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23-02-2009, 04:22
2250 pitched battle. i played against geordie, a local who bested me in a 5500 point game a few weeks back.

we brought our tourney lists, since there is a 3 game rtt locally in about 4 weeks.

i had:
general: warlord, heavy armor, shield
hero: chief, bsb, warbanner
hero: warlock, all the goodies, (no pistol) dispel scroll
hero: warlcok, all the goodies, (no pistol) dispel scroll

5 x 25 clanrats, mu, banner
4 x 20 slaves
2 x 24 giant rats, 4 packmasters
4 x 6 nightrunners, xhw
2 x 10 plague monks
2 x 6 jezzails
2 x plague censer bearers

he had
general: bloack orc big boss, on a mechanical boar.
hero: nightgobbo lord on giant squig, porko's pigstikka and a 5+ wd.
hero: gobbo hero, on a giant spider, with the +1 str with rerolling misses wep
hero: lvl 1 orc shaman on a boar, 2 x dispel scroll
3 x 20 nightgobbos, with banner, mu, vet and 3 fanatics each
20 orc big uns with xhand wep, banner mu, vet
20 spider cav, vet, mu, banner
2 x spear chukkas
5 trolls
2 pumpwagons
9 boar boyz, w, vet and banner
20 black orcs with banner, mu, vet and the warbanner


Orc and gobbo deployment

from my left flank:
boarboyz with the shaman, snotwagon, nightgoboos, skip past the trees, trolls w/general in them, snotwagon and nightgobbos, with black orcs behind. the hill had two spaeerchukkas on it the big uns, the gobbo on the ubersquig, nightgobbos, and the spiderriders with the big ******* spider in it.

Skaven deployment
from behind the impassible terrain (i left my back left flank empty) nightrunners, slaves, with giantrats behind, nightrunners, with plague censer bearers behind, plague monks, with a unit of clanrats behind with a warlock, the hill with 6 jezzails, a unit of slaves, with clanrats diagonally faceing left behind. clanrats with a warlock, with a calnrat unit and the bsb behind, slaves with plaguemonks with clanrats behind them with the general, (behind the forest now) plague censer bearers, nightrunners, slaves (lake) jezzails behind giant rats and nightrunners.

i get the first turn.

charges (no charges)

rally (no rallies)

movement: the army surges foreward. the nighrunners hug up to the impassible boulder, with the slaves pulling ahead a turning on the other side of it, the giant rats pull behind them. the plague censer bearers pull up with nightrunners ahead screening from possible fanatics. the monks angle right, seeing that the trolls are going to ahave to turn thier flank to them to avoid teh forsest. clanrats move up and turn. in the middle, both units of slaves go as far foreward as they can, the clanrats do a fancey move party and wind uo in a 5 wide semicircle. the monks on the right are sandwiched in betwen the slaves and the clanrats, with the plague censer bearers in the woods left side and the nightrunnersin the forset peeking out. the slaves turn right adn fill in the gap between the forest and the lake. teh giant rats move up about 9, eveiny the spider riders charge through the difficult rock terrain, the nightrunners go thier full to bait them.

magic: both warplightnings are dispelled, one scroll is used.

shooting the ones behind the lake put two wounds on the ubersquig, the ones on the left shoot at the boar boyz, gut they are out of range! D'oh! one explodes and i probobly deserved it.

orc turn 1.
charges: the spiders charge the nightrunners, who flee, the charge is failed, and they are all the way in the rocks.

rallies (no rallies)

the boar boyz make thier full move, the snot wagon moves up about 5. the nightgobbos pull up to its right. the trolls begin thier slow angle, and the snotwagon only goes 4. the nightgobbos move up and release the fanatics, killing 4 slaves and 4 monks on the right side and generally getting in the way if the middle. the black orcss move up, the big uns hold. the ubersqiuig decides the open field with 6 jezzails is to dangerous and bounds heroically away, landing to the right of the hill. the nightgobbos move up due to a 6 on the animosity roll, but hold off from releaseing thier fanatics toward teh nightrunners in the woods.

magic: fails to cast warpath

shooting. the chukka fire away at teh slaves, forecing a panic test which they pass.

