i like the -2Leadership from the despair-banner. Having terror-checks on no better than 8 is tremendous. And most armies will take them on 5 or 6. Terrorbomb ftw! :)

I don't understand why I would want bloodletters instead of furies?? the furies are awesome, and will kill of support units and war machines and shooters fast as sharks :D

My plan is to change 6 fleshhounds to 6 flamers because they are imho, next after PB the best PD-unit in the army. =)

Dooks Dizzo
23-02-2009, 03:15
Well I think your list is fine to be honest. I think the Sundering banner is better since you don't have a great deal of anti magic. Unseen Lurker wound be great but anyone but a fool will burn dispel scrolls on it to stop the turn 1 charge.

Nix the anti magic. I am counting 7DD now, which should be more than enough.

Not having to worry about special characters is nice :)

My main list of Dark Elves would preform pretty well against this I think. I run:

Dreadlord, Cold One (0+ armor save)
Sword of Might
Potion of Strength
Reverse Ward

BSB, Hydra banner (+1 attack for the unit)
1+ armor
Cold One

Scroll Caddy

Shadowblade(who would have to be swapped. probably more scrolls)

10 x crossbows
10 x crossbows
12 x spears
5 x dark riders

15 x Black Guard (Ring of Hotek, ASF banner)
8 x cold one Knights (Warbanner, Null stone)

2 x bolt throwers

I stick the Lord and BSB in the Black Guard unit so they're immune to psycology and Stubborn and they usually have the ASF banner. The Lord can take any challenge with his reverse ward and S8 for a round.

Basically I think I could give your guys a run. Crossbows and bolt tossers make light work of furies. I would stop the BT in his tracks by using scrolls against Unseen Lurker as well as trying to get the Ring of Hotek in range.

Dark Riders to redirect Hounds, Cold Ones and Hydra to hold the flank opposite your BT.

Knowing before hand you could work against my tactics, but at a tourny you wouldn't know for sure where the Ring and ASF banner were. One way or another I would get your BT into combat with them and keep my Lord on the flank facing the BT so I could challenge if you got around my side.

My other list is a Twin Engine of the Gods Lizards list. Very bad for Daemons :)

23-02-2009, 05:46
yeah DE are hardass badguys :D But there would be no reason for my bloodthirster to hunt the BG. In a game vs DE it's better to kill of the rest of the army, and shoot the BG into oblivion. :)

but, i understand your points. I shall take it into consideraton but, 2*6 hounds or 2*6 flamers? hounds kill more, but flamers are more PD since they are very hard do get rid of...

24-02-2009, 00:31
Have you thought of awesome strenght and immortal furry for the blood thrister? I seen it killing a star dragon on a charge... It can simply be that bad ass. It's a won combat just there, no mater how much of a bad ass weapon comes in the hand of a lord.

Dont use so many tzeentch characters, I wouldn't even use one at all. Think of a khorne herald with obsidian armour on a juggernaut. Now give him the BSB option and standard of chaos glory and put him on a unit of 3 juggernauts.

Next (and despit you don't like) 2 heralds of slaanesh with the mount and siren song only, just to call those bad ass characters or to position a unit for flank charge.

Take out the horrors, they are weak with just 10 models, change them for bloodletters and that's where the heralds of slaanesh go also add a championjust for challanges and don't forget that usually you are within the 12 of the standard so you rarelly disapear from the table.

Last, take the 6 flamers but remove the champion upgrade 1 point of BS for the model isn't woth the points you waste.

On a last note, if you wish to go with tzeentch, then think of 4 mages, all of them with power vortex and the lord takes tzeentch will.
Now take 2 units of at least 35 horrors and then another small unit of horrors (as much as you can). Now you have a huge magic list. there is 2 bolts of change in the horrors, you got pretty good chances of having another in the lord. Last the 3 characters might get at least 1 so 4 bolts of change per turn and a power pool of 6 dices plus 4 from the lord, 2 from each character, 3 from 2 horror units and probably 2 from another... That's 21 dices and the dispel pool is 12 dice which is more than enough.

Want power gaming with deamons, this is how you do it!

28-02-2009, 08:50
Slapping heralds of slaanesh in with bloodletters of khorne is all kinds of wrong though whatever the environment!

There seems to be a lot of debate on this forum as to how to use horrors! Some saying use small units of ten, others say use very large units. It is strange to see such a large diversity!