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07-12-2005, 16:40
ok so i've decided to make an army of savage imperial guard and i need some help, i know for doctrines i want hardened fighters, and jungle fighters, but the rest are in limbo, i'm debating on taking rough riders

also anyone have any good ideas for modelling these guys, i was thinking chaos marauders but maybe something else is more fitting, i do have an idea set in my head for the general but thats all, also almost no tanks for these guys

07-12-2005, 16:54
Catachan probably, along with a few Cadians, probably also mixed with Chaos Marauders (if you can get rid of the chaos symbols, unless you want LaTD).

I'd probably sugest flamers and heavy bolters, as main weapons, plus chem inhalers or some sort of drugs.

07-12-2005, 17:02
i too was thinking catachan but they dont look barbaric enough, i saw these Ragnarok models that would be great but unfotunately those aren't GW so..... as for chem-inhalers i dont know i think it would be kinda odd for them

also would Marneus Calgar's legs be too big for my general, i want him to be a big savage guy and the armored legs would look awesome, but i dont know if they're TOO big

Puffin Magician
07-12-2005, 17:06
There's a difference between Feral and Savage... which are you going for? Feral would be extremely low-tech and barbaric, so no vehicles whatsoever and only the simplest of weaponry [Flame, Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, as LT suggested].

Savage would just be maniacal in assaults, like Khorne Berzerkers or Blood Angels. Still somewhat civilized, just able & willing to tear people to shreds. They'd have access to higher-tech weapons like Powerfists and Meltaguns, but they would lean towards combat.

Either way, a 'dirty' paint scheme, lots of weathering and battle damage, and some bloodied weapons/trophies from fallen combatants would look ace.

07-12-2005, 17:11
i'm going for a more feral look, like they are barbarians who have only recently been introduced to the Imperium, but not so low-tech that they are idiots, i guess i want a mix of the two, plus i want powerfists!!!!

07-12-2005, 17:52
I'm doing a similar army at the moment. I'm using Bretonnian Men at Arms, White Wolf Knights, Teutogen Guard. My Colonel is based on the Valten on Foot model.

I've gone for a medieaval approach to "feral". Am trying to put an archaic slant on the weaponary too - troop weaponary is all based around the idea of short barrels on long stocks - like the pre-aquebus "hand guns/fire sticks" of the middle ages.

07-12-2005, 17:57
very nice, but i'm looking for a more barbarians with guns aspect to my army, though some will, like the general, have heavy armor and such

07-12-2005, 20:13
also can anybody tell me if hellhounds are any good or should i stick with my rough riders? i will use the rough riders as a mobile can opener force or the hell hounds as a infantry support/grunt hunter

Puffin Magician
07-12-2005, 20:33
I'm going for a more feral look, like they are barbarians who have only recently been introduced to the Imperium, but not so low-tech that they are idiots. I guess I want a mix of the two, plus I want Powerfists!
There's no problem with them having guns, I just think that simpler weapons would be better suited for a fresh, feral army. Things like Powerfists are easy to represent on the model without being a Powerfist. A giant axe, "special" blades or whatever can be simply said to be a Powerfist in the game. You pay for it and use it as a Powerfist, it just doesn't look like one. It's just things like Meltaguns and Lascannons that don't fit in the list and can't really be represented well.

I've gone for a medieaval approach to "feral". Am trying to put an archaic slant on the weaponary too - like the pre-aquebus "hand guns/fire sticks" of the middle ages.That's closer to what I first was thinking of.

Can anybody tell me if Hellhounds are any good...?
I like them, and they are fairly good at eating medium infantry units. I prefer them to the other Fast choices because of it's unique weapon, and I'm a treadhead. Try searching in the Tactics forum for tips & experiences with it.

If you have comments to add to posts that are the most recent in a thread, it's better to Edit your posts to include new stuff, rather than posting again.

07-12-2005, 20:46
The problem with the Chaos Marauders is that they are As big as Catachans (if you consider this to be a problem) which means they can look quite silly.

When you say ferral, Are you thinking of using warrior weapons?