skaven turn two.
charges: center left slaves charge the snotwagon. make it. the plague censer bearers have to charge and elect to go after the nightgobbos (instead of fanatics :p ) , who flee all teh way behind theblack orcs the charge is failed and the pcbs are in front of th edepleted slaves.

rallies: nightrunners flee off the board.

other moves
on the left the nightrunners pull back a bit so not to be charged by the boys. the slaves level with the wagon, the giant rats a a few inches behing. the night runners set off the elftmost fanatics by moveing into the woods, marchblocking the trolls on the other side. fanatics fly everywhere, a few slaves die. teh censer bearers move into the woods, with the monks angle toward the trolls. teh clanrats all move up angleing the bsb slides over one unit, and the general does too. his unit jumps up and down on the fanatic in the backfield, loseing 5 clanrats but killing the git. the giant rats back up as far as they can, realizing they could charge but would fail in the difficult terrain. the slaves pull up, turning to get the flank of the spiders when they break cover. the nightrunners in teh woods hold position, not wanting to lose teh loonies from the final nightgobbo unit.

magic. the first blast is aimed at the black orcs, and is scrolled. the second i throw three dice and get an IF. 10 hits on the big uns. 7 die. they panic and flee missing the nightgobbos and the uber squig as they run.

shooting. the rightmost jezzails start to shoot at the spiders, but they are at long range -1 in cover -2. i elect to shoot the nightgobbos and kill three. the other five, now knowing they are in range open fire on the board boys. i kill 4! and they panic! right off the side of the board, praise the horned rat!

in close combat the slaes defeat the snotwagon by milling about in a threatening manner. they run it down and run into the black orcs.

orc turn two.

charges: the spiders charge the giant rats, i have to hold. if i flee i will likely panic the jezzials.

rallies: the nightgobbos fail to rally, and stop about 3 inches from the back board edge. the big uns fail to rally and leg it off the board!

other moves
the snotwagon trundles foreward but fails to charge the slaves. teh nightgobbos squabble. the trolls angle, and the nightgobbos on the right pull up and send a line of fanatics toward the exposed venser bearers, onlky one hits, and kills 2. the other fanatics boogy arnound the board, one moveing left across toward the monks, another kills some 3 slaves on the left flank and then hits the impassible terrain with a wet smack, one wraps himself around a tree. teh ubersquig makes a short hop to the other side of the chukkers but is still on the hill

magic (none, wizard is gone, we'll ignore this from here on out.

shooting: a barrage of spears from the chukka make the rightmost slaves flee. the end up behind the lines level with the lake.

combat. the snotwagon loses combat but stays on a 2. the orcs break the slaves but dont persue. teh slaves flee and end up 1 inch in front of the general's unit. teh spider riders only kill 4 rats, my rats/packmasters kill 3. we win! they break! and we run them down and wind up in the difficult terrain.

skaven 3.

charges. the censer bearers charge the leftmost nightgobbos, who flee, need to roll a 4 and get a three. they are destroyed.the rightmost plague monks have to charge the fanatic that got close to them so the do, jumping up and down on his head, killing without suffering a single wound. their flank is now open to the trolls. :eek: the rightmost censer bearers have to charge again, and lay into the black orcs. the nightrunners in the woods charge the nightgobbos, trying to keep them out of the rat's flanks for now.

rallies both units of fleeing slaves rally. (thank you general!)

other moves. the rightmost jezzails move into the gap betweent the lake and the woods. the clanrats shuffle sideways here adn there keeping the lose semicircle between the woods. the rightmost monks pull withing a cats whisker of athe fanatic on teh right, with the twentyman unit of clanrats behind them. the giant rats turn toward the back of the closeset clanrats unit, and the nightrunners leave the boulder and head to the woods. the nightrunners in the rightmost wood move behind the trolls. the giantrats refrorm/turn and get out of the bad terain by turning at a 45 degree angle.

magic: the rightmost warlock tries to zap the uber squig, wounds himself, gets three hits on the squig and fail to wound it. the other tried to fry the trolls. it is dispelled.

