View Full Version : Slaanesh themed army 2500 pts

D.E.E. Tom
23-02-2009, 10:53
So I'm thinking on starting an all Slaanesh army that is never to be used in a tournament but just looks awesome on the table after painting. Since I do not like painting that much (no time for it) I tried to keep it small ;).

So here it goes.

Keeper of Secrets
lvl 4
Spirit swallower (670)

Herald of Slaanesh
Great Icon of Despair
Deamonic robes
Allure of Slaanesh (240)

Herald of Slaanesh
lvl 1
Siren Song
Allure of Slaanesh (190)

Herald of Slaanesh
lvl 1
etherblade (190)


17 Deamonettes (BSB here)
FC, Banner of Ecstasy (283)

23 Deamonettes (1 Herald)
FC, Siren standard (343)

23 Deamonettes (1 Herald)
FC, Siren Standard (343)


2 Fiends of Slaanesh

3 Fiends of Slaanesh

So for the question do I still play with an army like this the answer would be yes why not.

Now I know I would not stand a chance against many competitive lists but let me explain a bit why I chose the following:
Spirit Swallower on the KoS: I noticed that the KoS has only 5 wounds and a 5+ save this is not a whole lot it really means poisoned attacks from skinks need only 7.5 poisoned hits to kill it also it is very susceptible to low strenth massed shooting some 6's will be rolled. With the spirit swallower you will just tank your wounds against low toughness enemies.

The Great Icon of despair: The idea is to move the small deamonette unit forward flanked by the two larger ones and when the enemy is in range to unleash the terror from the KoS also remember that against many opponents the fear factor can get your opponent running or when you don't outnumber they only hit on 6's. I the Siren songs forces a charge still a fear test must be taken at -2 this is not a guaranteed success. I am aware many armies won't care about this (Deamons, undead even Ogres)

Then there is the Fiends they will do most flanking and warmachine hunting they are fast but vulnerable of course.

I know the army is very small for 2500pts so do not comment on that please but any other comments are very welcome.