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23-02-2009, 14:37
When a B unit charges a C unit on a hill, a C unit will have +1 CR for being on the hill. Yes? In the second round of CC, will a C unit still have this +1 CR even though B and C are on the hill?

Some players in my club say YES and others say NO. I say NO. How do you play it? Thank you for answering my question.

23-02-2009, 15:05
Generally speaking you should get the +1 in all rounds of combat as you will always be at a higher position. The problem comes from many people putting their models on the hill top without putting them on the crest so when they are charged the front rank of the chargers is actually on the hilltop as well.

In reality the only time you get the +1 is when you occupy higher ground so if you get the first turn you get it every turn, if you can argue that you shouldnt get it in subsequent turns then you shouldnt have got it in turn 1 either

I hope that makes sense.

Gazak Blacktoof
23-02-2009, 15:06
There is no caveat that the bonus applies only in the first turn of the combat merely that you must have the high ground. Take a look at p.38 in the BRB, "In the case of a fight involving multiple units [who might claim the bonus], the side that has the fighting rank in the highest position gets the bonus."

You'll simply have to look at the models involved and determine which fighting rank has the most elevated position, dicing off if necessary.

In the case where one side has been out manoeuvred it is conceivable that if unit B charges unit C in such a way that they have the highest fighting rank, once the two units have been aligned, they can be considered to be "charging down hill" and can claim the bonus themselves.

Higher ground doesn't always go to the defender.

23-02-2009, 18:36
Indeed. If you charge, and you end up with your figting line on the hill, on the same level as the defending unit, no-one gets the bonus.

When you are right on the crest, then the enemy is also during latter turns on a lower level then the defending party, so it continues to apply. There is no rule against that.

_____ _XXX

Results in:

_____ CXXX

Fighting rank of unit C is on the same level, so the defender doesn't get the bonus.
But in this case:

_____ XXX_

Unit X leaves no room on top of the hill for charging C, and therefore claims the bonus. Since X doens't move until defeated, C can't ever be 'on' the hill, only on the slope, and therefore X gets the bonus until the combat with C is over.


Ow, how I always love diagrams...

Btw, ofcourse C isn't interrupted by the slope, but it is a bit difficult to put that in my picture like this...

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
23-02-2009, 19:18
Braad, that was excellent. Kudos.