shooting: the jezzails on the hill put two wounds on the trolls.

combat: the slaves break and run down teh snotwagon. the lank is clear save one lonley whirling looney. the plague censer bearers kill one of thier own to the gas, no black orcs die. the two remaining pcbs kill three orcs, and the champ kills one censer bearer. they break and flee, the orcs give chase, nocatching bu winding up between the two monk units.the censer bearers wind up behind the clanrat lines. the nightrunners make a valient go of it, but lose after killing only 2 gobbos. they kill one back and they flee, running through and panicing the slaves that were supporting the giant rats. the slaves flee into the lake and drown like... well they drown like rats.

orcs turn 3.

charges the black orcs charge the slaves in the middle of the field, who flee the charge is failed. the trolls wheel and ram into the frenzied monk's flank.the yare catty-cornered to teh black orcs, so i am not too worried, if they overrun they will run into the rocs before hitting my lines. zippy the supersquig bounces into the nightrunners in the backfield. the depleted nightgobbos elect to charge the giant rats.

rallies: the nightgobbos fail to rally and run off the board.

other moves. teh fantics whirl about. one kills a monk on the right (they are down to just 5, but still frenzied.) and then dissapears into the woods *splat* the fanatics fly around but mostly die. one is left near the hill in the orc dz.

shooting: the twin spearchukka of doom turn the 20 man clanrat unit into the 15 man clanrat unit. they pass thier panic.

combat. teh nightgobbos kill two giant rats, we attack back and kill three. the nightgobbos break and are run down, the giantrats overrun 11 inches and are now behind the forest. the two trolls in combat kill 4 monks. who lose thier frenzy and will only stay on a two. well that is what the battle standard is for. they hold! :eek: the ubersquig and his rider slaughter the nightrunners to one man who flees away (he's to small to rally now) the squigmonster follows but cant quite reach them.

skaven turn 4.

charges: the plague monks charge the ubearsquig, tho turns tail and flees. the leftmost unit of clanrats (with the unhurt warlock) charge the trolls in the flank (it's teh general on the end) the 5 man unit of monks is compelled to flank the black orcs.

rallies. the slaves and the 2 pcb's rally. the nightrunners on the right flank do not, the run towards the right table edge but have another chance.

other moves. the nightrunners move from out of the woods, interposeing themselves partially between the pcb's and the fleeing squigrider. the other clanrats move about with a \ __ / angle in front of the blc orcs, the bsb's unit is on the left (there is a woulded warlock there too.) the general is in the rightmost one. the 15 man clanrat unit turns to face the flank of the black orcs. the giant rats ,ove up toward charge range of the hill. the slaves that rallied earlier are now in the gap between the forest and the lake (boardquarter!). the jezzails move into the woods peeking out.

magic i blast the balck orc mess, and kill 2.

shooting.i shoot at the squig and miss.

close combat, the monks kill noone and get oblitterated. the orcs chose to hold. the trolls are flanked and outnumbered they break and we persue but dont catch them! the 5 man monk unit is slightly ahead of the clanrats. with the trolls at the base of the chukka hill.

orc turn 4.

charges: the black orcs have three choices. they elect to charge the middle and fall for the oldest skaven trick in the book. the clanrats flee. they panic the now rallied pcbs and slaves. the units are in a congaline to the table edge, slvaes, clanrats, 2 pcbs. the charge is failed.

rallies. the squiggoth and the trolls rally.

shooting panics the general's unit! he flees back towards the lake.

skaven turn 5

charges. the leftmost clanrats unit with the bsb charges into the black orc flank. the plague censer bearers charge into the squiggoth. the giantrats charge the first chukka.

rallies. the general's unit rallies, the clanrats rally. the slaves and pcb's leg it off the board.

other moves. the monks edge 2 1/2 to the right, the clanrats with the warlock back up. the nightrunners move behind the squiggoth to catch him when he flees. the 15 man unit turns to the trolls flank.

magic/shooting i pour in onthe trolls killing one.