Rough Riders would be much better Thematically, If you want to get ultra involved with it you can include lots of commissars who are there to instruct the troops (this is where you put the powerfists ;)) and possibly Preists for the same purpose.

07-12-2005, 20:48
yeah sorry about that, i plan to have atleast one hellhound, and for the feral bit, they will be very barbaric, and with the warrior weapons they will all have a close combat weapon, which will vary from on infantryman to the next, but i also plan to have some things that tie them into the 40k setting instead of just making them a fantasy army with pistols thrown in, as for the p-fists, i've seen some people use cyber-hounds as a p-fist, so i'm thinkin a kroot hound would look good at my sargeants' sides.

also with the jungle fighters doctrine i will have alot of heavy flamers, and thats why i'm gonna throw in that hellhound

for the commander/heroic senior officer i'm gonna have carapace armor, plasma pistol, power weapon, refractor field, and i'm not sure on the rest, basically the power weapon will be represented as a large stone sword, a relic from they're homeworld, the carapace armor will be a ancient suit of bulky armor( Marnues Calgar's legs and left arm) and i'm debating on switching out the plasma pistol for a p-fist, again represented by kroot hounds

about the commisars and priests, i plan to have a couple, they will be the only clean and crisp models in the army, and i will have them be the advisors/teachers of my leader

07-12-2005, 20:50
Small point, Sergeants can't have Powerfists.

07-12-2005, 20:54
vet. sargeants i mean

Inq. Veltane
07-12-2005, 20:57
They can't either...


07-12-2005, 21:00
oh i guess i have to re-look my codex, well even so would any of you be opposed to me using kroot hounds for my p-fists?

Puffin Magician
07-12-2005, 21:02
as for the Powerfists, i've seen some people use Cyber-Hounds as them, so I'm thinkin' a Kroot Hound would look good...I actually thought about that while replying, but figured the "extra 25mm base counting as wargear" might be too much fun for certain types of gamers. Depends on how flexible your game group is, but I'm all for stuff like that.

I'm not sure what you could do with the Hellhound situation; simply using the GW model wouldn't seem right to me... an older design with an overall rustic-tech look would be perfect; I just can't envision it.

Please no Plasma weapons!

07-12-2005, 21:04
Hardened Veteran Sergeants can take "Officer Only" weapons, maybe that's what you were thinking of?

07-12-2005, 21:09
yeah i meant the hardened vets, and as for the attached bases, i was thinking of having them on the user's base either on the side or weaving between their legs, not sure yet, i'll have to try a mock up to see if it works

also for whoever it was that asked yes i will be using warrior weapons, so all men will carry a sword/axe/hammer and a las-pistol, also some will have twin weapons

07-12-2005, 22:09
If you combine the sergeant and the hound on a 40mm base, I don't think you'll have any problems at all.

09-12-2005, 01:20
i think the rule is "use the supplied base or bigger" techinically you can have them on a cd if you wanted to, just makes them a bigger target! Would work and still look cool on the 40mm as mentioned.

as far as feral, catachan/marauders would work pretty good not sure on doctrines though. Defintely you mentioned warrior weapons. Other things that might work? Most likely iron discipline (keep them in line), priests (you mentioned above you wanted them in), conscripts (young warriors trying to prove themselves), and independant commissars?

09-12-2005, 02:37
would a kroot "slave" pass for a powerfist? if theyre feral then theyd be still using slaves in the sense of wargear. i do that for my gaurd, though not feral, the kroot has nice clothes, but 2 weapons to justify powerfist.

09-12-2005, 02:55
I was thinking of Marauders to make a Celtic Imperial Guard. I think they look fine. I don't know how the sprues are cut, but I'm thinking Marauders bodies, Catachan arms and lasguns, and maybe Empire Free Company (Fantasy) for the heads. They have some great barbarian looking heads. Space Wolf sprue might work good for that too and you can use the torsos to make Carapace Armor.

PS: OK, Went looking at the sprues, The bodies from Chaos Marauders sprue A, Just the Box of Catachans 'cause there's so much to use there and the Empire Militia box set. This will give a cool mix of bruisers and smaller guys that would look pretty good mixed up in units together. Not everyone is buff after all.