combat the black orcs meet an ignominious end. they are run down by the flanking clanrats. (3 ranks, outnumber, standard, battle standard, warbanner vs banner warbanner and two kills.) the giant rats kill teh crew of the spear chukka and overrun into the other. the squig is killed and two wounds put on the hero, but he kills three plague censers in retaliation. we win, he breaks and his destroyed.

bottom 5.

the trolls charge the monks, who flee. charge is failed.

other moves, teh lone looney over on the right flank moseys about.

combat. the chukka crew is slaughtered.

turn 6.

i charge the 15 man unit into one flank of the trolls, and the three pcbs into the other.

the monks fail to rally. the flee into the jezzails who run off the board.

magic and shooting pounds the combat. i kill two rats, and two censer bearers, and a troll.

combat is a draw. the troll on the left flank eats the only censerbearer.i have a musician, so i win. they hold.

Orc turn 6.

combat: they break and run off the clanrats, who break the jezzails in the woods.

game ends.

he has:
3 trolls
his general

i have
my general
1 warlock
1 warlock at 1/2 str
4 units of clanrats
2 units of slaves
2 units if giant rats
1 unit of nightrunners

he has one standard, i have three and three table quarters

result:1600+ point massacre for the skaven!!!

i wont lie, he had some atrocious luck, but i never beat greenskins, and it was sweet payback for the asswhoopin he put on me with Grimgor.

Celebrateing with fine cheese and warpstone liquor somewhere beneath your feet.... Foegnasher OUT!

Golden Lion
23-02-2009, 07:55
Hi Foegnasher, thanks for posting up the report, it was enjoyable to read. Good fun to see orcs vs. skaven! You both took cool lists as well. Your troop count is just fantastic:).

Although I must say that at one point I almost skipped reading because the Orc player just had such terrible bad luck, that kind of detracted from the report. Not your fault of course! It made it all a bit less exciting though.

Also, it would be very informative if you could post a deployment picture beforehand, with your army especially it is very hard to follow the unit positioning during battle.

Congratulations on the victory mate, I really like your list and tactics. Hopings to see more!

23-02-2009, 12:11
Hi Foegnasher, thanks for posting up the report, it was enjoyable to read. Good fun to see orcs vs. skaven! You both took cool lists as well. Your troop count is just fantastic:).

Although I must say that at one point I almost skipped reading because the Orc player just had such terrible bad luck, that kind of detracted from the report. Not your fault of course! It made it all a bit less exciting though.

Also, it would be very informative if you could post a deployment picture beforehand, with your army especially it is very hard to follow the unit positioning during battle.

Congratulations on the victory mate, I really like your list and tactics. Hopings to see more!

i keep forgetting the camera.

yeah he had bad luck, but i had good tactics too! i knew right where he was putting that boar unit before he did! i purposely left that side of the board open and knew i was going to get two , maybe three turns of open jezzail fire before he got close to anything. so that was more good tactics. the fact that he failed the first test was bad luck. trapping the black orcs took 3 turns to set up, and many of the combats were decidedly won by my side through ranks and numbers, which is how i have to do it.

I played (in my mind) a very good game, and was assisted to a minor degree by the dice gods whom i placated with a sacrificial chicken before the game. (i sprinkle the blood over my dice.)

23-02-2009, 14:10
You know, every time I see your army or one of your battle reports I want to scream: SSSKKKAAAAAAAAVVVVEEEEENNNN!!!!!!!!!!

23-02-2009, 14:13
You know, every time I see your army or one of your battle reports I want to scream: SSSKKKAAAAAAAAVVVVEEEEENNNN!!!!!!!!!!

i think that's what the orcs and goblins were yelling as they ran off....

23-02-2009, 18:11
another nice one foegnasher, and you sure didn't do anything wrong. Typical for orcs to think the opponent will actually stand and fight when they come charging ;)

(If it was my tourney O&G I'd cut down on the fanatics though)

Golden Lion
24-02-2009, 09:28
Ah I definitely agree, don't get me wrong! You played an excellent game. I think that you would have won even without his bad luck. It is just very annoying when it happens (or humorous is a better way to see it really!).

Keep it up.

24-02-2009, 19:58
Love your reps foegnasher keep up the good work.